insect dissuasion device


Fly swatters of one type or another have been with us for a long time. An early 20th century German invention involved a clockwork device of paddles attached to the end of a stick. You wound it up then pressed a small catch and the paddles whirred violently. Then you raced around trying to batter the fly to bits with your whirling paddles.


paddle image found at modern mechanix

Another early 20th century invention used a spring loaded rod that fired out a net. It was meant to catch half a dozen flies at once but like its German predecessor, it didn’t work.

Now we have the “Insect Vacuum” from Japan. Or this “frivolous yet practical solution” known simply as the the Fly Catcher


My favourite is the Finger Mounted Stealth Fly Swatter patented earlier this year.


“The present invention is an insect dissuasion device that resembles a miniature fly swatter adapted to be fixed onto an end of a human finger.  An insect can be spontaneously discouraged by simply flexing, slowly encroaching upon and then “flicking” the finger and the attached device of the present invention. Most insects are easily struck and swept away from one’s body by the device of the present invention, resulting in permanent removal of the particular insect. The small inconspicuous size of the finger fly swatter allows for easy cleaning if needed. The device of the present invention is so effective in the dissuasion of insects that one often welcomes the presence of an insect so that it may be discouraged. The dissuasion of a particularly energetic insect often becomes a challenging sport.”

she had to kill

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  1. I had access to a Chinese version of one of these

    Sort of like a taser for flies, but with the capacity to slightly carbonise the target on impact, complete with an impressive blue spark. I hate to say it, but it did make the whole swatting business a bit more exciting.

  2. I had three in my luggage when I returned from Vietnam – bloody Aussie Customs Office confiscated them. Said they were WEAPONS!

  3. A friend of mine located several of these, in Sydney, in a two dollar shop in Hurstville. If anyone does see the taser flyswatter for sale, please pick up a second one for me!!

    • I’m still pining for one too

  4. I suppose the electric flyswatter could be a weapon if your victim was vigorously swatted on the tongue or other mucus membrane for a length of time. Then again, maybe if you tricked someone into sucking on a 9 volt battery they might be convinced you were using it as a weapon.

    Nice to know we are protected though.

  5. these are all a bit too much like work for me. whatever happened to opening a case of beer and watching the ‘bug zapper’ work magic?

    • Everyone had a bug zapper as a kid…no one seems to anymore. Why is that?

  6. Have you seen this clip of President Obama swatting a fly during an interview? He’s the Zen master fly killer.

    • I’d heard about it but not watched the clip before. Good hit but he needs to wash his hands now…..

  7. What the hell does “dissuade them” mean. If you don’t squash the fuckers they’ll just come back for more.

  8. In my youth I was able to catch flies as they flew past. Now I carry a can of Mortein or a twat swat. Sorry about that – perhaps I have been in the desert for too long.

  9. I prefer to nuke the entire site from orbit…it’s the only way to be safe

  10. Th chick in th postr is afraid o Th Fly.

    You shoud see her eyes bug out once th Fly is outta th way!

    • hahahahahahahha

    • No way I can beat that.

      (Ironically, that’s what she said, too.)

  11. Wow. I have one of those fly guns. It doesn’t work.

    That wouldn’t have mattered much in the past, but for the last 4 years I have lived in a rural area about a quarter of a mile from an “Egg Ranch”. “Egg Ranch” = 40,000 chickens. I’m not kidding. In the spring and early summer we have hovering flies. I try to describe how many and people think I’m exaggerating. Then they come to my house and stand at the windows and stare. No one who comes here has ever seen that many flies before.

    I have researched fly control and tried several solutions. None have worked so far. I have actually considered a flamethrower.

    The best thing for inside the house is a device that looks a bit like a tennis racket with a wire grid for strings. It takes several batteries and electrocutes the fly on contact. It also gives a quite satisfying POP when you hit the little pest.

    Thankfully, the summer heat kills them off and the cooler weather in Fall and Winter keeps them down.

    But flies are a major topic around here.

    • Are you still blogging pushbiker? there’s no link back…..

      • Is it still blogging when you don’t post for 2 years? I think not.

        Somehow the link got missed.

        When someone invents a way to blog with your thoughts, I’ll be blogging like crazy. Especially in the middle of the night.

  12. I bought a tennis racket looking devise that is basically a fly electric chair. It came with plastic covering both sides in a cross-wise pattern, but I was able to rip that off to make for easier killing. You just plug two triple A batteries into the thing and start playing tennis. I’ve touched it a few times out of some sort of uncontrollable compulsion and it hurts like hell. But it does kill some flies. And yea, you end up wanting them to appear, just so you can assassinate them.

  13. And I thought the tennis racket fly swatter was only available in India… 🙂

    • I first saw the tennis raquet fly swatter when a friend brought one back from Thailand. South-East Asia and the Subcontinent have a lot to teach us, about pest control and other amazing things!

  14. That Fly Gun guy seems a bit too husky to be on the SWAT Team.

    And a whole post about paddles and no discipline pictures? Bad day, nurse?

    • oops, I really am slipping aren’t I?

      • Who needs pictures when you have the real thing?

        Oooh, cheeky…but I do love Nurse M’s picture choices, of course.

  15. The Fly Gun doesn’t work. The disc isn’t aerodynamic and it doesn’t land flat enough on the surface to kill most flies. They skitter away before being smashed.

  16. God in his wisdom made the fly
    And then forgot to tell us why.

    –Ogden Nash

    At least in my latitudes I seem to be mainly afflicted with the odd mosquito and some truculent but reasonaly innocuous graound wasps.

  17. But if you kill all the flies, Malach would starve!

    • I will be killing every fly I ever see from now on.

    • Shalom Malach (which means Angel), are you friends with Beelzebub? The latter name is from Ba’al Zvuv, Hebrew for ‘Master of Flies’, hence the famous novel title. BZ got lots of press in the Jezebel era of Jewish history when they were having skirmishes with the Canaanites tribes.

  18. Yellow Jackets on the other hand . .

    • you need to turn the other cheek 🙂

  19. Tennis racquet type flyswatters would probably be confiscated as well, Nurse. The King and I always have to take our racquets to some special airport security check-in that is (I assume) normally used for Kalishnikovs and shurikens.

  20. …think that the patent taxes for some of those gadgets
    are expensive than the possible earns…

  21. I don’t think the finger swatter will catch on but I do like that fly catcher contraption.

  22. What a cool device!

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