especially for the dimple desperate

In 1896, Martin Goetze took out a patent on a “Dimple Maker

In his patent, Goetze said, “In order to produce artistic dimples, it is necessary…that the cellular tissues should be made susceptible by means of massage…the knob of the device’s arm must be set on the selected spot…the cylinder serves to make the spot where the dimple is to be produced.”


It also came as a boxed kit that was guaranteed to produce a dimple quickly. The kit consisted of a long thin miniature scalpel with a razor sharp blade, an equally sharp miniature thin handled spoon and a needle and silk thread.

The dimple-desperate would use the knife to make a small but quite deep cut in the cheek. Into this cut the sharp spoon was inserted and turned in such a way as to gouge out a dimple shaped lump of flesh. The wound could then be sewn up with the needle and thread.

In 1936, a less invasive type of dimple maker was on the market, this time invented by a woman


this image found at modern mechanix but there’s an even better one here

Back in the 17th century beauty spots were all the rage, not least because they hid the ravages of syphilis and smallpox. In France they were called “mouche” which translates literally as “fly”.


Both men and women adorned their faces with small pieces of cloth that were made out of velvet or silk and cut into fanciful shapes. The placement of the mouche was indicative of a woman’s marital status or sexual mood.

More recently,  Sabrina Dehoff has designed a gold plated version that includes hearts, masks and guns.

sabrina dehoff

I bags the catmask……..

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  1. I don’t know where you get all of this content from, but I find it thoroughly entertaining. I have just added you to my blogroll and hope that my readers find you and enjoy all of this too.
    Also, can I have the password to the ‘more nursemyra (friends and family)’ page?

    • sure, I’ll email it to you now

      • I never realized you had another page! Could you give me the password, too?

  2. dimples? “aids to beauty”? huh? i HATE my dimples… facial divots are annoying. i can’t smile when i eat because i get food stuck in them. ugh…

    • Now I’m wondering what happens when you get a pearl necklace…..

  3. “The placement of the mouche was indicative of a woman’s marital status or sexual mood.” This seems to happen with many adornments to the female body, from Hibiscus flowers on the head to ankle bracelets.

    • I’m in the mood right now. Where shall I put my hibiscus?

  4. I’m glad I have dimples naturally. 🙂 The mouche thing reminds me of a fad in the 80’s – I was given a facial stamp maker from Avon, I think. It was gold dust and a light adhesive. There were 4 or 5 stamp designs like moon, star, etc. You would dab your face with the adhesive where you wanted the design and then dip the stamp in gold and apply. I don’t remember it being a huge trend, though. So maybe it was just a fad for folks who were on the Avon level of cosmetic purchasing. 🙂

    • There was something like that in India when I went There in 1986. Little metal shapes to dip into gold or blue coloured powder wrapped in tiny bits of newspaper. Then to be stamped on the third eye spot. Like a less effective self adhesive bindi/tilak.

  5. Am I the only one that thinks the Sabrina Dehoff rightmost mouche looks like a pair of tits with pointy ears ? 😳

  6. I’d hate to see what the device to put clefts in people’s chins would look like. I suspect it’s just a large man who punches really hard.

  7. This Sabrina wants the ghost!!!!!!

  8. I have something a bit less invasive for you myra, when you have time.

  9. The first one is perfect for those who need a daily dose of masochism in their lives.

  10. one can tell my sexual mood
    without the visual clues of
    dimples or pieces of linen.

  11. There is a much quicker way to make a dimple . . a .22 revolver

  12. Freddy’s got spots
    from ripping off stars from his face

    All the Young Dudes
    David Bowie

    This was certainly going on in 1972.

    • Have I mentioned before that David Bowie once smiled at me on the streets of Manhattan? He was walking with Alexandria and I was so busy admiring her that I almost missed who her father was.

      we were the only people on that block, I looked up into his eyes and Time Stood Still


      • That’s a fantastic story! Even *I* might swoon if that happened! Perhaps one of the best ‘brush with celebrity’ stories I’ve ever heard.

  13. My knob works best when on the selected spot, too.

  14. I wish that the ‘mouche’ was still in vogue! What a great, subtle way to show me that you’re in the mood than a strategically placed ‘mouche!’

  15. Is there a machine for bum dimples? …… just askin’ for a friend …….

  16. Kinda off topic, but did you happen to see the story of the purloined lawn bosom?

    • oh I did – it’s hilarious!

  17. And I thought all those dimples were behind you now!

    The King

    • Unfortunately that is true. The only dimples I have are on my buttocks. Thank you for remembering

      • High Five of the buttocks, Nurse! Shazzam!

      • I’m afraid we’re gonna need photos to back up these claims.

      • Piercing-induced buttdimples don’t count, and I’ll bet I’m the first in the universe to say that. G’head. Quote me.

  18. How do you do it? You are the reason I’m now the hit “ice-breaker” at all our Team Building Events

  19. I’d say a better name for this contraption is the scar tissue maker.

    The beauty mark thing would work only once was too many of them make it look like you have something else. What that is, I don;t know but it would be something.

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