singapore sling


nursemyra is on holiday in sunny Singapore, blogging will be non existent or sporadic at best for the next two weeks while I hook myself up to an IV drip at The Clinic

gold wheelchairs

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  1. Your absence will be duly noted, and sorely missed.


  2. Wow. I’m going on hiatus for nine or ten days. I won’t have to miss anything.

    See you on the flip. Have a pleasant drip, I mean trip.

    (hey, that’s me over there… thanks!)

  3. Enjoy!!

  4. At first The Clinic seemed scary but then I got comfortable with it. Please review the fried sotong balls.

    Cal Plunk

  5. rest, relax and recover! bummed i can’t hop a plane and meet you there!

  6. Have fun, nursemyra. Not, like, international incident fun, but fun…

  7. Rabbit, Rabbit!

    I hope you are enjoying more than saline. Have fun.

    * * *
    Please visit me at The Chrysalis Stage and Esoteric Uncovered.

    Follow me on twitter and facebook

  8. Oh my God you are so lucky and/or blessed!!! I’m hitting Singapore and Thailand for sure before I go back to the US. Would you take some pics just for me. Maybe on Friday!!?? Seriously have fun!!!!!!!

  9. singapore! damn.

  10. Have a good sling! x

  11. Have a super duper time dear NM … look forward to word on your adventure … xx 🙂

  12. Happy hols ……. and keep safe *hugs*

  13. We’ll be here, dutifully and obediently waiting for your return.

  14. No way! Singapore?! You so lucky. Bon voyage. Mind your Ps and Qs. I hear that Singapore doesn’t put up with a lot of bullshit.

  15. Enjoy!

  16. Self medication is tops isn’t it… Enjoy yourself.

  17. Singapore. Nice.

    • So far it is – noticeably clean and loads of bougainvillea everywhere. I’ve just had a plate full of sate and a Tiger beer – back to the hotel to sleep it off…..

  18. enjoy your vacation – let the naughtiness continue in s’pore :-))

  19. Don’t spit your gum on the sidewalk.

  20. don’t discard chewing gum on the footpath, they will bitch slap you with the ratan!!!

  21. Have fun, nursemyra! Eat at Newton Circus – if it still exists.

  22. Have fun nurse.

  23. gees, how long is this holiday of yours. you got peeps around the world anxiously waiting for more sleeze. i cant hold down the fort for much longer…

  24. Doesn’t Singapore have that interweb thingy then? Your fans need to hear about your triumphs, whether gastronomic or sexual or scientific.

    • yeah it does but I’m supposed to be on holiday 😉

      if I do anything particularly blogworthy you’ll hear about it. so far I have been sorely disappointed in my search for corsets – not a single one!!!!!

  25. enjoy and relax… you’ve surely earned it.

  26. What a waste!!!!! So cose!!!!

  27. Have a Singapore fling… whoops I mean… sling for me. Oh and Nurse Myra stay away from IV drips linked to the good doc Murray. I hear he sleeps a lot and sucks at CPR. Have a great time. Beware the rattan I hear it hurts!

  28. don’t you miss soiled sheets?
    hurry home. we miss you.

  29. just saying ‘hi’… you are missed!

  30. Have a good time, you deserve it.

  31. hey thanks everybody who’s still dropping in to the gimcrack. I’m enjoying the down time and the warmer weather and the total lack of crazy patients…..

    I’d do a post if I could upload photos but either wordpress is having a meltdown or this internet cafe is not allowing me to do so. maybe later.

  32. Hurry back…I have a few “issues” I need your help with…

  33. sunny singapore will never be the same after you leave.

  34. Enjoy, enjoy. Damn, no Corset Friday for two weeks.

    • I think I’ll be home in time for next week’s corset friday…..

  35. Glad you’re having such a great time. I’ve been on holiday in Málaga for a week now – going home tomorrow.

    Hasta pronto!

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