nimblewrist or speedyhand?

Charlotte Hayes (1725-1812) was one of the major brothel keepers in early Georgian times. She kept records and a price list, though changed the names to protect her wealthy clients.

“A young girl for Alderman Drybones. Nelly Blosson, about 19 years old, who has had no one for four days, and who is a virgin 20 guineas


A girl of 19, not older, for Baron Harry Flagellum. Nell Hardy, Betty Flourish or Miss Birch 10 guineas

stuff with girl

A lively girl for Lord Sperm. Black Molly from Hedge Lane 5 guineas


Gentlewoman for Colonel Tearall. Mrs Mitchell’s servant 10 guineas


For Dr Frettext, after consultation hours, a young agreeable person with white skin and soft hands. Polly Nimblewrist or Jenny Speedyhand 2 guineas

Lady Loveitt, who is disappointed in her affair with Lord Alto, wants to be well served. Captain O’Thunder or Sawney Rawbone 50 guineas


For Count Alto, a fashionable woman for one hour only. Mrs O’Smirk 10 guineas

woman of fashion

Poor Lady Loveitt. She not only landed a dud when she began an affair with Lord Alto, she also had to pay much much more to be well served than any of her male contemporaries……..

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  1. Nelly Blossom had no one for four days and she’s a virgin? What?

    • Apparently it closes up after four days and you’re as good as new

      • In that case mind should still be in the packaging.

  2. Mine. And my mind should be in the bin.

    • But being too long out of date is bad too.

      • Tell me about it

  3. that photo of Mrs. Mitchell’s servant? looks familiar… she is CERTAINLY worth more than 10 guineas!

    • haha…. I wondered if anyone would notice 😉

      • I had my suspicions 😉

  4. It seems fair that Lady Loveitt has to pay more because, lets face it, men do have the hard part in these matters. The more difficult part, I mean. I must say, Black Molly for only five guineas does sound like a steal. Who could resist taking a stroll down Hedge Lane at these prices?

    Bud Getfitter

  5. For Atlas Cerise, a woman in her 20s. Thin, naturally cute (no makeup needed) and must have an Australian accent. Willing to spend entire hedge fund during stroll down Hedge Lane.

    • In her 20s? Well, that puts me right out of the picture

      • Well, if we’re going by the corset pictures, then a woman who has the body like she’s in her 20s works for me, too. Welcome back to eligibility. :-*

  6. Poor Black Molly, 5 guineas for Lord Sperm doesn’t seem at all fair 😦 .

  7. Nice to see a good old fashioned hand-shandy wasn’t too expensive!

    Now where’s my TARDIS?

    The King

  8. what exactly is Black Molly doing to Lord Sperm in that picture ?

    Almost look like she’s stuck her finger up his nose !

    • If I’m not mistaken, that maneuver is referred to as the “Nostrildamus.”

      Pete Dictor

  9. I’m going to officially have my name changed to Captain O’Thunder or Shawney Rawbone.

    • aye aye Cap’n

  10. That New Ladies’ Tickler lass can certainly tickle my bone, and I’d pay more than what Baron Flagellum is offering.

  11. We were TOTALLY going to name the girl Molly Nimblewrist. I’m so glad we didn’t: my face would be so RED right now.

    • SCARLET baby, you’d be scarlet

  12. NICE! OLD PORN! What could be better than that?

    • hi malach, welcome to the gimcrack. any friend of the reverend and joey…..

  13. lol those are made up names!

  14. Hugs were much appreciated nurse. I think I may be on Charolotte’s list in a past life.

  15. No corset friday?????? 😦

    • Patience…. I’m not long home from work. Let me have a glass of wine before I get the camera out

      • Hurrah!!!!!

        p/s : Loved the blue one last week!!!!

  16. lol. I continue to enjoy your subject matter &the discussions that follow.

  17. Virgins are OK but they don’t last long …….

  18. I once knew a girl who was a fashionable lady for one hour only…

  19. Sure lady Loveit had to pay more. Its the old law of supply and demand.

  20. You are my favorite source for 19th and 18th century erotica.

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