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To take full advantage of fashion trends, we humans have devised some pretty strange contraptions. The bespoke hat, for instance, must fit the customer’s head perfectly. Since 1764, hatmakers have used an invention known as the conformator to ensure their measurements are accurate.


Then there’s underwear. As  regular readers know, nursemyra is devoted to corsetry. But not quite as devoted as some of the women in my grandmother’s day

“I have heard talk about neck corsets. Such a device, of course, if it were truly a corset, would throttle the wearer in short order, however, one British actress, far, far beyond her ‘sell-by date’, did resort to a false neck. This ancient relic of the British music halls had developed a turkey skin wattle below her jaw. The false neck, made of stiffened flesh-coloured latex, covered her own neck and was secured beneath her wig at the back. A projecting piece of rubber fitted under her lower jaw, thus forcing the wattle into that convenient cavity from where it had dropped.

corset_and_neck piece

(You have to strain to see it, but the corset above has a celluloid neck piece attached)

There was even a special position to be assumed for the correct fitting and lacing of heavy longline body corsets. It was known as the Trendelenburg position


image found here

Now not so many women wear corsets, or if they do it’s only for special occasions. Plus there are other things on the market to enhance the less than perfect figure…..


And you don’t have to assume the Trendelenburg position to get into them. Though I imagine men would feel a twinge of disappointment to grab a handful of peachy arse that detaches itself from the young lady’s bottom before he’s even had a chance to give it a playful slap


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  1. When I did a little visit to Molly Brown’s house (of Titanic fame) the tour guide (yes,you can’t just go wandering 😦 )pointed out the fainting room. Yes, she often collapsed due to corset cut off and had a special room to be revived in.

  2. Really? That’s pretty fascinating

  3. re:”playful slap”
    A guy gets into serious trouble for flirting that way nowadays.

    • well I don’t recommend trying that technique with a stranger

  4. Nurse dear your pictures always tend to leave me hornier than i already am. That last pix for instance….soo asking for a spanking! Woof!

  5. So I wonder how Spanx fits into all of this?

  6. DUCK!

    The Trendelenburg position isn’t quite as exciting as I’d imagined

  7. I’ve got a longline for you. Assume the special position!

    • Position assumed

  8. If I’m not mistaken, in 1934, Wendell “Freckles” Woolsey and His Big Band had a hit with their novelty tune, “She Took the Trendenlenburg Position on Her Trundle Bed.” On the charts for thirteen weeks.

    Apparently, the Lord does love a duck.

    Bill Envy

  9. the turkey waddle wasn’t the only problem with that woman’s physique

  10. Fashion week is about to open here in New York. It’s an unending parade of silly clothes and unusable accouterments. Everything old is new again.

  11. the trendlenberg position does seem clever. usually when i’m putting on the hardware, i am standing up, contorted like a circus freak, grunting and sweating while mashing and stashing that which needs to be mashed and stashed.

    so. not. sexy.

  12. That Trendlenberg position looks like a good way to get your get your hips aligned correctly. And it’s probably really good for sex too.

  13. What women won’t do to make themselves look/feel better.

    Although the buttocks enhancer seems to be a good idea, I’m sure most guys would rather give a shot at the breast enhancers instead.

  14. I’m on a shoot right now on which the Hair/Makeup/Costume people all seem to have developed a strange obsession with geometrically augmenting our actors.

    Really, there’s a whole wall of false body bulges that they’re testing out.

    Why? These people are pretty already.

    • Good question.

  15. It must surely be a disappointment when the breast enhanrers fall out too?

    • One would think so….

  16. Wow, could me use the head thing with the butt stuff, that would be HOTT!

  17. I bought two new summery hats yesterday – I only wish the shop had one of those amazing metal head measurers, just to make sure my hats are really perfectly cranially alligned.

    I’m agreeing with Sabrina – the photographic visions here on Gimcrack do mroe than crack me up, they are ridiculously piquant. Miow!

  18. Thanks for the peek at the “old school” corsets. They sure knew how to make them back in the day.

  19. Just don’t look up duck!!! NO DON’T!!!!!

  20. That corset page is really interesting …”Born between about 1920 and 1940, the daughters persuaded their Mothers to ‘burn their bras’ without offering an acceptable alternative. The results of this postural disaster crowd the Old Peoples’ Homes of today. Our Grandmothers knew the benefits of a corset, our daughters appreciate the benefits of exercise, but a woman cannot retain her shape without either.” …. oh yeah makes sense ….

  21. I’m familiar with that position, though I didn’t know its name . . .

  22. LOL DETACHABLE BUTTOCKS! I’d love to bring a drunken man home and mess with his head with a pair of those!

  23. I bought my friend some silicone butt implants as a joke for her birthday, since she’s already known herself on having a J.Lo booty (her nickname is T&A).

    The strangest thing about it was that she actually wore them for a month straight…she looked like she had elephantitis of the rear.

    • Steatopygous!!!

  24. The neck device sounds quite painful!

    • Yeah it’s crazy what some people will do to make themselves appear more attractive 😉

      • Some folks would benefit by wrapping that thing around their face instead.

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