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liar liar plants on fire


Thousands of years ago, the Chinese developed a lie detector using two cups of rice:

Fill the suspect’s mouth with rice.

Ask some obvious questions to elicit a known truthful answer

Have the suspect spit the rice into a cup and count the grains

Fill the suspect’s mouth with rice again

Have the suspect spit the rice out into a cup and re-count the grains. If he spits more rice out the second time, you have found your man. The Chinese were working on the supposition that when you lie your mouth gets dry. Therefore if you were lying, less rice would stick to the inside of your mouth and you would spit more back into the cup. The question with the known truthful answer was supposedly a control to see how much rice would stay in your mouth when you weren’t fibbing.


Arty Bees have discovered a book published in 1981 which includes a section on paranormal projects for plant communication that tells you how to build a lie detector for your philodendron.

After detailing the construction of the lie detector and a chart recorder for plants that are eavesdropping on your thoughts, there follow pages and pages retelling the results of various experiments and `games’ the author and others have played with plants. Lying in front of them (i.e. purposefully not telling the truth, not lying in a horizontal position) to get a reaction.

he man voice

The chapter finishes on an even odder note (is that even possible?) when the author details his anecdotal results in getting plants to control various electrical devices for him. This means hooking up a plant to a combined `detector/controller’ which can turn lights on or off, and then by directing different types of thoughts at the plants he convinces the plant to create the required sequence of events that will trigger the circuit, in a repeatable manner! Beats getting up from your comfy chair to turn the light off, yes?

… you must think in a “language” your plants understand and react to in order to get them to work for you… you might have to threaten the plant with injury to get it to turn on your reading lamp.”


more unusual lamps to be found here

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“we’re all goin’ on a summer holiday”

nursemyra has been reading “Working Stiff”, the memoir of Grant Stoddard who wrote a column detailing his sexploits for

One assignment was to attend Leather Camp, a Pennsylvanian retreat for S&M enthusiasts.


“About twenty-five yards from our car there was a fifty-year-old man dressed as a little girl, with a bright red wig, pink dress, white knee-high socks and Mary Jane shoes. He looked like a dry-cured Strawberry Shortcake. He skipped along the dirt road before hopping into a buggy and taking the reins. “HYAH!” he squealed, jerking his steed into motion.
The steed was a sixty-year-old man. He wore a harness, black boots, blinders, a bit for his mouth, a butt plug with faux horsetail and a cock ring.

modern mechanix

Face harness found at Modern Mechanix

Everybody was talking about “doing a scene” with one person or another: “I’ve got a bondage scene with whatsherface on Sunday at two, a humiliation scene with Donkeyboi on Friday morning.”


A petite blonde woman is leading around a huge, white, naked, entirely hairless man who has “SLAVE” tattooed over his pubic bone. What’s really unusual is that the gentleman seems to lack any identifiable genitalia. In the area where one would normally find a penis, there’s something that looks like the tied-up end of a balloon. His testicles are not in evidence. I wondered if he had tucked everything inside, like Samurai warriors did before going into battle.***

Leather Camp is not the only sex experiment he writes about. He tries sploshing, participating in orgies and porn flicks and learning to play clothing-optional bridge. And in case you’re wondering…. yes, he did get paid to put his penis in these experimental places……

Question of the Day: Would you take a job which required you to spend a weekend at an S & M summer camp? Leave your answers in the comments section below….

*** Here’s a Bonanza tutorial about how to tuck your nutsack (should the need arise) and a nursemyra one for good measure

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who not to marry

Apologies for not posting yesterday. nursemyra is feeling particularly uninspired, laid up in bed with an upper respiratory tract infection. The most I can conjour up is a list of things to be aware of when considering matrimony

The Koka Shastra or Scripture of Koka was written in the 12th century.


Much of its advice centres around sex positions but it also brings to our attention some defects you should be wary of when choosing a bride.

Red hair


artwork by John Willie

Any girl named after a mountain, a tree, a river or a bird


Rough hands or feet

rough hands & baby humours

Sighing, laughing or crying at meals


Inverted nipples, beards, uneven breasts, flappy ears, spindly legs or scrawniness

kev walsh

Big toes that are disproportionately small


Girls who make the ground shake as they go past

isobel varley isobel

Isobel Varley

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dem dry bones

King Philip 2 of Spain had a fabulous collection of relics. At the end of his life the collection amounted to some 7,000 items, incuding ten whole bodies, 144 heads, 306 arms and legs, thousands of bones, body parts and secondary relics, as well as the usual fragments of the True Cross, the Crown of Thorns etc., most of which were encased in rich gold settings.
Jesus' swaddling clothes & Mary's veil

(Jesus’ swaddling clothes and Mary’s veil)

In 1598, when he lay on his deathbed, Philip turned to his relics for relief from his agony. Racked by gout and fever, his terrible pain made it impossible for him to leave his bed and he lay dying in his own excrement (where’s nursemyra when you need her?).


His bedroom was filled with holy images and crucifixes and he sent for the arm of St Vincent and a knee of St Sebastian to soothe his inflamed joints.

L0013467 Pseudo-Galen, Anathomia; WMS 290

400 years later Franco ended his life clutching the arm of St Theresa of Avila which he had taken with him everywhere he went.***

trigger finger by Al Farrow

Trigger Finger by Al Farrow (see more of his work here)

*** I read this in Philipp Blom’s book “To Have and To Hold” which seems to be backed up by this recollection

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alert testicles

Apparently semen leakage is thought of as a disorder in some circles and would like to cure men of this predisposition.

eugen sandow as farnese hercules

An important step for overcoming this problem is to get rid of the masturbation habit. Intake of more proteins must be increased. Reduce the amount of caffeine, minimise red meat and dairy products. More juices and water must be consumed. This kind of diet supports more firm and engorged erection, which last longer. The prostate and testicles feel more alert and energised.”


More news on the sperm front includes the use of bull semen as hair conditioner.

“The bull semen, which is combined with a protein rich plant root, Katera, promises to both strengthen and add shine to your hair. The masque is odorless, and is massaged into the hair and scalp and left on for 30 minutes. Then the product is rinsed out and your hair is styled as normal.”


And I can’t help but think this website must be a spoofy one. Sold on a monthly basis, semen face cream will be delivered by the courier of your choice.


The clean and washed semen comes in a small plastic packet which has been frozen and tested for all STI’s and HIV. The test document will be included. You will also receive a set of surgical gloves if you would like to use them.

experiments with plague 1912

The packs are frozen and can be stored in your freezer.

The product is for EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

We can if you wish include a scented organic oil and plain face cream for you to mix with the CMEN. Each pack should provide you with 2-3 applications. We advise mixing the semen with the oil or cream or even a little egg white and applying after a face scrub and leaving for 15-20 minutes.


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corset friday 10.7.2009

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the Plombieres treatment

I’m raiding the archives of the Royal College of Nursing again. In 1932, Miss Hogg wrote about the mineral waters at Bath…

“… in addition to all this there is the department of electrical massage, diathermy, artificial sunlight, ultra violet ray and the Bergonic Chair for Reducing Obesity. There is also a large department for the administration of the Plombieres Treatment (high colonic wash out) , the work here having increased so much it was found necessary to devote an entire building to this highly specialised job.


The Plombieres Treatment and Zotofoam baths were also carried out at the Royal Pump Rooms

“A patient lay on a bed with a hole in the middle. After ‘washing out’ a nurse inspected the contents of the bucket below.

The Zotofoam bath was one of the more modern treatments. A special gas distributor is laid in the bottom of the bath – Hot water 103-108°F is added, just sufficient to cover the apparatus, and an ounce of foam extract is added to the water. Gas is then passed through the distributor, and fine bubbles of hot foam are produced. The patient is therefore covered with hot foam, which insulates the body, preventing the usual loss of heat by radiation.

zotofoam bath

Slipper baths were used by the public who did not have bathrooms in their homes or as a treat.

Slipper baths were more of a public service than a treatment at the Pump Rooms. In the 1950s Leamington inhabitants without bathrooms used to use the baths once a week for a luxury. One woman did this for two to three years before she met her husband and then her in-laws allowed her to use their bath.

slipper bath

Schnee Four Cell Bath

A seated patient could put their arms and legs into separate baths without the need for undressing and avoiding the danger of mixing water and electricity in a complete immersion bath.


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heavy petting

nursemyra is an animal lover. I have three birds and a Burmese cat and I used to live with an Alaskan Malamute. Like most pet owners I would never consider eating an animal I had raised and fed. Still, I do eat meat such as chicken, beef, pork or lamb a couple of times a week.

everybody wants to be a cat

Several nations, such as Korea and Vietnam, see nothing wrong with eating dog meat. Stefan Gates’ book “In the Danger Zone” tells of an interview with Korea’s Dr Dogmeat.***

Sexy Art - Making Sausage - thumb

“He shows me some enormous posters he’s had made up to advertise 350 innovative uses of dog. Dog Oil Face Cream (helps prevent freckles and pimples), dog oil hand cream, dried grated dog (for seasoning), dog mayonnaise and sliced dog penis snacks.


Stefan also visits Petian Castle, a kitsch temple to dogs with a mini-mall containing an extensive dog supermarket, a beauty parlour, a photo studio for pet portraits and a veterinary surgery. There is obviously quite a distinction made between canines raised as pets and others that are raised as livestock to be eaten.

“For white dogs, we can dye their ears and tails so they look distinctive and pretty. We also sell dog shoes and outfits for them to wear.”


Interestingly, Korea offers a dog cloning service, though this is not at Petian Castle.

“Two competing South Korean labs offer the chance to recreate a dog for anything between $50k and $100k. Clever dogs with the right attitude, the ones good at sniffing out bombs or remants of drugs on students as they come back though customs – they’re the lucky few that will be cloned, thanks to it being cheaper to clone a dog they know is a good learner than waste money training loads of no-hopers.”


*** Apologies to any dog owners who are distressed by this post. I wonder if the owners of pot belly pigs ever eat bacon or ham? How about goldfish owners eating fish? Where do we draw the line?

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operating the gimcrack way

Some medicos can apparently heal from beyond the grave. Dr Fritz is the ghost of a German doctor who invades the bodies of Brazilians and turns them into healers.


“His first victim was Zé Arigó. He was thought to be possessed by the devil but it turned out to be a dead German doctor who took over Arigó’s body and started writing illegible prescriptions for sick people.


Arigo conducted literally thousands of “operations” while wielding an old pocketknife, a heavy German accent, and a pronounced disregard of medical hygiene.


For twenty years Arigó’s fame spread as he “cured” thousands of people, including the daughter of Brazil’s president. Despite his fame, he was twice convicted of the illegal practice of medicine. Arigó died in an automobile crash in 1971.

Dr. Fritz was not done with his work, however, and soon slipped into the body of another Brazilian, and when he died in a violent crash, Dr. Fritz picked another body to invade. He has done this several times.


The latest recipient, according to an article filed from Rio de Janeiro by Times reporter Diana Jean Schemo, is 41-year-old engineer Rubens Farias, Jr.

Hundreds of patients line up outside his office on weekends. Prior to these marathon treatment sessions, Farias is said to enter into a trance from which he emerges as the German-speaking Dr. Fritz. All patients are told to remain silent and trust in God. Many are injected with a miracle brew reportedly consisting of part alcohol, iodine, and turpentine. Knives, scissors and dull hypodermic needles are also routinely employed. Anaesthesia and sterilization are not.

miracle wine

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