where nursemyra is eaten by fish and tortured by a sadist

My sojourn in Singapore is now over but yesterday there was one more thing to do before flying home. Ever since reading about Fish Reflexology I wanted to see what it felt like to be nibbled on by dozens of little fish.


The Beauty Salon at Underwater World is staffed by attractive young women in white uniforms, one of whom showed me two pools saying I could only choose one and there was no possibility of changing my mind. So I chose the one with the biggest fish – no little suckers for me. She waited until I put my feet in before saying “The big ones are VERY ticklish.”

I was the only person using that pool and about  sixty fish had latched on to me within seconds. They were each about three inches long and I could see and feel their mouths sucking like crazy, absolutely the weirdest sensation imaginable. I had to keep shaking them off every minute or so until I got used to the constant nibbling and the horror of wearing fish stockings.

IMG_4068 IMG_4072

After twenty minutes of being fish food, Miss Singapore led me to a reclining chair and covered me with a blanket. I lay back and closed my eyes in anticipation of blissful foot stroking but what I got instead was purgatory. Miss S. had disappeared, handing me over to an stern silent man who thought my feet were in need of crushing. I winced and moaned but it only seemed to enrage him.


So I shut up and closed my eyes praying for it to be over. After several long minutes, the onslaught lessened and a familiar sliding sensation was felt between my big toes and those next to them. Something rigid and insistent was inserting itself into that tight little space. I could hear the Master’s laboured breathing and felt a warm oily fluid dribble down my insteps, my toes parted and his large veined and horny thumbs broke through. With a few gentle strokes followed by a parting slap on the bottom of each sole, my torturer turned and walked away.

steve mcqueen Life Magazine

(photo of Steve McQueen found at Life Magazine)

“Who was that man who massaged my feet?” I asked Miss Singapore on the way out. “That is Mr Unpronouncable Singaporean Name” she said. “But everyone just calls him Steve…..”

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  1. None of them were Piranha, I gather. That narration about Steve’s job almost gave me a boner.

  2. Here at Anchovy World Headquarters, we’ve been trying to keep fish reflexology under wraps, but now you’ve let the cat out of the bag, so to speak.

  3. i’ve heard about the painful, bone-crunching foot massages… and have no interest. i did have a lovely sweet young thing give me the “pretty feet” treatment. which sounds lovely and bright, but it’s dunking your feet into boiling hot parrafin wax. repeatedly. and i paid money for that…

    hope you’re relaxed, and ready for another round of gimcrackery!

  4. Yup, every submarine crew should be lesbian.

    Hang on, you’re not submarining back to Sydney are you?

    • Nope, Air Singapore got me back safely

  5. “Something rigid and insistent was inserting itself into that tight little space.”

    That’s the line that will get you all the traffic.

  6. So, what was the final result? I hope it was worth it, and your feet now feel like silk.

    • the fish nibbling bit was fantastic! And I felt good after the massage STOPPED…

  7. BTW…glad to have you back! Sounds like you had a nice time.

  8. Hmm, can fish nibble off my corns? I once had a massage in Thailand…never again. I was looking forward to it so much and all was good, until the guy began talking religion. He was a born again, my muscles instantly tensed and I was sore for days.

  9. I think you’ve got erogenous feet, Nursie!

  10. I am so capital J Jealous of you getting to experience the fish pedicure! The rest of it, I can do without, but the fish bit? Nearly worth the price of an airline ticket. I betcha.

  11. I’ve always wanted to try that fish nibbling thing. Lucky you!

  12. Glad you are safely back home. We used to have a salon here that did the fish nibbling foot thingy, but then the health department decided you couldn’t sterilize the fish, and shut it down.

  13. There’s an obscure Slovakian movie called “Conspirators of Pleasure” in which a news anchor can’t relax enough to deliver the days’ stories unless fish suck her toes.

    That is, incidentally, the least strange of the fetishes covered in the film.

    • We have a Slovakian patient at the Gimcrack and he lends me his dvds – I love Czech and Slovakian films! Will have to try and track that one down. Thanks for the tip Thomas

  14. I wish I had a submarine so I could name it the Nautipuss.

  15. From what I’ve heard and seen you got off quite lucky with that foot message. Most Asians prefer a proper foot torture; like a podiatric S&M ritual.
    I hope you enjoyed your holiday! Have a safe flight home!

  16. very interesting post NM~ i have heard of this type of salon and these particular fish that nibble away the calluses…well? what do ya think? would you do it again? does it work? so many questions…

    • I would SO do it again! I don’t have any calluses so I don’t know if they can eradicate them but the feeling was amazing, I was smiling the whole time! Maybe for someone who is really ticklish they would be better choosing the smaller fish, the ones about an inch long.

      Guess I’m a size queen at heart 😉

  17. How do the fish know to nibble your feet? Is there a breed of fish that’s just really into feet?

  18. I read about the nibbling fish phenomena. I don’t think I could stand it. I’ve had exactly ONE manicure in my life and that was enough for me! Mrs. Wife and I won a trip to a spa. Full treatments. I’ll take the massage but lay off of my feet, please.

  19. Until this moment I didn’t know that my Room 101 could possibly be fish nibbling.

    Welcome back NurseMyra.

    • No no, Pil, it’s not a Room 101 thing. Honestly, it’s an unmissable experience. Just avoid Steve afterwards

  20. i’ve been working on a new pose. apropos to this post & tomorrow’s corset friday…

    welcome home.

  21. One of my mates did the thing with the fish, he said it was really weird. And welcome back Nurse.

  22. Cracking post Nursey – from feet to Steve McQueen – glad you’re home safely. I’m going to try the fish thing ….. but slowly ….. I thought I’d stuff my big toe in a tin of pilchards and see how it goes ……

    • Can we see the pictures daddyp?

  23. Do your feet smell now?

  24. Would you settle for getting eaten by some Old Fish?

  25. I’m not sure I could get into having fish nibble me all over, the feet would probably be sufficient.

    Unfortunately, reflexology is not one of the “touchy-feely-feel-good” massage modalities. Proper reflexology is invasive and usually painful, but the overall effect is supposed to stimulate and balance all the systems of the body. I was actually credited by a client with “saving her vacation” after doing reflexology designed to clear her sinuses and stop her allergic reaction to the ragweed that was blooming at the time. I guess it worked.

  26. I can honestly say I’ve never heard of this before…

    I would add it to my list, but the familiar sliding sensation brings back bad memories…

  27. The fish will do that. It happens to me every time I clean out my aquarium. It does feel very strange and ticklish. I call them “love bites” as I know my fish love me.

  28. Dear Nurse M – by chance I was nibbling some(marinated)anchovies on toast as I read your piece over a late breakfast this morning. Our neighbours have a pond full of koi carp. I felt a strange stirring in my Speedos. Do I need help? Your advice greatly appreciated. (Signed) Conflicted, Cornwall.

  29. Dear Conflicted of Cornwall, in my professional opinion, you are beyond help. Take two koi and call an ambulance

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