corset friday 17/7/2009

6 to 1 2 to 2 10 to 3

12 to 4 17 to 5 28 to 6

26 to 8 27 to 9

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  1. Matching hair, cool. Er, no, I think I mean hot. Wouldn’t it be good if you could create your own line of Nurse Myra lingerie? X

  2. oh that would be fun! I wish I could sew

    • No no. You do the fun stuff – designing and modelling and whip wielding and get others to do the sewing and marketing etc. You make millions of dollars and there you have it – world domination!

      • World domination? That would totally suit me

  3. Very nice ma’am!! Like the outfit and matching hair. It does wonders for one’s heart and a great start to the weekend. 🙂

  4. I love that hair !!!

  5. very hot! did you add more streaks?

    hope you’re feeling better!

  6. Definitely jealous over here…

  7. I’m loving corset Friday! I wish every day could be Friday! Nice!

  8. Its a kick ass collection you have nursemyra.

  9. i may be tired but i’m never to tired for corset friday, hurray.

  10. I’m happy I’m not into that crossdressing tang…

  11. So, I guess the drapes DO match the carpet.

    Exquisite as always.

  12. Woof! Legs apart! Sometimes you bring out the baboon in me, Nursie!

  13. Is there a story about that Gothic-looking piece of jewelry?

    • Only a little one. One Christmas the D.T. bought jewellery for the Art Therapist and me. Mine was a bracelet with blue stones and hers was the Gothic red cross.

      We took one look at each other’s present and yelled “Swap”

      The Art Therapist used to wear a lot of soft blues and lilacs and I’ve always been a closet Goth so it was a highly successful outcome

  14. An excellent collections of piccies ….. and so religious!!! – tee hee

  15. WoW! i had forgoteen corset friday- what a nice surprise. i love the shade of red in that corset, beautiful. nice pics NM. Rrow..

    • my bad, i meant to say panties and i didn’t mean to mispell forgotten. 🙂 guess my mind was jumbled…

  16. Looks like you have some extra streaks. Black & red – my favourite colour combination.

  17. That necklace looks like a gift from Dracula. That might be why your neck looks so nibble-worthy.

  18. If I wore underwear I would want it to look like that. Of course, I’d have to lose another about 25 pounds and do something about my aging breasts.

    Like the color coordinated theme here.

  19. WOW!

  20. ha! i love corset fridays.
    you really have fun with it.

  21. Very pretty, very attractive, very intelligent, and with a body to die for. But can you fetch beer fae the fridge?

    • Indeed! It’s one of my many talents 😉

  22. corset fridays are my favorites.

  23. Love the corset NM! Hair to match to boot! Oooh. Speaking of boots…

  24. beautifully co-ordinated and modelled …. agree with one of the earlier comments great idea re Nurse Myra lingerie line

  25. I am very interested in why people believe in “woo”
    However, you have made Friday a “woo-hoo” day for me.

  26. Ah, I said red! And red hair!

  27. Love the design on that corset. Gorgeous as always.

  28. Good heavens! I swear that you get more and more ravishing every time I drop by, m’dear!

  29. Yowzer.

  30. Wish picture could smell.

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