heavy petting

nursemyra is an animal lover. I have three birds and a Burmese cat and I used to live with an Alaskan Malamute. Like most pet owners I would never consider eating an animal I had raised and fed. Still, I do eat meat such as chicken, beef, pork or lamb a couple of times a week.

everybody wants to be a cat

Several nations, such as Korea and Vietnam, see nothing wrong with eating dog meat. Stefan Gates’ book “In the Danger Zone” tells of an interview with Korea’s Dr Dogmeat.***

Sexy Art - Making Sausage - thumb

“He shows me some enormous posters he’s had made up to advertise 350 innovative uses of dog. Dog Oil Face Cream (helps prevent freckles and pimples), dog oil hand cream, dried grated dog (for seasoning), dog mayonnaise and sliced dog penis snacks.


Stefan also visits Petian Castle, a kitsch temple to dogs with a mini-mall containing an extensive dog supermarket, a beauty parlour, a photo studio for pet portraits and a veterinary surgery. There is obviously quite a distinction made between canines raised as pets and others that are raised as livestock to be eaten.

“For white dogs, we can dye their ears and tails so they look distinctive and pretty. We also sell dog shoes and outfits for them to wear.”


Interestingly, Korea offers a dog cloning service, though this is not at Petian Castle.

“Two competing South Korean labs offer the chance to recreate a dog for anything between $50k and $100k. Clever dogs with the right attitude, the ones good at sniffing out bombs or remants of drugs on students as they come back though customs – they’re the lucky few that will be cloned, thanks to it being cheaper to clone a dog they know is a good learner than waste money training loads of no-hopers.”


*** Apologies to any dog owners who are distressed by this post. I wonder if the owners of pot belly pigs ever eat bacon or ham? How about goldfish owners eating fish? Where do we draw the line?

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  1. you have some lovely pets! Im not allowed pets, mum and i are allergic to animal hairs and the hairless ones scare mum to no end.

    I would love an Alaskan Malamute, but even in melbourne where its cold as ice at the moment, it gets super hot in summertime and could make it a little uncomfortable in an air conditioned house!

    My webmaster Rick’s dad has eaten dog. Rick says that his dad didnt know it was dog until after he had finished. It tastes like pork apparently!


    • Not like chicken?


  2. I have had pets ( dogs ,cats and birds )all of my life and I am also a meat eater.I have worked in a slaughter house as a young man and was a butcher. I think that the thought of eating a pet would put most people off. I think that as humans, we have a strange part of our minds that fools us into thinking that meat that we buy at our local supermarket or butcher just happened to be that way, and that no harm was done to any animal.
    Well, that is just my opinion 🙂

  3. Cruel cruel cruel!!! One of my first jobs as an asassin would be to slay these bastards!

  4. p/s : Could you still write a post on heavy petting? Thanks :p

  5. We’ve had loads of pets and also bred geese and ducks and chickens ….. a long time ago. Strangely, I see no problems about eating dogs or cats or anything really. I wouldn’t, but I’m an unadventurous eater ….. so long as the animals are kept nicely whilst living …..

  6. 350 uses for dog that don’t involve just being a dog? That’s so…. wrong!

    But I admit I’m biased.

  7. Growing up, i knew a family that had a pet cow – not on a farm, not raised for beef – just a cow. Due to a broken fence, she wandered into the street and was hit by a car and killed… The family, not being well off, had her butchered and popped her in the freezer. Not one of those kids could eat ol’ bessie…

  8. Wot no sex?

    Oh I see, penis snacks. Right, thanks a lot nurse can we go back to corsets now.

    • No corsets until Friday Mr Spot

  9. oh wow those dog boots with the legs are hilarious.

  10. My great aunt served my mother their pet dog for dinner at the end of WWII.

    • Wow! did she eat it?????

  11. Dont no one eat pussy in th Far East?

  12. This is why I just don’t eat any critters at all. I hit a wall about the consciousness I saw operating in anything much more complex than a scallop. One animal seems like another in that respect.

  13. I ate camel meat once. It was gamey. I can’t eat an animal that appears in its original form, i.e., I don’t like lobster because it looks like a lobster but a hamburger looks nothing like a cow, so that’s okay.

  14. I could never, ever, ever eat dog.

    Half the dogs I’ve met have more personality than half the people I’ve met. I would probably cannibalize before eating dog.

    Wow. Can’t believe I just said that.

  15. myra, my pal Sully has a good collection of items that argue there is no line to be drawn. Observe:

    Oh, and there’s spassfabrik for your perusal.

  16. Pets are family (at least mine are) so it makes sense to me that I wouldn’t think of eating them, or even animals that look like them.

    Can you imagine? Sunny would probably feed us for a week!

  17. I am pretty sure I have eaten dog and cat in some dodgy takeaways over the years … but thankfully it wasn’t advertised as such fayre…sliced dog penis (in fact any penis sliced up)… erm no thank you !!!

  18. Where do you find your photos, dear myra? That second one is cross between erotic and disgusting.

  19. those dog boots! i got to have them, where can i buy? i don’t care the price. it’d be worth it to walk into a PETA rally wearing them. of course i’d make sure i had a friend to video tape the expressions on faces..hilarious thought. thanks.

  20. So you show a pic of a naked guy making sausage and all I can think of is couldn’t they find someone who doesn’t have a huge surgical scar to model for them.

    • I like his scar

      • Me too. As scars go, it isn’t very large, either.

  21. The intractable argument that I had with my ex over the course of our four year relationship is whether puppies or kittens were cuter.

    Of course, all the current data suggests that kittens are cuter than puppies by at least an order of magnitude. Despite this, she continued to assert otherwise.

    I point out that we are no longer together.

  22. I’m surprised your eating pork or beef twice a week!

    Lucky Girl

    The King

    • You and your metaphors…… (does Pil have any leftover pork?)

      • Now that would be telling…

        The King

  23. Only Americans would combine mayonnaise and bacon into a single spreadable product. We do this because we can.

    And yes, everybody wants to be a cat. And cats know this. That’s why they’re so smug.

  24. I will never think of heavy petting in the same way again.

    Which sucks, because I used to rather enjoy it…

  25. I’m too much of a germaphobe to have or enjoy pets (neurotic to the core). However, I am a vegetarian and fully subscribe to the ideals of PeTA and am militant about animal rights. Who can forget the undercover filming of Dateline years ago (in China) of a dog being skinned alive for its fur? Or documentary filming of the horrific mistreatment of animals particularly in Asian countries?

    • What was the dog fur used for Elizabeth?

      • No, no. I like to “git jiggy” with my veggies. A well sized zucchini works best.

  26. For moral reasons, I’d really like to be a vegetarian. And for several years I was, and my body malfunctioned so spectacularly that I finally had to give up and go back to consuming animal flesh protein, which immediately cured a number of ailments too unpleasant to describe in detail here or indeed anywhere.

    But it got me thinking about the differences, or lack thereof, between animals we love and animals we eat. There isn’t really any difference, except in the degree of emotional transference. If I’m willing to eat a cow, I should be willing to eat a dog. All animals are capable of attaching to a human caretaker, and giving affection to that caretaker. Just because an animal is raised for food doesn’t make it less capable of endearing behavior, and just because I love an animal, that doesn’t make it less edible.

    It’s a real mindfuck.

    • The real mindfuck would be when you make the ethical jump from “if i can eat a cow, i can eat a dog” to “if i can eat a dog, i can eat a person.”

      People are made of meat, too, you know. Apparently they taste like pork (i’ve only ever licked them, and they taste like fish to me; but that might be because of where i’m licking them…).

  27. I want an Alaskan Malamute!!!!! Awesome dog! And I posted a review of the movie 8 below on my blog not too long ago!

  28. The chihuahua boots totally grossed me out. I think that’s grosser than eating dog meat. The problem with us first world people is we’re just not hungry enough. Just as the people in the plane crash that were stranded in the Andes for eighty days or something managed to eat their dead co-passengers, if I was hungry enough I might eat Friday. Gods forbid I ever get that hungry.

    • I’m pretty positive they’re not made from real chihuahuas though silverstar – now that really would be gross!

  29. I was not offended in the least by this post, although I did not allow Ruby to read it! I’m sure she would have found the idea of being eaten very distressing.

    I recommend to you the book Sex Lives of Cannibals by J. Maarten Troost for a very cogent exposition of dog in the diet. Great book, by the way. After reading it, I realized that Ruby was an extremely “kang kang” dog.

  30. That book sounds like it’s right up my alley!

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