corset friday 3.7.2009

ok, so not really a corset but this outfit will have to do, I’m freezing! But the good news is, I’ve decided to go to Singapore for a holiday in August, so I won’t be freezing for much longer. Any readers who have been/are living there, leave me your Singapore tips in the comments…..

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I like these nearly opaque tights with the fishnet thigh inserts. Though they do tend to show skin bulging around the net like  salami oozing out of muslin. No photos of the netting print left on my flesh after I swapped them for a pair of trackydacks…….

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  1. I really like the bronze & black combination.

    I had the same problem with fishnets back when I was 12 and they were all the rage. Remember windowpane fishnets? They were even worse for bulging.

  2. yowser! IM GOING RED AGAIN!

    thats some fancy wear there, ma’am! And its great to see another Australian in the blogonautosphere!

    Have a great trip to singapore, but first of all, have a great weekend!


  3. You’ll be in fabulous shape for the beaches, Nursie!

  4. Do let me know if these seven inch phallic burger ads are still around.

  5. *gulp*

  6. Very Nice!! 🙂

  7. How can you be cold when you look so hot…

    You’ll have to excuse me there seems to be an excess of cheese around here…

  8. I like th thigh inserts too. Fishnet tights aint nothin wifout thighs in em.

  9. Even my very heterosexual body is going hubba hubba… Nice stuff you got there Nurse Myra. Inspirational.

  10. You are such a giver N.M. that I thought someone should do something for you….head on over to my blog and check it out…
    Happy Friday to you!

    • oooh…. thanks Anita. Benicio is THE MAN

  11. Jeepers. You have the most amazing lingerie collection in the world. I mean, it should be in a museum, it’s that notable, but, yanno, that would probably precluse you from modelling it and that would be a crime against humanity.

  12. UK hits another heatwave! oh it’s just NM doing her friday thing

  13. Well, I don’t have to do any cardio workouts today, I’ve already achieved my target heart rate.

  14. you are one delicious dish! wish i could meet up with you in singapore – so glad you’re getting a holiday!

  15. That improved my appreciation of my fish and chips no end …….. ta Nursey ……

    Oooo, a holiday! ….. and well deserved ….

  16. Hi Nursie! Wow! You look great. If I wore stockings they would have to be ones with fishnet inserts. What I remember about fishnet stockings were the horrible blisters they left on my heels the time I wore them as a novice and didn’t put sheer hose on underneath them. That was before the manufacturers thought to put heel and toe caps into the weaving. Probably because that was before computers and it would have been too hard to add that to the weaving of the product.

    How things have changed.

    If you can find it, down in the Chinatown area of Singapore is (well, was) a little Japanese restaurant called Dragonfly. Absolutely fabulous food. Don’t miss the Botanical Garden, especially the Orchid Garden. It is worth the extra charge to see that section of the Gardens.

  17. Have a few (or many) Singapore slings for me. Cheers.

  18. Bravo. Excellent top-half frills (without going too 17th century princess) and the legs are a definite WIN. Applause from the other side of the world where it is HOT HOT HOT (until it chucks it down for the cricket tomorrow).

  19. Holy Batgirl!

  20. Ah, yes … nearly opaque …

  21. Crikey!

  22. Good heavens! I have returned just in time for another fabulous corset Friday! As stunning as ever, my dear Nurse!

    Singapore? More like Singa-phwooooooooar!

  23. I live for corset fridays.

  24. “like salami oozing out of muslin”

    Tsk. Tsk.

    Now you’re making me hungry as well as horny.

  25. hells bells girl, it’s 35c here, i didn’t need any more heat… i am now terribly moist and a bit sticky, but sweet…

  26. Very lovely decoration for a Friday.

  27. holy cow! you’ll have to share some pics of your experience in singapore-that really is exciting!. also nice pics, may have to steal ’em for a sexy monday post at some point. is that wrong?

    • Go for it Lynn 😉

    • Lynn

      Sshhh !!!

      Don’t tell anyone.

      I’ve already ‘nicked’ them for my own ‘use’ 😳

  28. I love long legs 😉

    • well lucky for you they were incased in nylon huh?

  29. Smoking hot bod, baby!!! Kudo’s.. 🙂

    Do your sons check out these pics?

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