corset friday 14/7/2009

frilly singapore frilly singapore 2 frilly singapore 3

frilly singapore 4 frilly singapore 5 frilly singapore 6

… and check out surftwin’s new yoga pose too

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  1. Ooh pink, I like it!

  2. ooooh la la!

  3. I am always glad for Fridays, YEAH!!!!!!

  4. Nice to have you back, NM !!!

    • Thanks Duncan. I’ve missed you too xx

  5. Frilly. Excellent 🙂

  6. ruffles and lace! cute butt!

  7. Pink. Why did it have to be pink?! You’re killing me.

  8. to quote Al Paciono in Heat, “you gotta great azz.”

  9. What exactly is going on in that fifth picture?

    • well nothing really. I was just trying to get photos of the back frills and this was one of the results. I included it because I actually look like I’ve got a curved butt when the reality is that my bum is pretty damn flat. Photos can be so deceiving.

  10. Welcome back NurseMyra!

  11. Ha took me back to Thunderbirds or even Dan Dare, those ribs are so retro-futurist, maybe even Manga!

    Yes the fifth picture is, err, a hand reaching coyly out for that phallic object behind perhaps?

    Happy Landings, looking forward to MJ.

    The King

    • Me too! Mah Jongg is the most exciting thing on my calendar this weekend.

  12. yikes! ….your regulars may be disappointed. (no corset) i’ve been working on that pose…to help with my back probs & gain a little more flexibility/strength in it. your fish post yesterday struck me as funny…since that’s the name of the pose.

    lovely ruffles…btw.

    • I don’t think anyone would be disappointed by those photos of you doing yoga in lacy unmentionables 😉

  13. just love the ruffles…so feminine

  14. Pink’s very girly isn’t it? ……

  15. I’m half-expecting you to have a lollipop in these pictures. Or your hair in pigtails.

  16. Transparent!!! Perfect! I could see your triangle!

    I might start a Skivvie Friday!


  17. I can see your gimcrack through that thing.

  18. Welcome back myra. A week without Corset Friday is like a week without Corset Friday.

  19. Nice nice nice. Apparently all that food in Singapore did not ruin your beautiful figure.

  20. I think I just ripped a stitch.

  21. Definitely pretty in pink girl… yum!

  22. You look beautiful and lovely as ever Nursemyra! And thanks for turning me on to Surftwin as well! I am a surfer as well and patiently waiting for my wave to come back!

    • Surftwin’s got the goods hasn’t she?

      • I’ll say. beauty and flexibility all in one. That fish pose series is the goods.

  23. Corset Friday rules!! Love the color!

  24. That yoga pose looks like it can be a great stress reliever and more once you get the hang of it. Glad to have have corset Friday’s back.

  25. oh my. thank you for the kind words nurse, magichands & oglesby.

    i surfed today. 🙂

  26. Very cute. Those ruffled panties remind me of little girls’ bathing suits – remember those?

    • definitely! My favourite bathing suit when I was a child had ruffles – the fabric design was of baby pink and grey elephants… hmmm….

  27. If you’ve got it (and you have got it), I say flaunt it. Nice to see a woman enjoy their femininity.

    • thanks Elizabeth – nice to see you here again

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