grand master revivified

Angelo Soliman (1721 – 1796) is historically recognized as the “First Moorish Freemason.” Born in the Congo, at age seven he was kidnapped and sold into slavery. In Europe, he was the slave (child toy) of a prominent Sicilian lady. Later, at age 16,  he was sold to a royal  family in Vienna, Austria. There, he so impressed his masters with his remarkable intelligence, they chose to educate him.


He spoke six languages as well as being able to write three of them fluently. He was also a master swordsman, war hero,  chess specialist,  navigation expert, concert composer, and a tutor to royalty.

master of the mind

In 1781, he was initiated into the prestgious True Harmony Masonic Lodge,  whose members included many of Vienna’s social elite including Mozart and Haydn.

(It was none other than Grand Master Soliman who, manifesting on the earthly plane and in corporeal form, spiritually ordained Sotemohk***, to the sacred Moorish Episcopate and prompted his induction as Grand Master of the Revivified Sacred Order of Chaerona.)

After he died in 1796, his skin was flayed from his body and mounted on a frame. He was dressed with a feather belt around his loins and a feather crown on his head, his arms and legs were decorated with glass pearl beads and a necklace of yellow-white porcelain snails (Cyprinid Monet) hung low down on his chest.


Together with the stuffed bodies of a young black girl who had been a present from the King of Naples and an African male nurse, he was exhibited for ten years as part of the Viennese Emperor’s “Imperial and Royal Art, Nature and Animal Cabinet”.

taxidermy fox

***In 2002, Sotemohk announced that the 19th century nun, Margaret Cusak, was to be canonised. Known to her contemporaries as the Mad Nun of Kenmare, she also just  happened to be his great great great aunt.


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  1. ‘After he died in 1796, his skin was flayed from his body and mounted on a frame.’

    I always wondered what I wanted to happen to my body when I died… I just hope theres enough skin left for this to be an option…

  2. have you got any tattoos?,27574,25412724-13762,00.html

    • No… oh apart from the Bertie beetle covering my back.

  3. I know. He has relatives at the Gimcrack today.

  4. The answer to this question may be readily apparent and obvious but I’ll ask anyway: why does the Mad Nun’s makeshift dildo have wings?

    • To create a dialogue between a blogger and her readers

      • A dildo with wings? I thought it was an inappropriate goose at first.

      • oh that’s funny Don

  5. I was thinking about how repulsive this is but then I was reminded of the Bodies exhibit we recently discussed. Everything old is new again!

    • yes i immediately thought of the bodies exhibit as well…wild info here..kinda creepy but i keep returning….and always end up thinking, “i wanna party with that chick NM.”

      • I’ll have to drop by Florida one day 🙂

  6. You wonder if someone has gone to a bodies exhibit and recognized someone they knew.

  7. I love stories like this; of the early masons. I just read that Soliman was also the subject of Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute.” Very, very cool. Thanks Nursemyra!!

  8. Not exactly an easy life…

    • but he packed a lot in to it.

  9. what is that animal in the 4th photo?

    • that’s my friend Foxy Loxy

  10. Holy Christ, that’s no so much a dildo, more a fecking pool cue. Once more I admit to being aghast at your magnificent posts.

  11. I think i am related to the Mad Nun of Kenmare, too. And i was Cleopatra in a former life, also.

  12. i’m putting my collection of boy toys on notice… the BEST of the bunch gets imortalized through flayage. the ones that can’t keep up? i’m sending them to do time in the closets of the gimcrack. let’s see how they do…

  13. Hmm and I thought ‘canonised’ meant something different here at The Crack.

    Silly me.

    The King

    • It’s a long time since I’ve been canonised

  14. I got nothin’

  15. Well if I didn’t read about the dates and flaying of skin I would have thought this post about an intelligent and worldly man was about me. How mistaken I was.

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