corset friday 4.9.2009

indigo1 indigo2

indigo4 indigo5 indigo6

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  1. yee-haw i’m the first to post, was worried when i didn’t find them this morning but now all is right with the world, stellar as usual nursie.

  2. Oh that’s so pretty! I just love lace up stuff. Boots included. I harbour delicious memories of my most favourite ever lover unlacing my boots, anticipation building all the while. . .

    • Hey I’ve got a memory like that too – it was my first time with Stephen!

  3. Hey, it’s not that I am stuck on you in a corset, though I do think about it quite often, it’s just that friday is my blog day, in general, with a bit of weekendy activity, so it is when I arrive, and often, I do not get much further… i’ll try harder…

  4. Spoiling us again 🙂

  5. this may be my favorite of the year – adore those colors! you look spectacular!

  6. Absolutely LOVE the color!!

  7. You have know idea just how much I look forward to Fridays!

  8. Feisty!

  9. I love purple… wait is that purple or blue… I love blue.

    Gorgeous Nurse!

  10. oooohh….pretty!

    my condolences nurse…on your loss anniversary. this disease…sucks. red’s mum lost her 4 yr battle…we buried her on stephen’s day.

  11. I’ve been gone a while and what a fine welcome back. I love me some blue.

    • you HAVE been gone a while! so nice to see you back

  12. loverly

  13. Oh my! Whatever you paid for that corset…it was worth it!

    • $12.00 at a thrift shop!

  14. You DO like bein tied up, dontcha?

  15. I think that you’re getting a model in ……

  16. How could anyone resist touching your tummy flesh between the criss-cross laces, Nurse.

  17. This has to be your best yet. This is what God would wear if she was a hot chick and actually existed.

  18. lick.

  19. Bellissima! I myself wear a green corset, we should go out partying together so clad sometime.

    From this marvellous site of hospitality, Nurse M, I gather you have marked a sad time. In the best Jewish tradition I wish you a long life. That you are certainly making the most of it is wonderful to behold. “Le’chayim” – to life!

    • the only thing wrong with that idea is that I don’t go out to party 😉

  20. Patience is a virtue…

    Good things come in nice wrappings!

    The King

  21. Wowser! What beautiful colors and intricate detail, and all of it fetchingly hugging your lovely form.

    Semper ubi sub ubi ubique (always wear underwear everywhere).


  22. Colorful nurse! Like a Japanese anime girl.

  23. I can have that corset off in 5.23 seconds. And that’s just with my teeth.

    • get over here and say that

  24. When I see photos like this in a fash mag I think “she looks too good, that shot’s been airbrushed.”

    Hats off to Nursemyra.

  25. Sorry I’m late myra. Ooh, double laceage. Outstanding. I’ve been trying to paint my living room–stop over and you’ll see what took me so long.

  26. Great color, I like the lacings too. You do realize that Corset Fridays are a large part of what induced me to start counting my calories, right? My aim is to be able to model a corset someday.

    Your thrift shops must be quite a lot different than ours here in the Bible Belt. I have never seen a corset in a thrift shop around here! I’m afraid the presence of such attire would cause the browsers to have cardiac arrest.

  27. Pink and purple passion aplenty…

  28. wowsers!

  29. Whassup hot mama?

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