Volga vulvas


Sydney’s Kings Cross has had its fair share of colourful characters. Back in the 1950s, Luba Shishova had a wild weekend that started off with her getting married, then getting drunk, then performing not one but two impromptu strips on the footpath outside coffee shops in an effort to extract money from their proprietors.

“She danced for the patrons at the Moka with her skirt pulled high above her waist, it was noted that she was not wearing any underwear. She then repeated the act outside the Hasty Tasty, all the time blistering the paintwork with her language.


Newspapers reported that Luba turned up drunk at Central Court, legs unshaven and wearing a skimpy polka dot bikini. She explained that this was what she was wearing when she was arrested so this was what she would wear in court.”

polka dot polka dot 2

(NOT Luba’s legs)

Sydney has a history of bikinied Russians hitting the headlines.

On January 14 1979, the young Russian stewardess, Lillian Gasinskaya,  squeezed through a porthole of the cruise ship, Leonid Sobinov, into the chill, dark waters of Black Wattle Bay and within 48 hours became the girl in the red bikini, a face, a figure and a name on the front pages of the world’s newspapers.

Not long after this she became Australian Penthouse’s first Pet of the Month. The red bikini was nowhere to be seen though there had been a modicum of shaving going on……..

lillian 2

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  1. Sydney sounds like a great place to me. I’d like to test drive a vulva and stop in for a Luba job.

  2. Best if you don’t go the red bikini route though AC


    • Yea, you’re right. I think it’s best if someone nursed me into it.

  3. Having grown up in the states, I remember how surprised I was on my first Caribbean vacations. Then especially when travelling to Europe. Unfortunately, most of what you see you wouldn’t really care to see. Where is the red bikini when you need it?

    • Maybe Lillian’s kept it…. she’d only be about 48 now. If she hasn’t had a swag full of kidlets she might still be in pretty good shape

  4. It must have been a decent-sized porthole.

    • she probably slipped her breasts through one at a time…..

  5. Probably gave the liner captain a red scare . . .

  6. there is something seriously wrong with those dudes legs… either photoshopped or some strange bow-leggedness disease has afflicted them both.

  7. Looks like a decent size package inside those silky shorts ….. Yummmmmy

  8. I’ll never look at asylum the same way.

  9. I never get tired of looking at the female shape. Especially the superbly erotic shape of my favourite Nurse!

  10. Looks like a pair of jockeys in those shorts – judging by the bandy legs !!!

  11. That’s what would make me by a book after some assiduous cover-judging: ” … paintwork blistering!”

  12. i miss the good old days of porn mags when you didn’t have to buy a specialty mag in order to see a big minge, i remember my dad’s back in the 70’s and even into the 80’s there was still bush but then by 90, all gone. shit i’m getting misty eyed.

    • There’s bush aplenty on the Gimcrack patients. It helps to hide the prolapses

  13. I am gathering she used the good ol’ Victa mower the trim the hedges!

  14. Mmmm ….. a cocktail waitress ……. or should that be a cock tailwaitress ……

  15. Yeah. Whenevr a unpantyd chick dances aroun wif her skirt above her waist, I always think o th Hasty Tasty.

    • As Luba intended…..

  16. Russia’s loss…. Australia’s gain

  17. That’s something I like in a woman… the ability to blister paintwork with her language. Prancing around with her skirt above her waist with no underwear is a bonus.

  18. I always wanted to be one of the Vulva Boatmen.

    Ishtvan Apaddle

  19. The red bikini girl in 1st ed. of Australian Penthouse. Thanks Nurse, that was very nostaligic! I remember borrowing this from dad’s wardrobe. When you compare her to the recent offerings on that site I think she is worlds away.

    • Mothboy, I know I’ve asked this before but I can’t remember the answer. Do you have a blog? There’s no link with your name

      • nope – would love to, but I don’t feel I could be reliable enough to keep updating it.

  20. ‘She danced for the patrons at the Moka with her skirt pulled high above her waist, it was noted that she was not wearing any underwear’ sounds like a gal I worked with … that was her Christmas party piece ….

  21. Sometimes it’s important to point out the obvious: that girl in your pic with the train has a fabulous bum. Which reminds me, apparently there are working girls on Australian overnight trains. Is this true nurse?

    • I have no idea Inky

      • Well, I’d love to stay and discuss this but I’ve a train to catch. Now, where did I put those condoms?

  22. Russian… nice.

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