operating the gimcrack way

Some medicos can apparently heal from beyond the grave. Dr Fritz is the ghost of a German doctor who invades the bodies of Brazilians and turns them into healers.


“His first victim was Zé Arigó. He was thought to be possessed by the devil but it turned out to be a dead German doctor who took over Arigó’s body and started writing illegible prescriptions for sick people.


Arigo conducted literally thousands of “operations” while wielding an old pocketknife, a heavy German accent, and a pronounced disregard of medical hygiene.


For twenty years Arigó’s fame spread as he “cured” thousands of people, including the daughter of Brazil’s president. Despite his fame, he was twice convicted of the illegal practice of medicine. Arigó died in an automobile crash in 1971.

Dr. Fritz was not done with his work, however, and soon slipped into the body of another Brazilian, and when he died in a violent crash, Dr. Fritz picked another body to invade. He has done this several times.


The latest recipient, according to an article filed from Rio de Janeiro by Times reporter Diana Jean Schemo, is 41-year-old engineer Rubens Farias, Jr.

Hundreds of patients line up outside his office on weekends. Prior to these marathon treatment sessions, Farias is said to enter into a trance from which he emerges as the German-speaking Dr. Fritz. All patients are told to remain silent and trust in God. Many are injected with a miracle brew reportedly consisting of part alcohol, iodine, and turpentine. Knives, scissors and dull hypodermic needles are also routinely employed. Anaesthesia and sterilization are not.

miracle wine

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  1. Hmm. A veritable Comte de St. Germaine of physicians. I hope he has his violet wand to hand.

  2. So does the treatment received from the engineer actually work????

  3. i could do with some body invasion… was Dr. Fritz a hottie?

    • Not hot enough for you darlin’

  4. I was shocked to see that he died in 1971. I thought this story was from the 1600’s.

  5. Strange how the first 2 died in car crashes, I wonder how the new “host ” will die?

  6. Violently no doubt.

  7. What is it with Germans and Brazil?

  8. Yeah. Thatll be my line from now on:

    “Off wit yer clothes, my dear … Dr Fritz is ready to come.”

    • Yea. “Dr. Fritz slipped into my body so I’m gonna slip into yours.”

  9. I must confess to being properly astonished.

  10. “illegible prescriptions for sick people.”

    I could do that too…it’s whether the pharmacist can decipher it in a way that won’t kill you.

  11. So, do the deaths count as cures? I’m not sure about this story, but I loved your illustrations, especially the children’s game “Trepanation” Makes Mr. Potato Head look quite pale by comparison. I love the gleeful expressions on the toddlers faces too.

  12. Sounds a bit like the National Health Service to me ….

  13. Every time I invade a Brazilian’s body without permission I get in trouble.

    • and that’s how it should be uncle keith

  14. “alcohol, iodine, and turpentine”–hey, that’s breakfast.
    Love the trepanation game–gotta get one.

  15. It’s not that the guy is piercing his tongue with a drill that has my attention, it’s that he seems to be wearing a fuzzy pink dress as he’s doing it.

  16. ahh..miracle brew…i think i’ll have one right now! i actually have some handy. wild post NM

  17. I prefer an Austrian Ghost Doctor who has invaded the body of a Canadian. They have better bed side manner.

  18. I had a fascination with what has been termed “occult pornography” as a kid. I remember reading the Arigo stories. I had no idea there was supposed to be a serial walk-in afoot.

    There was some Filipino guy who did it all with his fingers, if I recall, and odd viscera that were probably chicken gizzards and the like featured in his operations. That seems a little safer than pocketknives.

  19. Okay, I’ll say it.

    “I need ‘Trepanation’ like a hole in the head.”

    • I’m surprised you are the first to say it. Also surprised I didn’t think of it.

  20. I think I’d use a smaller bit if I was going to drill through my tongue. That picture almost grossed me out, and that’s saying a lot for a nurse.

  21. Gosh, I’m a brazilian living in Brazil… it’s been a while since I last heard of this Fritz and Arigo thing. I think this ghost lives in my urologist now, cause he keeps putting his finger in me..

  22. Okay, I’ll say it.

    “Since when did Brazilians start living in Brazil?”

    • Be kind Bunksy Baby, it’s Ivan’s first visit. We don’t want to scare him off just yet 😉

      • He doesnt scare me! He is not crocodile dundee nor a rugby player! 🙂

    • I know… there are a lot of them stealing your job at the australian KFC restaurants and humping your gals while you are wasting your sorry ass time posting youtube videos in your blog and trying to be funny. 😉


      • Ivan – how come if your English is so good you only blog in Portuguese? I can only appreciate the pictures…..

  23. Good Gawd! An innocent comment gets you all jumpy and jivey? Nothing meant by it, Ivan. As they say in the Isles, “Oh shirty! Just havin’ a giraffe, mate!”

    • See, my English is not as good as nursemyra said so… my bad… thanks for the jivey – it sounds like a new slang for me…

    • Mate, I just watched Australian Mark Webber win the German F1 Grand Prix. Congrats!

      And I’m not just havin’ a giraffe!

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