corset friday 11.9.2009

Corset Friday is a bit of a mishmash this week. It was going to be a feature incorporating 1950s bathing suits. But shortly after I started, the battery light in the camera began flashing so I ended up with barely any corsetry shots.

The black swimsuit is a genuine Versace I found in an op shop. The gorgeous floral was also an op shop find and the red suspenders were a gift from a friend…..

mishmash1 mishmash2 mishmash3

mishmash4 mishmash5 mishmash6


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  1. What a classic!!1 First comment. Lovely as ever Nursie. *(oops nearly dropped the M word)

  2. Nurse Myra, you are a beautiful person. On the inside as well as on the outside. X

  3. MMMMM. Very delectable “more-than-basic” black swimmers.

  4. oooooh! which one are you bringing to greece next summer? love the black one!

    and talk about lickable thighs?

  5. I don’t remember 50’s cozzies looking that good ……

  6. OMG!! I JUST ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE TOP ONE!!! It looks fantastic on you!

    Are we looking at an upside down view of a bra strap in that last photo?

    • um…nope… it’s the right way up. there’s a little glimpse of something in the bottom right hand corner that should alert you to that… πŸ˜‰

    • Oh…I had to click it on and enlarge to see! You mean lower left, don’t you?

      • ooops… Yes I did… apparently I’m right/left challenged πŸ™‚

  7. very nice mishmash, NM πŸ˜†

  8. I wasn’t going to click on today out of respect for my wedding anniversary but fuck it. A man has his needs.

  9. I’ll snap your suspenders if you snap mine.

  10. That floral one is gorgeous!

    Makes my corset Friday picture seem a little ridiculous…

  11. It would appear that it was not only the battery that was flashing.

  12. i want to shop where you shop. what is an op shop anyway NM? nice photos. nice shots!

    • It’s short for opportunity shop, I think you guys call them thrift shops

  13. Loooove the floral. And nice find with the Versace!

  14. And a very pretty mishmash it is.

  15. mmm…swimsuits! lovely.

    after a lifetime of pools & suits…i’m a bit of a bikini whore myself. HA!

    That Versace is fabulous! Always stunning suits…

  16. I love the colors in the first one! Nice!

  17. I’m in the mood to pollinate

  18. Good to see you’re still rather flexible, my good nurse.

    And I bet you got a nice pair of fuck-me heels for that black swimsuit to lounge around the poolside with.

    • You know what? I don’t! I never actually wear heels but I have a fantastic collection of boots. Boots go with everything…. even Versace bathing suits πŸ™‚

      • As if I needed yet another reason to worship you… now you break out my ultimate weakness.

  19. Let’s go shopping! I like your style.

    • ok let’s…

  20. Black is the new pink.

  21. That is so 1950’s!

  22. My word.

  23. yay, we’re back to corset fridays!
    and a double feature, no less.

  24. I must go swimming again soon…

  25. I don’t usually care for florals but that is just absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!

  26. Once again you snapped me out of my funk nurse. thanks.

  27. My, you have such a long, graceful neck.

    Nice apparel, too.

  28. gorgeous as ever hun πŸ™‚

  29. What? I haven’t already commented on this post? I KNOW I saw it . . . shame on me . . . I need reprimanding . . .

    Great as ever. My favorite feature . . .

  30. I need your help in shopping, my guy is reading/watching you and wants me to get a little more dolled up!

    • Why don’t you send him out shopping instead?

      • I think he’s one step ahead of me there…

  31. What is it that you do every Friday wearing a Corset?

    • I just take a photo of myself wearing a different one each week

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