the mysteries of Myra

Hereward Carrington was the founder of the Psychic Laboratory, author of a serial “The Mysteries of Myra” and the special effects consultant when it was made into a film.***


is that me in the corner?

He also wrote in 1949 for Fate Magazine, detailing the predictions and visions of Robert Lees, the psychic who claimed to have identified a doctor who was the real Jack the Ripper. Never let it be said that Hereward was a stranger to purple prose as evidenced in these excerpts from the article

“Dr. Lees developed an extraordinary faculty for “second sight” early in life, and that it enabled him to have insight into the nature of things hidden from the perceptions of ordinary men. At the age of 19, he was summoned before Queen Victoria, where he gave evidence of his unusual clairvoyant gift, “exciting her utmost wonderment.”


descendant of Queen Victoria found here

Dr. Lees turned his mind inward with its impalpable sensitivity to Jack the Ripper, and wandered through the streets of London “like a bloodhound following hot upon a scene!” The Inspector and his aides followed a few feet behind him.

At last, at 4 o’clock in the morning, with face pale and eyes bloodshot with effort, Dr. Lees halted at the gates of a West End mansion. Gasping through cracked and swollen lips, he pointed to an upper chamber where a faint light was visible. “In that room you will find the murderer you seek!” he said.

The doctor was awakened and confronted with the accusation that he was responsible for the Ripper murders. At first he recoiled in shock and horror at the bold statement that he was a brutal murderer. Then he shook his head in bewilderment, and his shoulders slumped in puzzlement and weariness.


An exhaustive inquiry before a commission in lunacy developed the fact that the doctor was sufferering from a split personality with paranoid tendencies . . . and while, in one mind, he was a prominent and respected doctor of medicine, in the other, he was an inhuman beast, with an insatiable urge to slit the throats and mutilate the bodies of women who prostitute themselves.

The physician was removed to a private asylum where he became the most cunning and dangerous madman confined in that institution.

In order to account for the disappearance of the doctor, a sham death by drowning in the Thames, and burial were gone through, and an empty coffin was deposited in the family vault.

Back in the private mental sanitarium, none of the keepers ever knew that the desperate and violent maniac who threw himself from side to side in his padded cell, and made long night vigils at the window facing outside, emitting piercing cries of frustration, was the famous Jack the Ripper ! To them, he was simply “No. 124.”


image by Namio found here

*** Another arrow in Hereward’s quiver is this book “Fasting for Health and Long Life

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  1. Namio’s nurse seems to enjoy her work… and she has a tiny butt, compared to his other gals!

  2. Is Mysteries of Myra a coincidence?

    • No, I just discovered it when I was researching the psychic laboratory – neat huh?

      • Yes but I was wondering if that was the inspiration for ” Nurse Myra”?

      • No, “nursemyra” was a name bestowed on me by reverend anaglyph at a long time ago before I’d even thought of blogging….

  3. Love that pic of Mr & Mrs. Windsor. My husband and I …

    • I know…. it really made me laugh out loud. In a guilty kind of way…..

      • “One is highly unamused …. ” πŸ˜‰

        You should’ve entered them for T-shirt Friday πŸ˜€

        I find some of the funniest things are the things you shouldn’t really be laughing at .. but then I do have a strange sense of humour!

  4. Isn’t Johnny Depp doing a Jack the Ripper movie?

    • I think he already did one a few years back

  5. You would have sorted him out, Nursie. But he wasn’t Jack the Ripper.

  6. I got my hopes up for a revelation about the one true Myra. Damn, thwarted again! Patricia Cornwell wrote a great book about Jack the Ripper. I’ve been meaning to check it out, I love her Scarpetta stuff.

  7. I’m a little nauseous from thinking about Queen Vicky having her “wonderment” excited. I just don’t want to think about her like that.

  8. I never realized that “Queen E” had such a tight bod under that robe…

  9. So Corset Friday is soon to be a feature film?!?!?!?
    Can’t wait.

  10. Poo to all that Nursey – Happy Birthday!!!!! Stop being so mysterious.

  11. Love the T-shirt, white gloves and crown. Very chic.

  12. Nobody puts Myra in the corner… unless she’s got something kinky over there.

  13. How silly, everyone knows that Jack the Ripper was either Bilbo Baggins or a milk-bleeding android.

  14. that nursie does appear to have a powerful set of thighs… is that pretty true of all nurses?

  15. Another Nurse, be still my aching…

    The King

    • thumb?

      • Brynners

      • πŸ˜‰

  16. since spikeace tagged me…..i have now tagged you in this whacky game we have going. come over to my site and pick up your questions, we expect to learn a lot. i am curious about different bloggers and this is my opportunity to learn more about you!

    • I’ll be by to have a look soon

  17. my lips get dry and cracked when i go inside my mind too.
    no, i don’t remember reading the sound and the fury by faulkner. i’ve heard it is hard to follow (complicated)?

    • Yes it is complicated but worth it

  18. Heard you had a birthday…

    Got a post in the works for you but thought a wee stop here to tattle it to everyone who didn’t know might be in order too.

    Now I’ve done it. Someone is bound to give you the bumps. (You know you want ’em…)


    Hope you had a wonderful day. ❀

    • Thanks Fracas xx

  19. If the namio image is any indication of your methods, I’d like you to give me my flu shot this year.

  20. I love lurking here. I learn so many things I know not to be true!


    • Well just make sure you don’t discount the truthful things…..

  21. Stuff his psychic abilities what did he do to Queen Vic β€œexciting her utmost wonderment.” ? Now that is a feat worthy of a knighthood, right there!

  22. What a story if that were true.

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