t shirt friday 28.8.2009

grr1 grr2 grr3

grr4 grr5 grr6

70s is joining in

more players: gitwizard, gnukid, silverstar

and even more: yorksnbeans, sledpress, renalfailure,

The Queen of Stanmore and healingmagichands

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  1. why didn’t I think of that… adding a bit of ‘sauce’ to the look…. maybe next time 🙂
    Loving that T NM…..

  2. Isn’t it cute? I got it in Singapore for $7.00

  3. meow…

  4. I totally forgot it was t-shirt Friday. Must mark it on my calendar for next month. I have a really nice T from healingmagichands that I want to show off.

    Is that supposed to be a cat? A lamb?

    • It’s a grrrrry lamb 🙂

  5. belated happy birthday Nurse Myra! x great to see you this Friday 😉

    • Sylvie! How are you darlin? xx

  6. Nurse Myra ain’t wearing a skirt

    And I’m feeling rather alert

    When it’s my birthday, too

    I’m gonna ask you

    To please also take off the shirt.

    • So when is this birthday of yours Atlas?

      • I’m not sure when it is this year, but last year it took place on February 10th.

      • 🙂

  7. With a bit of rosemary – – – for remembrance.

    And what a memory!

  8. awwww…. sheep thinks he’s scary!

  9. Great shirt Nursie. 70sTeen encouraged me to join in when I commented on her ‘Kangaroo Poo’ shirt a few weeks back, my contribution is here

  10. You’re going to create a groundswell of bloggers doing the t-shirt thing. Good thing it’s not the corsets, the whole blog world might come to a complete standstill for a second.

  11. nice. happy belated too.

  12. beautiful baby blue on a beautiful baby. love the stockings peeking.

    my t-shirt friday contribution is posted. i enjoy playing along.

  13. Love the way the GRRR goes right across just the right place. Mine is up, too.

  14. I’ve never heard a cuter growl.

  15. I think it would look much better without the t-shirt!

    • well that’s not gonna happen – then it wouldn’t be t shirt friday!

  16. Wow, you look busty in that first photo!! I just added a bonus t-shirt photo to my Cupcake Friday! 🙂

  17. Cute-t, Cutie.

  18. Obviously that lamb has suffered trauma at the hands of dubious sheep-herders and need to be in an Inner Lamb Reparenting Group so it can learn to say Baaa again.

    My shirt’s up, but I haven’t been…

  19. GRRRRR! That’s putting it mildly.

  20. I like a goddess that growls ….. familiar ground I suppose ……

  21. I’m in for T-Shirt Friday. I think you’ll like this month’s selection.


    Also, I think you’re onto the next fashion trend: t-shirts and thigh-high stockings.

  22. I knew this was in the back of the cupboard!

    • Pil – your are so on the ball!

  23. I’m playing today, too, nursie. Better late than never. You can find me here: http://healingmagichands.wordpress.com/

  24. Nurse Myra makes me tingle in the swimsuit area.

    • Let’s see a photo of you in that swimsuit MCPO

  25. waaa? TEESHIRT friday? i thought it was corset friday.
    not that i’m complaining. yer still sexy!

  26. Grrrr indeed nurse. Grrrr.

  27. […] Day T-Shirt Posted on September 19, 2009 by archiearchive FCD This is the wrong week for Nurse Myra’s “T Shirt Friday” but I’m going with this […]

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