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In February 1907, the British Medical Journal ran an article titled Mercyism or Rumination in Man. It was also recorded in Chambers’ Book of Days.

Mrs. Piozzi, in her Tour in Italy, remembered seeing a man respected in his profession, who chewed the cud like an ox. He is apparently much like any other tall stout man, but has many extraordinary properties, being eminent for strength, and possessing a set of ribs and sternum very surprising, and worthy the attention of anatomists.

physical culture

His body, upon the slightest touch, even through all his clothes, throws out electric sparks; he can reject his meals from his stomach at pleasure; and did absolutely, in the course of two hours, go through, to oblige me, the whole operation of eating, masticating, swallowing, and returning by the mouth a large piece of bread and a peach.

peachiest perpetual ocean

more peachy images at Perpetual Ocean

This human chewer of the cud was not such a singular being as Mrs. Piozzi imagined. Fabricius ab Aquapendente records two similar cases coming under his own observation. One was a monk, who rejoiced in another bovine characteristic, his forehead being adorned with a pair of horns.


image found here

The other ruminant was not so ornamented himself; but was the son of a one-horned parent; he was a Paduan nobleman, and Fabricius had the satisfaction of dissecting him, and proving the falseness of Bartholin’s theory, that human ruminants possessed double stomachs. Lynceus tells us of Anthony Recchi, who was obliged to retire from the dinner-table to ruminate undisturbed, and who declared that the second process of mastication ‘was sweeter than honey, and accompanied with a delightful relish.’


Image of items swallowed by patients found at Glore  Psychiatric Museum

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  1. That makes my diet seem very ordinary – I have been known to bite my nails though ……..

  2. Charming…..

  3. Thats nothing. I know alot of models who can regurgitate their food on command.

    • Are you dating any of them?

      • No…I like the healthy ones.

  4. Yes indeed, he is exactly like every other tall stout man I’ve ever met. They all just sit around all day ruminating and chewing the cud!

  5. Thanks, I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

  6. Amazing what people will eat. I used to eat paper, don’t know why. It never had to be surgically removed. I understand that there is an amazing number and variety of things retrieved from vaginas and rectums too. . .

    • Were you eating paper during a pregnancy?

      • I was never pregnant for longer than 3 weeks. And then only twice. I had two very early miscarriages. The son I refer to was adopted out of the foster care system. He was 16 at the time of his adoption. Not only not pregnant, never raised an infant either.

      • Very sorry to hear about the miscarriages. Your son is overseas right now isn’t he? How’s he going?

  7. Whenever women touch me I emit sparks. I might be the only one who sees them, but they’re there.

    • I’m emitting sparks right now. Are you thinking about me?

  8. i could use a man with a horn. or two…

    • oh me too daisyfae!

      • Hmm mmm *clears throat*

        Wheres that damn glue gun!

      • Are you sure you can handle both of us alex?

  9. if one brushes one’s hair just so-
    if one
    comb teases with fluent use of spray-
    the horns
    are hardly noticed among
    sparks in the brass section.

  10. I’d love to see a man who sparked when I touched him! But could you imagine trying to sleep with him? It would be like a lightning show in the bed while you’re trying to sleep. “Honey, would you please sleep in the other room? you’re blinding me again and you keep starting spark fires on the sheets.”

  11. But imagine the fireworks 😉

  12. As long as you can handle a fully grown man crying and cowering in the fetal position!

    • I see that every second day at work. You might not like the way I ‘handle’ it though 😉

      • Yes but then again I might!

  13. I dont know why but i found this one rather disturbing…*shudder*….i wan my mummy!

    • Was it the sparks or the horns?

  14. I’ve been told that I have an exceptional sternum and an electric presence. Perhaps someday I’ll show you my sternum. *wink*

  15. The things people put in their mouths…

    I’m presuming those safety pins are all that remained of the infants and their nappies at the loony bin?

    The King

  16. Perpetual Ocean makes mathematical algorithms look very much more interesting than they ever were in school.

    [mind you, anatomically, they look like they’ve been designed by someone who’s never really seen a live naked lady… you know, a maths geek]

    • Both The King and I can assure you that perpetualocean has seen a real live naked lady 😉

      • math geeks are hot. no wait….physics….physics geeks are hot.

      • Yes the lady speaks the truth, I’m quite jealous of Perpetual Ocean sometimes…

        The King

  17. Nice party trick for when you don’t want to pay your restaurant bill I say!

  18. Where are the swords?

  19. He as nothing on me asI’m the most electrifying blogger in blogland. (cough)

  20. where did all these weird and wonderful people disappear to??… can’t say I have seen any horny men on the train on the way to work ever (& I have tried catching different trains at different times) 😉

  21. Nursey what are asylums like? My latest post needs your advice!

  22. i’ve seen sparks.

  23. That is some weird chit (except for the sparks, which I am all too familiar with). I’m just glad my horns aren’t visible. 😉


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