globular and slightly rosy


According to Body Reading by Ohja Ohja, the testicles are called Mushkas in Sanskrit.

“The person having only one mushka meets his death by drowning. If they are not of equal size, he is a great flirt. If they are small the person is intelligent but short lived. Long ones indicate longevity. If they are globular and slightly rosy he is rich, if they have a dried up appearance he is poor. Persons having mushkas like those of horses, commit incest.


And here’s what Body Reading thinks the shape of your linga means

(a) Short (riches but no progeny)

(b) Thick (no wealth)

(c) Inclined to the left (no sons, no wealth)

(d) Inclined to the right (begets sons)

(e) Inclining down (poverty)

(f) cvered with visible veins (a few sons)

(g) Front portion hard (comfortable life)

hanging down

Lingara refers to the front portion of the linga

“A lingara having the lustre of gold, silver, pearl or coral is commendable. If it is smooth, fleshy, evenly elevated, the man becomes a king and will enjoy women in abundant measure.


If it is elevated in the middle, the person owns a herd of cattle. If it is depressed in the middle he will beget more daughters. If it has different colours in different portions that is unfortunate.”


image taken at the penis museum iceland

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  1. A PENIS Museum!!! I suppose any old dick is welcome?

  2. do you have one to donate Julie? 😉

    • I’m weighing up my options – I wonder if they’d pay me to donate a live one? 😈

      • Not nobblysan’s?

  3. I came for the corsets and breasts

    Instead I found penile tests

    To make matters worse

    This post so perverse

    Has left out the one that’s the best!

    • One can always rely on The Cow 😉

    • I clicked the link,
      Now have regret.
      That ugly penis
      I’ll never forget.

      • I can’t get over
        What you said
        You’ll always have
        Dick in your head?

  4. “Globular and slightly rosy”

    Is the title that was posted

    “Nurse Myra must’ve seen me nude!”

    Atlas proudly boasted

  5. (e) Inclining down (poverty)
    Other way of saying all men are naturally poor ?

  6. Long mushkas? Would that be similar to “egg-like and fill up too fast”?


    doomed to live long with long blue mushkas….

  7. how the hell did i miss the Penis Museum when i was in iceland a couple years ago?!?!? gotta go back now…

  8. Hey! I don’t have any sons! Just two daughters. They make it sound like a bad thing but I’m pretty happy. That’s very old world.

  9. Thanks to you ‘linga franca’ (sic) takes on a whole new meaning.

    I’ve just worked on a remaster of a song called ‘Poor Boy’ (which might ring a few old NZ bells) – wonder what ‘direction’ inspired that?

    The King

    • Isn’t “Poor Boy” a play?

      • In my case it was that Finn brothers band.

  10. who do i consult if the shape of my linga is not on your list? i need my penis fortune read, dammit!

  11. At least now I understand why I’m followed by that herd of cattle.

    • How much of an elevation are we talking here?

  12. His left or my left?

  13. What about a guy with vitiligo who has an Appaloosa schlong? I met one of those and I don’t see anything to suggest what that might mean.

  14. Luckily I always keep my eyes closed ……. as do other people ……

  15. very educational dear Nursie lol 😉

  16. A wise genitalia reader I met,
    said, “you’re clever and rich, I will bet,
    but you’ll die very soon,
    kids? Try the moon!
    my inheritance needs all it can get”.

  17. Front portion hard? You mean there are ballsacks that have evolved rudimentary armor plating? How many generations are we from seeing nutsacks with armadillo protection? Kicks to the groin and other testicle-themed trauma will cease to be funny.

  18. …and what happend with the female organs?

  19. GET OUT!!!! you had me til that last image…WTF? girl, are you right in the head to put this up? It’s interersting but damn-like a train wreck! i had to look.

  20. Uncle Keith rustled my cattle.

  21. well don’t let him anywhere near your elevation

  22. I’m going to check the brands. If he’s got cattle with the Lazy P mark, I’m rounding up a posse.

  23. Well who knew there was such a direct way to find out you owned cattle.

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