corset friday 10.7.2009

coal dust 4 coal dust 4coal dust 28

coal dust 7 coal dust 29 coal dust 22

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  1. smokey and sexy! love it! leather on top of the fishnets? very cool… you look gorgeous as always!

  2. Your boobies are looking very succulent in the bottom right picture, Nursie!

  3. I’m drooling – as always !!! 😉

    • It’s yer age, mate!

      • OMG! (laughing hysterically at NobblySan’s comment) that’s too much. Duncan, you gonna take that?

    • Nursemyra says she likes a bit of drool 😉

      click here

      • only yours duncan 😉

      • Gosh – all of a sudden my ‘testicles feel more alert and energised.” 😳

  4. I like the trend towards deviation from the vertical.

  5. as always, a lovely way to start my Friday… love the shot leaning over slightly.

  6. As always I can’t leave a long reply as a picture is worth a thousand words…

    The King

  7. Very sexy where do you find your corsets???

    • Hi Terri, I think I’ve seen your comments on Lynn’s site. Do you have a blog also?

      Most of my corsets were purchased while Stephen was alive, a few have been gifts and more recent ones have been bought when I’m travelling. I find a lot of them at markets, sales and even second hand shops. Today’s corset was one of four I found at Saint Vincent de Paul’s charity store. They were brand new samples from a defunct lingerie company – how lucky was that?

  8. I’d never miss a friday… though technically it is saturday… dammit I’m such a liar.

  9. So … wheres th point?

    Oh … nevr mind … I jus found it.

  10. The curves are yummy.

  11. Beautiful and tasteful as usual. Inspirational too. I’m sure having such a delicious collection of lingerie helps keep your fingers out of the excess cookies. What would be the point of having it if you couldn’t get it on?

  12. yes, very nice. i’ll hav to remind rip it’s corset friday.

    • I’m sure he doesn’t need any reminding !!!

  13. yes, very nice. i’ll have to remind rip it’s corset friday.

  14. Very pretty.

  15. I guess seafood isn’t the only very edible thing you can find in fishnet.

  16. in the words of the imaginary boy… stupendous

  17. Even the dead would rise for such an outstanding figure.

  18. Daisy’s right, the leather on top of the fishnets is damn hot. Spectacular.

  19. Very nice curves!

  20. Lovely.

  21. I need a dash of fresh chilly… i am of to osteria basilico, that’l cool me down!

  22. Very Nice Nursie!! I always enjoy Fridays 🙂

  23. oooh mercy….I haven’t been feeling the sexification recently – too much stress – BUT, I’m inspired to get my fishnets out…

    • Dolce! how are you sweetheart? You’ve been missed!

  24. Awesome as always, myra.

  25. I say.

  26. Hello nurse!! Sory I’ve been away, took a blog break only to return briefly for the MJ stuff. Should be back full time on Monday.

    However I always have time to check out corset Friday and things like that. This is hot stuff as usual.

  27. You fill it well, Nursie.

  28. I would be fun to get nursed by you…

    • careful what you wish for 😉

  29. you sure know how to ‘smoke’ it up NM

    charcoal was never more sexy 🙂

  30. Not to get too far off the topic but does “10/7/2009” mean that this was posted in October of 2009? Maybe this is an Australian difference that I am just catching on to.

    Cal Endar

    • yeah, the american calendar is arse backwards

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