how far can you chuck?


In 17th century London, some prostitutes developed special talents to earn more money. One of these was Priss Fotheringham who used to play what was known as “the chuck game”

“Priss stood on her head with naked breech and belly while four cully-rumpers chucked sixteen half-crowns into her commoditie. She performed this feat several times a day to acclaim from a crowd of enthusiastic fans.”


In the 18th century this game was played at the Rose Tavern near Drury Lane theatre.

“One of the posture-molls would strip naked and dance on an enormous pewter plate, then lie on her back, draw her knees up under her chin and clasp her hands under her thighs. The descriptions of this performance invite you to imagine what happened next as the drunken customers crowded round.


At some stage the posture-moll would snuff out a lighted candle in an obscene mockery of sex. Plate 3 of Hogarth’s The Rake’s Progress shows the act about to begin. In the background a porter named Leathercoat is bringing in the platter and the candle. Leathercoat, a man of prodigious strength, would for the price of a drink, lie down in the street and allow a carriage to ride over his chest.”


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  1. I was always impressed by the stories of the girls in Subik Bay who could pick up tips without using their hands.

  2. I don’t know about those girls. Can you do a post?

    • I’ll have to look something up. I heard if from a Navy guy, seconded by Eric Berne in a book called “Sex In Human Loving” (and, clearly, other occupations).

  3. ‘Cully-rumpers’ and ‘Posture-molls’ These two superb new additions to my vocabulary will be doing the rounds of Glesga by this time tomorrow.

    • Glad to be of assistance

  4. I really like the vintage porn images. πŸ™‚

  5. When I was at college, the nearest pub used to have strippers there on a Friday lunchtime. Yvonne D’Arcy used to do an act where she was meant to use her whip to knock people’s glasses out of their hands. She was rubbish – I got several black-eyes and cuts on my forearms – took a bit of explaining to the TG ….. tee hee

  6. tried to find a ‘ping pong’ show the last time i was in bangkok. always impressed by those with unusual skillz…

    • Have you seen Priscilla Queen of the Desert?

  7. So Priss Fotheringham was the first human money BOX ? Sorry lame joke alert!

  8. I’ve seen strippers pickup dimes off of the noses of partygoers at bachelor parties…from a distance of course.

    • They pick them up from a distance? Do they shoot a lizard tongue out of their labia?


      • ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Nurse Myra.

  9. Ariane is built! But, really, why would you intentionally want to get run over?

    Except maybe by her…

  10. If they can do it while wearing that helmet in the last picture, even better!

  11. I want to know what a cully rumper is.

    • jimmybastard seems to know…..

      • I get the feeling that Jimmy Bastard is going to use the words whether he knows what they mean or not…

      • haha… that’s our jimmy…

  12. I know someone whose mother won a competition by picking up coins with her buttocks .. that is not a tale you would tell many folk …..

    • oh my god! how old was she when she performed that trick?

      • in her 40s I believe … that is some some party piece!!!

  13. LOL I learnt everything from those chicks and didn’t even know I did!

  14. You’ll never guess how much the locals enjoy “The Chuck Game” on Drury Lane now.

  15. Ah the simple pleasures of simpler times…

    The King

    • Quite the feminine avatar, there, yer majesty.

      • It is very girly isn’t it!

  16. Always liked the name Prissy…doesn’t seem to fit in this case though.

    And I’ll add my voice to the thanks for the phrase “cully rumper.” Quite something that.

  17. I’ve heard of girl’s smoking with their jewel box too. Hmph! Mine doesn’t even do the regular stuff. Or not lately. . . πŸ™‚

    • Neither does mine 😦

  18. Whoever said the humnan body has it’s limits needs to visit your blog N.M


  19. Ah . . . Priscilla, Queen of the Desert . . . one of my all-time favorite films.

    • Hi cheryl, welcome to the gimcrack

  20. I once saw a tripper who could smoke a cigarette with her vagina. I also so another who could shout ping pong balls from that location. It got them extra bucks that’s for sure.

  21. β€œPriss stood on her head with naked breech and belly while four cully-rumpers chucked sixteen half-crowns into her commoditie. She performed this feat several times a day to acclaim from a crowd of enthusiastic fans.”

    Ok, what?

  22. This reminds me of the girls in Thailand who coul do amazing things wih their vah-jay-jays like smoke a ciggarette and blow a whistle!

    Have you been to the tiger shows in Thailand babes?

    • no, not yet…..

  23. So what struck me the most about this post was the amazing Ariane — when did you last see such an amazingly muscular woman?

    Smoking cigarettes? Why would this be attractive?

  24. Yes “cully-rumpers” … sounds like it should be a northern brass band and social club. “The cully-rumpers” will be playing a selection of unusual wind instruments at the pavilion this afternoon etc. I’m off for a glass of brandy now. I think I may have gout.

  25. “Priss stood on her head with naked breech and belly while four cully-rumpers chucked sixteen half-crowns into her commoditie” has to be the most intriguing passage. I guess what makes it kinky is that there has to be four, count ’em four cully-rumpers involved in the act. All at once? Took turns?

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