corset friday 21.8.2009

pinko1 pinko2 pinko3

pinko4 pinko5

well whaddya know. I’ve got a player over at the trailer park

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  1. I could have sworn your nipple winked at me… x

  2. It did!

  3. You knis thanks to you and your pictures, this is fast becoming my favv day of the week :p

    Luv the piercing! And i notice you have a tatt….can we get a better pixx of that please?….

  4. Careful there, NM – you nearly poked my eye out with that nipple !!! 😉

    • Well if you didn’t have your bloody nose right up against the screen, your eye wouldn’t get poked! 😛

      Now stop drooling, and get back to the MadHatters … sorry Nursemyra, he gets loose every now and then 😉

      • Do you need to borrow a straitjacket Jools?

      • a straightjacket? 😯

        Now that’s proper kinky – she usually just handcuffs them to the bed 😉

      • julie this is hilarious comment!

  5. now that’s a wonderful wake up call. good morning, NM!

  6. hey there, hotstuff… you need to be careful! your corset is coming off!

    i took you up on that dare. new green/black corset over at The Park… but my nipples are a bit more shy!

  7. Will we have a straightjacket Friday sometime soon, nursie?

    BTW, for a gay man, I’m a big fan of tits. Keep ’em coming.

  8. yeah for fridays, the highlight of my morning here at work.

  9. Did you have a wardrobe malfunction?

  10. That is an amazing wardrobe malfunction; you put Janet to shame!

  11. Now I know what I want for Christmas.

  12. Mmmmmm – you really know how to make an old man regret his lost youth 🙂

  13. Friday is such a fantastic day.

    Sigh…. 🙂

  14. can’t…talk…now!!!

    • Why ever not Ratty?

  15. Still rockin’ the pink, eh? A sexy choice indeed.

  16. I would put this Friday down to your most daring yet,, accompanied with Daisy too is a great combo.. wtg girls 🙂

  17. I just asked Daisy if the two of you could please rip me limb from limb if I come to the Med next summer. Please talk it over with her and get back to me.

  18. Nice hardware…and software for that matter.

  19. holy crap! that was fun NM! i think i will have another site to visit now. so let me get this straight, it’s double dog dare challenge…how often is this done? can anyone participate? do give up the details, this could be fun. nice er…uh..yeah those. th clothes arent too bad either!

    • you don’t have to worry about a double dog dare challenge Lynn. Anyone who wants to can join in corset friday. I usually get more takers for t shirt friday though

  20. And to think I’ll be lying next to NM in a darkened room for several hours this afternoon. Ya know life is tough!

    The King

    • And who arranged it that neither your wife nor my son were laying between us? I could almost have reached out and tickled your palm…..

  21. I was gonna play but I’m fresh out of corsets…

  22. i think i can just cut
    and paste my usual friday comment:
    i love corset fridays!

  23. Still the hottest nurse ever, sweetheart.

    Health problems and the combined pressures of writing and public speaking commitments have made it necessary for me to severely limit time spent playing on the ‘net in recent months, which is why it’s been so long since last I visited here.

    Seeing you again has definitely given me a lift! 😉

  24. I have sorely missed corset fridays and nipples ALWAYS make my day.

  25. Note to self – must take up weight lifting ……

  26. Getting a bit hot on my end nurse.

  27. whooooo wheeeeee!

  28. Never liked pink before, but never got this perspective either !

  29. Pretty in pink! If I had a corset I’d play too. I’ve discovered my inner exhibitionist.

    • you definitely should play along some day! A lot of my corsets were found in second hand shops – they don’t have to cost the earth…. or you could find a friend who sews and swap some of your fabulous garden produce for a bespoke model!

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