a lady of louche sexual practices

sin scandal sex and death

Swami Horos claimed to have been born in Italy, the illegitimate daughter of King Ludwig and Lola Montez. She made a living swindling old men out of their money and pretending to be a medium.


“She married Frank Jackson Dutton in Louisiana in 1899, calling herself Princess Editha Lolita. The couple went to England in the 1890s, styling themselves as Swami Laura Horos and Theodore Horos. They set up a Purity League at the Theocratic Unity Temple and worked as fortune tellers, advertising their services in newspapers. They were arrested in September 1901, and charged with obtaining property by false pretences, rape and buggery. The latter charges seems to have arisen from louche sexual practices at their temple in London.

von gotha03

In a fiery trial they defended themselves with Swami Laura producing a bombshell defence. She claimed her husband was a castrato and therefore incapable of rape. Doctors who examined him found he had only one small but perfectly formed testicle which was in good working order.


Frank Dutton is not alone in this. A surprisingly large number of beetles are missing one of their testes. As far as the researchers who discovered this can tell, the insects are not in any way bothered or impaired by this absence.


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  1. Reading long, in awe of the large penises and spurting matter and I see Hitler.. .What a jolt! He’s in the one testes category? or in the dead category?
    Just love your stuff… where on earth do you get your wonderful pictures? I promise not to steal them…

  2. Reading your blog is always an educational experience.

  3. I am glad that I have Big Jim and the round twins and that I fall into the one testicle class.

  4. Seeing Hitler there brought back a funny memory. Years back I worked on a cd for the South Australian Police band. Not taking it very seriously (how could I) when I wrote out the tracklist I substituted the title “Colonel Bogey” for “Hitler, he only had one ball” – after all that is the song people associate with the melody (and Colonel Bogey I mean earrghh).

    So it went round to quality control, they checked all the tracks and verified that track 8 was indeed “Hitler, he only had one ball” as the bloke knew the tune only too well.

    Then it went off to production where it was checked against the artwork, much to my sadness the subterfuge failed at this point (I was hoping they’d ‘fix’ the artwork to match the tracklisting, dang!), and I was found out…

    But yes Hitler only ever had one ball and there’s music to prove it.

    The King

    ps Lovely effort on friday btw

    • you should start a blog King Willy

  5. That could explain why he was so angry.

  6. Off the topic but i have to say i just lurrve your pictures!!! Gorgeous!

  7. I cant help but think a beetle coud probly commit buggery no matter what th state o his package happms to be.

  8. I love the word louche, but don’t get to use it nearly often enough.

  9. Boggles my mind where you get all this stuff and the terrific pictures! However, most entertaining and educational!

  10. Beetles are so well adjusted.

  11. When I am having trouble with my resolution to learn something new every day, I can always come here and solve any difficulties I have with the task.

  12. The swami may have tried to pass herself off as a medium? But i think she’s a large….

  13. What test [no pun intended] did the docs apply to determine the chap’s functionality? Whatever it is, I bet they’d love it at the Gimcrack.

  14. Made me go look up “louche”, as I’d never come across it before. Informative, as usual.

  15. I heard that rumor about th beetles a long time ago.

    You know … th whole ball is dead thing …

  16. Hi Nurse Myra,
    Your last two posts have been really interesting and right up my alley… I may have to steal them. I will have to stop short of wearing your corsets though.

    • Wear what you want Bruce. We won’t tell !!!

  17. I don’t have to pretend to be a medium. I’m an extra-large.

  18. That guy in the front row got some good distance with that shot. Can’t say I’d like to be in that audience though. Your feet are going to stick to the floor when you try to leave.

  19. “She made a living swindling old men out of their money and pretending to be a medium.”… brilliant I could do that easy peasy I have been looking for a career change. Btw is Hitler trying to hide the fact he only had one ball? (oops just seen King Willy already mentioned it!!);-)

  20. um..i don’t mean to sound ignorant but wtf is buggery? nevermind, i just looked it up. i guess i need to keep my reference material out when i visit this site,i learn so much.

  21. One ball or not, Adolf also had a lovely set of gams on him…

  22. I’m with Azahar on lovin’ louche. I think that if rappers used it more, i’d respect their art more.

  23. Just having a count up ……..

  24. >>The latter charges seems to have arisen from louche sexual practices at their temple in London.

    Maybe she was attempting to exorcise an anal ghost…

  25. Not a bad pair of knees for a fascist.

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