“we’re all goin’ on a summer holiday”

nursemyra has been reading “Working Stiff”, the memoir of Grant Stoddard who wrote a column detailing his sexploits for Nerve.com

One assignment was to attend Leather Camp, a Pennsylvanian retreat for S&M enthusiasts.


“About twenty-five yards from our car there was a fifty-year-old man dressed as a little girl, with a bright red wig, pink dress, white knee-high socks and Mary Jane shoes. He looked like a dry-cured Strawberry Shortcake. He skipped along the dirt road before hopping into a buggy and taking the reins. “HYAH!” he squealed, jerking his steed into motion.
The steed was a sixty-year-old man. He wore a harness, black boots, blinders, a bit for his mouth, a butt plug with faux horsetail and a cock ring.

modern mechanix

Face harness found at Modern Mechanix

Everybody was talking about “doing a scene” with one person or another: “I’ve got a bondage scene with whatsherface on Sunday at two, a humiliation scene with Donkeyboi on Friday morning.”


A petite blonde woman is leading around a huge, white, naked, entirely hairless man who has “SLAVE” tattooed over his pubic bone. What’s really unusual is that the gentleman seems to lack any identifiable genitalia. In the area where one would normally find a penis, there’s something that looks like the tied-up end of a balloon. His testicles are not in evidence. I wondered if he had tucked everything inside, like Samurai warriors did before going into battle.***

Leather Camp is not the only sex experiment he writes about. He tries sploshing, participating in orgies and porn flicks and learning to play clothing-optional bridge. And in case you’re wondering…. yes, he did get paid to put his penis in these experimental places……

Question of the Day: Would you take a job which required you to spend a weekend at an S & M summer camp? Leave your answers in the comments section below….

*** Here’s a Bonanza tutorial about how to tuck your nutsack (should the need arise) and a nursemyra one for good measure

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  1. I think I’ll avoid battle and leave ‘lefty’ and ‘sponge boy’ where they are…

    I knew there was something wierd about that cyrus chick!

  2. ‘sponge boy’ or Sponge Bob?

    • ‘boy’, you never breach copyright when naming a testicle…

  3. I’ll pass on both the camp and nut-tuck.

  4. No, Nurse Myra, I don’t want to marry Benecio Thingy, and anyway, I know he’s yours. The person in the last pic of this post is strangely appealing though.

    • Yeah I think Ms Cyrus suits a penis too 😉

  5. I’d never stumbled across Nerve.com until now, even though I have a subscription to its sister ‘zine Salon. Thanks muchly.

    • Salon was the first really cool site I discovered on the internet back in 199something. It was FREE then…

  6. don’t think so, not after reading this… would push my limits a tad too much.

  7. only a day? only if i’m being paid? i’d do it in a heartbeat – just to see what’s up! curiousity. yeah. that’s it… [looking around frantically for horsehair buttplug]

  8. Sploshing? I’m hoping that this is merely terminology for partaking of a refreshing drink at the bar.

    Knowing you as I do… it’s gonnae be something to do with pish, reet?

  9. I could be tempted – – –

    [checking out daisyfae’s tail]

  10. When I go wild at Halloween I put on a funny wig and maybe pants that are too tight. Guess I’d better pass on the S&M Jamboree, due to my delicate constitution.

    Don Juan Aseeit

  11. Hmm I s’pose you only live once, but her royal highness worked on a doco about a fetish photographer once. He was as boring as bat-shit, seemed to know it, so became a junkie in a desperate attempt to be a bit more interesting during the filming.

    I dunno, the time I spent at the Hellfire club somehow became a tragic horrorshow as well. It just strikes me as a bit of a deperado’s scene, and the tragicomedy appears to be sadly lacking.

    Not good with pain either, I have servants for that.

    The King

    • “the time spent at the Hellfire Club….” What were you mastering there King Willy?

  12. It now realize that absurdity has taken on a totally new meaning.

  13. I’m still googling S&M without any success. If it stands for Sex and Meal I am in!!

  14. I don’t think I’d enjoy it very much. I’m a bit repressed and prefer one-on-one contact versus a public showing. God, can you imagine having to have to work so hard to be satisfied? What a burden.

    BTW, I hope you’re feeling better. You write like you’re well.

  15. Nope. I’d never spend a weekend there. Because I just have this weird feeling that I’d walk in and see every Sunday school teacher I ever knew. Awkward.

  16. I’m afraid that while I am perfectly fine allowing everyone else to indulge what whims and fetishes they have, S and M is not my thing at all and I have no desire to be personally involved in those sorts of gatherings.

    Although I do have to admit that there are times when I am doing extremely deep tissue work during massage therapy I have been accused of liking it a little too much.

  17. Does life really have to be so complicated ….. ? I’m exhausted at the thought ……

  18. Would I take a job which required me to spend a weekend at an S & M summer camp? let’s see..how much will they be paying me?

  19. I’d take the Leather Camp job, but there’s no way I’m going to Furry Camp.

  20. Sorry, being beaten as a child totally ruined the S&M scene for me. I like it snuggly.

  21. I’ll take just about any job right now nurse. I’d also get good blogging material.

  22. I used to wear a cock ring wherever I went. It made me look sporty. Hence my nickname “Sporty Cockring”

  23. A cockring? Is that what happens when the phone in your trouser pocket receives a call?

  24. i live in Pennsylvania and i’ll volunteer to go to camp for free on my own dime, all in the name of research for the Gimcrack of course.

    • You’d probably go in the hope of finally getting some sleep again 😉

  25. trully unbelievable,is ll this stuff for real

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