noble elasticity


Jack Harris (1710-1765) was the author of a list of prostitutes and their specialities. 8,000 copies a year were sold, launching many young women on the path to fame and fortune.

Miss Devonshire: Many a man of war has been her willing prisoner, her port is said to be well guarded by a light brown chevaux-de-frieze… the entry is rather straight, but when once in there is very good riding… she loves to fight yard arm and yard arm and be briskly boarded”

Miss Wilkinson: A pair of sweet lips….descend a little lower and behold the semi snowballs… next take a view of nature centrally…. no gaping orifice, no horrid gulph, but the loving lips tenderly kiss each other and shelter from the cold a small but easily stretched passage”


Miss Johnson: She has such noble elasticity in her loins she can cast her lover to the heights and receive him again with the utmost dexterity

arbus trtansvestite

image by Diane Arbus

Miss Lister: Her vagina is an Elysian font in the centre of a black bewitching grove


Miss Dodd: Is 40 but can still be alluring. She has erotic pictures to revive the impotent and gives a good cup of tea in the morning”

sexy legs by Undergrowth

Teacup found here

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  1. 1. That Jack Harris is a great wordsmith. “An Elyisian font in the centre of a black bewitching grove.” How gorgeous does that sound? 2. Diane Arbus was a genius and there’s an excellent biography of her by Patricia Bosworth, Nurse Myra, if you have not already read it. 3. Aint this cute (‘).

    • I haven’t read it – do you have a copy?

      • Unfortunately not. Unhappily sold it during an impecunious phase. I think its still available though.

  2. I do believe in the reviving properties of a good cuppa …….. most refreshing

  3. Her entry was rather straight? Does that mean his shaft was crooked?

  4. I want some of that Elysian font action. Especially if it’s of the OpenType.

    • your mind works in a most intriguing way AC

  5. “…Is 40 but can still be alluring”

    crap. where’s all that tea? i know it was in a box in the kitchen somewhere…

    • But can you remember where the kitchen is daisyfae?

      • ummm…. is that the place where i keep my cans of soda cold? shit… maybe that’s the garage… can someone bring me some tea?

  6. well, as long as miss dodd gives a good cup of tea…

  7. Daisy beat me to it! Does that Is 40 but can still be alluring stuff go for men too? Christ, I hope not.

  8. now you can just log onto to USindy’s and get reviews of your favorite sex worker, though the reviews are not nearly as eloquent as Mr. Harris’s.

  9. “Her vagina was an Elysian font in the centre of a black bewitching grove”

    I want this on my tombstone…

    You fascinate me NM.:)

    • You’d better let the right people know or you might end up with something like bskooooled instead

  10. Er, font = fountain = stuff pouring out all the time. One can have too much of a good thing.

  11. Yowza! Miss Dodd’s got one MAJOR gaping hole!

    • but she also has erotic pictures… 😉

  12. I still don’t know if his descriptions are compliments or not.

  13. Anyone got Miss Dodd’s phone number?

  14. Some excellent writing 🙂

  15. The 40-year-old in this tale is not only still alluring, but apparently she comes prepared for all occurrences. And preparedness is sexy. It’s like banging Wonder Woman or Bat-Girl. They’re prepared. 20-year old girls ain’t prepared for a damn thing.

  16. My how the times have changed…

  17. ‘Miss Johnson: She has such noble elasticity in her loins she can cast her lover to the heights and receive him again with the utmost dexterity’

    Ok, am I wrong to read that as, ‘it’s like chucking a hotdog through a doorway…’

    • I don’t think that’s what Jack’s implying

  18. Yes can i have Ms Dodds number as well? Nothing like a good cuppa in the mornin! :p

    p/s : Is this book really available? I think i could pick up some handy tips 🙂

  19. God wouldn’t you be gutted if you had paid good money chaps and ended up with old trout face imaged by Diane Arbus … lol

  20. I love that teacup

    • hi wenchy, welcome to the gimcrack. I can’t read any of your posts as they all seem to be password protected…..

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