where nursemyra embarrasses herself

There are two things about nursemyra that not all readers know:

1. Often when I travel I encounter air disasters. I have been in a plane that dropped 30,000 feet out of the sky and had to make an emergency landing. I was in Novia Scotia when Swissair Flight 111 went down killing all 229 people on board. And I was standing on the corner of Canal and Greene Streets looking up as a plane crashed into the first Tower on the morning of 11 September 2001.

2. It only takes 2.2 drinks to get me rip roaring drunk. Most people have never seen me drink more than 1.1


photo taken by nursemyra

So here I am in sunny Singapore taking in all the sights and relaxing with a cocktail every evening. Yesterday was National Singapore Day and to avoid the crowds I visited the very charming Museum of Toys and had a relaxing meal of sliced chicken feet salad. Delicious – you should try it! The MoT has a cocktail bar above it on the top floor so after dinner I wandered back there for a margarita. You now that story, probably apocryphal, about the old fashioned champagne glass being modelled on Marie Antoinette’s perfect breast? The barman at Mr Punch serves margaritas in one modelled after Jayne Mansfield


After 30 minutes of solid sipping I’m only halfway through it and feeling totally plastered. It was at this point that an F16 flew straight over the top of Mr Punch’s bar and nursemyra took a dive under the table. Look, it wasn’t beyond the realm of possibilities that terrorists should decide to attack a Toy Museum, especially one with an air disaster-prone drunk nursemyra in it. But if it’s any consolation to the rest of Australia, I told the barman who helped me up that I was from New Zealand…..

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  1. “Most people have never seen me drink more than 1.1”

    I’m pretty sure I have…

    Low flying planes always make me nervous. Air shows? Forget about it.

  2. Canal and Greene?! Yikes! That’s almost right on top of it. A few blocks further south and you’d have been caked with dust. Or worse.

    BTW: This will be my third time seeing PSH in a play. I don’t like reading his interviews because he’s one of these actors who describe the “process” as “painful.” Buy BOY can that guy command a stage!

  3. if half a giant margarita literally put you under the table? then never, ever, drink a dirty martini… my achilles heel is the dirty martini, bleu cheese stuffed olive… oy…

  4. As Utah Phillips used to say, the thing about airplanes is that they’re heavier than air. Any fool knows they couldn’t possibly fly.

  5. Last week a crush on Tom Harrisson, this week Jayne Mansfield. Hmm, polymorphously perverse.

    • You know me too well now inkspot

  6. Apparently, you and I are like two peas in a pod when it comes to handling our liquor. (I was always a cheap date) Margaritas especially. There’s something about that tequila that brings out the wild side! 😉

  7. From New Zealand. Hee hee hee 🙂

  8. …and here’s me thinking that the Kiwi’s followed on fae the Aussies with their penchant for the drink.

    Shame on you hen… more half naked photies of ye are now needed to stem my disapointment.

  9. Wow, Myra! You lead a very interesting life!

  10. I’d like to get you and DaisyFae together and buy you all the martini’s your little hearts desire. We’ll just play it by ear from there.

  11. I’m a cheap date too, although low flying aircraft don’t usually send me diving under the table. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Savor it.

    • Have you been in close vicinity to an F16? the noise they make is terrifying

  12. Too funny…

    In an effort the save the entire world, we should never ever fly together. I too was on a plane going from Brasil to Miami when the right side engine burst into flames over the Amazon. We had to make an emergency landing in Guyana. No airline carrier goes to Guyana; only chartered planes. Then there are the hurricanes and super typhoons that follow me. No, I think if you put us together an entire continent might sink or explode…

    • Please remind me never to fly into a city where either of you two are staying.

  13. I am rubbish with alcohol … particularly wine… but to get me on a big silver bird I would have to take more than 2.2 …. hope you are having a ball dear NM 🙂

  14. I was in Manhattan on 9/11 too. Left my job 2 years later.

    And to this day I hate every muslim scumbag on the planet.

    Thanks for letting me vent. 🙂

    • ooh that’s a bit harsh Jack. Can’t blame all muslims for the actions of some….

  15. ahhh it’s been ages since i had a nice chicken foot salad..

    • had to comment on that last sentence–it was a riot and i’m not even from australia..

  16. I’d like to think when Nursemyra’s not getting dolled up in corsets and such that she’s laying back dressed just like Jayne Mansfield is in that picture.

  17. Welcome back to the Land of the Whiz that Was.

  18. you’re on holiday, go ahead and have 2.1 drinks. otherwise, people will think you drink like a new zealander too!

  19. 2.2 drinks… really… I’ll have to take note of that. I’m sure a lot more Australians have done a lot worse over seas than you have Nurse.

  20. Please credit the photo to Fitzroyalty and provide a link below the photo stating “Photo by Fitzroyalty – creative commons license”. You are required to do this to meet the terms of my creative commons license. See http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.5/au/

    • Meh. Prove that you’ve lost income, or that Nurse Myra has profited by posting the image.

      • It’s not about profit. It’s about copyright and respect for content creators. Stealing people’s content is unprofessional and unethical.

    • Did you notice that I had linked back to your site so readers could see where the photo had come from and also read your blog and check out your other images?

      I’ve removed your photo and replaced it with one of my own which I did not have access to when I wrote the post. Do you want me to remove the link to your site as well?

      • Yes I did notice the link, but that did not explain where the photo came from. If people did not follow the link they would not realise the photo was mine or that you had used it without acknowledgement. I suggest you need to learn more about copyright, particularly creative commons, and about blogging ethics.

      • Do you want me to remove the link to your website?

      • fitz- Get over it. She posted an image that you posted on the internet without copyright protection. I notice that you don’t give credit on your own site for building or sign designs.

        Find something better to worry yourself about.

      • Fitz, if you’d originally written something like “Thank you so much for using my photo, I’m flattered that you’re interested in my stuff, but I’d also be grateful if your acknowledgment were a little clearer” then you would have made your point just as well (not that I’m sure it needed making).

        1-0 to nursemyra.

  21. Chicken feet salad? Is there any part of the chicken thats not eaten? (am a vegan!)
    Lol @ I’m from NZ… funny! Love the way you have written about your adventures!

    • We meatatarians usually don’t eat the cloaca or the cluck.

  22. if you don’t mind Nursie i’d like to inform you whenever i get on a plane to be sure that you are not in the general area. thank you.

  23. Nurse Myra,
    If you had to go down, you had to go down. Don’t be ashamed. It was a perfectly understandable response.

  24. I am impressed you knew it was an F16, what are you like an aeroplane spotter or something… good recovery with the NZ thing! Hope you are having a great time, raise a breast glass for me! x

    • I knew it was an F16 because it was all over the news – they really know how to celebrate National Day here in Singapore

  25. Duck and cover is always a good rule of thumb when you’re loaded and a low-flying plane swoops in for a close-up.

    Chicken feet salad, however, is never a good decision. 😉

  26. well word on the street (over at my place) is you’re still throwing back the booze in singapore!

  27. I really enjoyed that post; I like it when you get personal. Remind me to tell you about my air story, it’s not scary it’s funny! Well I hope you keep enjoying your cocktails and chicken feet!

  28. Quick! Somebody call the Hottie Police! There’s a guy here getting overheated every time he sees Corset day!

  29. This Fitz guy sounds like a real douche. 😀

    • A douche is handy …. as for Fitz …. 👿

  30. If only they’d known! I’d say you had good reason to be nervous!

  31. I guess you won’t be having a drink on a plane? I’m a lightweight drinker too.

  32. I went to an airshow once where the announcer kept having us look to the left, meanwhile two F-16 were approaching from the right. You don’t hear the danged things until they are on top of you, and these barely missed the ground with their wings. They are part of the Navy’s Blue Angles, stationed at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, and I about had to go change my pants after that. Having one unexpectedly fly low overhead would have caused me to do more than dive for the floor.

    • thanks for validating my fright silverstar – I’ve never heard anything as loud as that so close before

  33. at least your glass is never half full.

  34. Best comment section I’ve read for ages – tee hee ….. *atchoo* ……. and nice final response Nursey ….. way to go …… time for a drink je pense ….. *sniff*

  35. Just 2.2 drinks to enslave you !

    • Oh dear I now know the meaning of Creative Common Sense as well……:-*

  36. I live very near to a small airfield …. every couple of months there is an airshow …..

    I’m really, really sorry nurse myra but I wont be inviting you over …. it’s a matter of survival …. 😉

    • oh come on Julie – we could have such fun together

  37. Ah, don’t worry Nurse Myra, they are only crashing around you! Anywho you are more likely to die from a Toy Museum terrorist attack than a plane hitting you!:)

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