narrow yet roomy

Secret Codes of the Jade Room was a Taoist sex manual supposedly written not long after the birth of Christ


“It is possible to judge a woman’s sexual features by scrutinising her face. A woman with a small mouth and short fingers has a shallow porte feminine and she is easy to please. You can be sure that a woman must have big and thick labia if she has a big mouth and thick lips. If she has deep-set eyes, her porte feminine is bound to be deep too… if a woman has a pair of big, sparkling eyes, her porte feminine is narrow at its entrance, and yet roomy in the inner part… A woman with two dimples is tight and narrow down below…”

cello nude

Nicholas Venette, in his book The Mysteries of Love Reveald (1703) described amorous women in this way

bust cream

“The breasts of such a woman are usually small but at the same time conveniently plump and hard. There is a profusion of hair about her privies and her voice is shrill and loud. She is of florid complexion and more inclined to be lean than fat. She is sometimes given to excess in wine. Let me add that the libidinous woman smells not so rank when she perspires as other women do”

Paul_Avril_-_Les_Sonnetts_Luxurieux by Avril 2

Anyone you know fit these descriptions? nursemyra is lean with sparkling eyes and no dimples. unless you count the ones on my bum…….

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  1. β€œIt is possible to judge a woman’s sexual features by scrutinising her face…”

    Reminds me of a Cantonese movie I saw once. Though they weren’t scrutinising the ladies faces. And the ratings system was some sort of wierd scale of octopuses and butterflies… I swear this movie exists no matter how much it sounds like I’m making this up.

  2. so what’s Cantonese porn like anyway?


    • It wasn’t porn… well by their standards it wasn’t. Though it did end with the main character grinding a corpse… you know what it probably was porn, and it was good.

      Quite funny to if I remember correctly, it was on years ago on SBS back when they used to show borderline movies all the time. They can’t seem to get away with it anymore though.

  3. Nurse Myra, your blogs are exquisitely beautiful – where do you find these images? Have you ever thought of producing a book?

  4. you have dimples on your bum… cool!

  5. Better to be conveniently plump than inconveniently plump. “God, this plumpness is just not what I need to be dealing with right now!”

  6. My dentist always complains my mouth is too small. However, no one has ever complained my porte feminine is too small.

  7. I’m gonnae have to ask for proof of the dimples hen.

    • I’ll need you to come up with a suitable swap πŸ˜‰

      • what if she produced a credible witness?

  8. From my admittedly limited experiences, the book is surprisingly, pretty dead on. I’m now sitting here looking at my wife’s lips and fingers, and laughing my ass off! I’ve had that theory myself for a while about the lips kinda matching the lips.

  9. Bun dimples? I’m sure there are Hollywood stars having those created for them as we speak. Feel priveleged yours are natural!

  10. That girl in the first pic needs a trim. Badly. I’m so happy that’s not the style anymore. I understand that some men trim, but I do not. Do you have a preference?

    • I like men with hairy chests. More hair down below tends to go with the territory πŸ˜‰

  11. I am in the easily pleased camp lol πŸ™‚

  12. Holy crap. You can see my hoo-ha by looking at my face? I’m totally embarrassed. I thought I was being discreet.

  13. I once had a gynecologist send his PA out for a longer speculum, but I don’t think my eyes are set any particular way. What makes breasts “convenient” anyway? Like if they are hard enough you can park your beer glass on them or something?

  14. Hmm, I wonder what the capacity for comparison in men is? The size of their nose? Hairy nostrils? LMAO!

  15. it’s the same as men with big hands and big feet having hairy backs.
    and small dogs have small yaps.

  16. Interesting… I can vouch for the thick-lips=thick-libia theory.

  17. Nurse Myra says “unless you count the dimples on my bum” and here I am at comment 21 and no one has offered to count them? This is slippage, brutes.

    I think “convenient” breasts would be located on the forehead. Well, convenient for me anyway. Plus it would solve the whole “my eyes are up here, buddy” embarassment.

    Andy Lookdaway

  18. i love the image of that cello in the form of a woman, very beautiful. did you morph two images or find it that way? would be fun to manipulate images like that i’d think. convenient breasts…i already have those conveniently placed beneath my blouse. πŸ™‚

    • No, I wouldn’t have a clue how to morph images. It’s a source of amazement to me that I even learned how to upload photos πŸ˜‰

      and one of these days I’m gonna work out how to use the timer on my camera too!

  19. Ahh, Westville, Conneticut for breast cream to pump up small breasts.

    Now all they make around that area is college graduates that get employed to make packages of “pumped up” bullshit triple A rated value securities to anyone that might be stupid, or was stupid or will be stupid.

  20. Bust Cream sounds like some sort of comedy porno dessert. The world could use more comedy porno dessert, I always say.

  21. You have received Silverstar’s You Are a Star! award. You may pick it up on my blog.

  22. Aiks! I have only one dimple!!!! Does that mean i am narrow but loose or wide but tight?????

    • I think you have to check with someone who’s been there…. πŸ˜‰

  23. Well I can certainly say that I am given to excess in wine, but I’m rather afraid to go into much further detail! πŸ˜‰

  24. Ooh and can we see these cute dimples of yours?? *wink*

  25. I think I do know someone but she’s not easy to please.

  26. I am sure if a woman winks too much will love it bothways.

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