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Before she married Ronald Reagan, Nancy Davis was rumoured to “give the best head in Hollywood”.

This is according to Peter Lawford’s widow’s tell-all book

“Hoisting a glass of wine midway through the boozy fete, the Widow Lawford announced plans to write a memoir about her late husband. “It’s going to be a schmucky book,” she vowed, shortly before taking a catnap–right at the table. And after reading the tome (which, among other things, chronicled her valiant struggle to wean Peter from the Acujack, an electronic ejaculation aid), few readers would disagree.

But Nancy wasn’t the only Reagan wife said to indulge her sexual desires with someone other than Ronnie. When Jane Wyman dated Greg Bautzer she supposedly made a sex tape with him. And this tape along with others was stolen from the house Sharon Tate was murdered in, according to Hal Lipset

jane wyman & greg bautzer

Greg, what did Jane do to your neck?????

“Hal Lipset, the renowned private investigator, informed me a few years ago that the Los Angeles Police Department seized pornographic films and videotapes found in Polanski’s loft and, additionally, certain LAPD officers were selling the tapes.


Lipset gave me a litany of those private porn flicks. There was Greg Bautzer, an attorney for Howard Hughes, with Jane Wyman. There was Sharon Tate with Dean Martin. There was Sharon with Steve McQueen. There was Cass Elliot in an orgy with Yul Brynner, Peter Sellers, and Warren Beatty. This trio, along with John Phillips, had offered a $25,000 reward for the capture of the killers.

yul brynner by george platt lynes

image of Yul Brynner by George Platt Lynes found here

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  1. “This trio, along with John Phillips, had offered a $25,000 reward for the capture of the killers.”

    They were ‘killer tapes’ then were they?

    Now I know where the idiom ‘Yul-tide balls’ comes from.

    Adult thoughts…

    The King

    • I have a very adult interest in balls

      • Wear them with pride I say!

        The King

      • I handle them that way too 😉

  2. Mama Cass was in an orgy with 3 film stars? I’d like to know who got which bits of her.

    • well there was certainly plenty of her to share

  3. I’d have liked to ‘get it’ on with Dean Martin myself.
    And, gee… Yul Brynner- who knew.. Man’s got some balls and stuff!! I’ll never be able to watch the King and I again w/o thinking about his stuff…..

  4. Ahh, a post after my own heart. Yul Brynner — how beautiful he was. I followed the link and the sentientious tone of the article “for American women who have never seen an intact male” Oh shut up. I’ve seen plenty of intact males, I am an American woman. The problem in this benighted country is not that there are no “intact males” but the girls are raised to believe that if they see a naked man then they have to marry him or some such idiocy. The ignorance is because they don’t go out and have sex with multiple partners so they have a chance to see how wonderfully variant the male (intact or not) is.

    • Also, I am wondering why we have such a fixation on celebrities and their sex lives? I’m pretty sure that my sex life was and is probably a hell of a lot more interesting than Nancy Reagan’s was, but nobody cares because they haven’t “heard” about my partners in the pages of “People Magazine.”

      • Yeah, it seems hard to believe Nancy Reagan was good for anything, let alone sex…

        The King

  5. So, it might NOT have been a ham sandwich that Mama Cass choked on?

  6. very entertaining collection you found there nurse!! 🙂

  7. I always thought Yul’s movie ‘The Magnificent Seven’ referred to the number of cowboys that protected the village, apparently I was misinformed.

  8. You just blew my doors off with this one!

    I just knew while Nancy’s mouth was saying, “just say no” her eyes were telling another story entirely!

  9. whoa, wait a minute! there is a lot of information to take note of here: i’m going to address two nancy could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch huh? who knew? and somewhere one of charles manson’s croanies are watching a jane wyman sex tape.that’s rich! there anything one can not learn from nurse myra’s blog?

    • um….. I’m not very good with sports tips

      • we don’t need sports anyway! we want to learn about all the weird stuff we read here!

  10. Yul Brynner…sure gives new understanding why he was included in the lyrics to “One Night in Bangkok”

  11. Set me up in the Somerset Maugham suite with Yul!

  12. I wish I had Yul’s abs. Those things look like if you stabbed them with a knife the blade would break off. That is a handsome man.

  13. Is that Ann-Margaret? Ann-Margaret circa Viva Las Vegas is the hottest tamale there ever was or will be.

  14. of all of this, the most difficult to digest is Peter Sellars in a sex orgy, with anyone…. aaaargh!

    oh, and i suppose NOW i’ve got to bring my damn Ann Margaret wig with me when i go to NYC….

  15. Head from sinister Republican Nancy?

    I don’t care how good. Nope, never.

  16. Just goes to show you that everybody has skeletons hidden away that they hope nobody finds. I don’t know why we take such delight in finding out that “famous” people also have sex lives and maybe a bit of kinkyness hidden away from the public eye. I know that I would feel embaressed if all of my naughty stories had to be plastered in newspapers or on the net.

    • And yes, I do enjoy reading about the famous people and their kinkyness!! 🙂

  17. I’m quite the fan of Steve McQueen… even more so now.

  18. Words fail me. Except… balls. Swoon.

    • Is that a swoon of delight Pil?


      • I’ve had to return to Gimcrack this morning just to have another admiring look at Yul.

      • did you click the link Pil? Burt Lancaster looked pretty hot back then too…..

  19. The link of Yul is like finding Mackenna’s Gold, still ‘intact’…..

  20. Mama Cass? In an orgy scene? The mind boggles. Or jiggles. Or something.

    • Presuming Hal Lipset is telling the truth….

      • Well, there’s always that, but why ruin a good tale?

  21. If you like the Hollywood gossip thingy have a read of “Hollywood Babylon: It’s Back by Darwin Porter” . You will never be able to look at Lucille Ball in the same way again. It is great late night read. Enough to make a Loon blush! This book is base on the Kenneth Anger books. He was a child star who rather than turn to drugs in later life, turned to bitching about the stars and their sexual “behind the scenes” behavior. No one was spared.

    • Thanks! I’ve read the Kenneth Anger books but hadn’t heard of this new one, will look out for it

      • Evening Nurse Myra,
        Yes, it is a newie and much, much more explicate. Rumor has it the necrophiliacs had their way with Garland….

  22. Thanks for that link, Nursie. I always wondered why guys get to see what they want and women never do. How that website gets by with not putting up a disclaimer, I’ll never know. But I like it.

  23. You know, all this talk about orgies, blowjobs, bestiality and gay sex between and among the highest of politicians and most luminous of celebrities – aside from not being anything of a surprise, given that animalistic people behave like animals when given power – suggests something to me.

    “The Sharon Tate Murders.” Gee, she was gang-banging famous people. Polanski was a pervert-pedophile-pornographer. Nancy Reagan swallowed dick like she HAD to. Reagan himself had a taste for cock and drugs in his heyday. And yet all of these people, and others, had quite an interest in becoming powerful, staying powerful, and helping their corrupt buddies out at the expense of normal, decent, oblivious people – us CONSUMERS (not citizens, CONSUMERS – of bullshit of all kinds).

    “Well, I’ve got an image to maintain, by gum! I’m Ronnie Reagan, a plastic-faced text-reader without scruples, but I’m gonna push bullshit religiosity and absurd anti-drug, anti-sex messages to keep power and keep YOU dumb.”

    Have you ever thought for yourself – I mean, have you watched, listened, read things for what they are, then made your own conclusions without the interference of what others have told you? Watch all of Charles Manson’s interviews. Listen to the music that he made. Just pay attention to them without judging, then evaluate them. Are they the words, the thoughts, the music, the “vibe” of someone who did all that he is said to have done?

    Charles Manson got brought into the periphery of this seedy storm, sucked into its center, and learned all about this shit. He had nothing to do with the murders – the above-mentioned, however, had a lot to lose with the reality of their perversions getting out at-large. Can you say… scapegoat? Oh, but you’ll have all your pre-made arguments to give!

    “…Everybody wants to say, ‘Well, mine is better than HIS’ and ‘What are YOU doing up on my stage?’ and ‘Who controls what on this set and who is the man on this set?’ Clark Gable? Where is your fear? Or how does your heart beat up on this altar, when you see Sharon Tate’s body laying there, all naked, and murdered, and dead? Do you think I had something to do with that?

    “That was the altar; it had nothing to do with me. It was the turn-around of the whole world. It was the Aryan woman that was being brought up from the head for ‘Rosemary’s Baby.’ THEY was the cult!

    “Did they tell you about the films that they got with the DOGS and chauffers, that came out in the black-and-white when Yul Brynner and Peter Sellers paid 30,000 dollars to get the video tapes back that they had done with the pornography, where they was gobbling on each other’s knobs with Sharon, ‘poor Sharon, beautiful Sharon’?

    These “stars” were involved in some dark, heavy, evil business – and where do you think ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ comes from? A reflection of the very people who made it. Sharon Tate was in a real sense a sacrificial victim of ritual abuse, sexual and otherwise, and it all gets covered up, pinned on someone else, who is then paraded out periodically to justify injustice and keep dumb shits in line to buy the lies Power is selling. GOD BLESS AMERICA. GOD BLESS AMERICA. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

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