corset friday 24.7.2009

28 police 5 police 27 police

21 police 7 police 12 police

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  1. fun, fun, fun! you need a 6″ knife strapped to your leg to complete the look! woo hoo!

  2. Helloooooooooooo Nurse!!!! (insert wolfwhistle here). ’tis a shame that you’ve covered up dessert in the last picture though, Yummmmmm….

  3. arrest me, officer… i promise not to come peacefully! yum!

  4. I really get a kick out of pictures like that last one where I can almost see what time it was on your watch. Do you keep it exact or have it run a little fast? Not to get too personal.

    Bull Ovafan

    • I try to keep it exact

  5. Very saucy! Have you had a Brazilian, Nursie?

    • Indeed not…

      • lynn doesn’t understand why not?

      • I like a bit of cover 😉

  6. All in favor of today’s Corset Friday, raise your hand.

    All hands should be raised.

    • LOL!!

      NM you are one hot babe!

  7. Very nice! Time to get out the handcuffs!!

  8. Wow. Quite racy there, Ms M.

  9. I told you all Dita didn’t stand a chance.

    My god, it’s like a kind of slow torture, but I can’t stay away!

    Somebody asked what time it is, it’s time to go and have a bloody cold shower, that’s what time it is!

    Enough Harlot, release your hold on the souls of mortals!

    And check your email Nursie

    The King

  10. corset friday should be a national holiday.

  11. me likes fridays, and i second gnukid, break out the cuffs and arrest my deliquent arse.

  12. If it weren’t for the questions it would provoke, I’d forward this post to my Albino Ex, the former Boston cop. When I think that that man had handcuffs in his nightstand, and he only kept them in case of burglars…

  13. I love this set, but in the last photo, your hand is in the wrong place. 😦

  14. I can’t see what the heck is going on – I think you’ve forgotten your drip tray though – tee hee

  15. The buckled collar is what does this for me. Makes you look like you’re from the future. A really sexy future.

    If this ain’t the best reason to fly to Australia…

    • I’ll meet you half way in Singapore next weekend 😉

  16. NM Love the corset can’t wait until the next week to what what you come up must have a great collection of corsets!!

    • I have a really big corset collection, don’t think I’ve repeated any of them yet but the day will come.

      Next week is the monthly t shirt Friday shot. Why don’t you join in? Just post a photo of yourself in a t shirt and let me know so I can link back to you.

      ps: why doesn’t your blog address appear with your comments?

  17. The one named “12 police” is crazy hot! Stop teasing us! LOL

  18. While you’re at it, NM, come over to my place and arrest your award.

  19. myra, did you get that gray one from Harry Houdini?

    The Spassfabrik girls are less….constrained.

  20. I… erh, with the… oh my…

  21. Well this brings new meaning to police siren nurse.

  22. Nice hand modeling work.

  23. I thought I took the ‘hands on’ photie very well. So… do you wannae buy back the other negatives?

  24. Lordy NM ;-)…..

  25. I predict full nudity by December.



  26. I wonder what kind of fuss that arrogant fool Gates would have made if you’d been the arresting officer.

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