Letter to the Times # 2


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Bassett Digby (1888-1962) was an author and arctic explorer who made an invaluable contribution to London’s Natural History Museum.

bassett digby 2

He was also a sandwich connoisseur

“London’s first sandwich bar opened in 1919, when the travel writer Bassett Digby sold sandwiches with fillings of reindeer tongue, sheep’s milk cheese, tuna and other delicacies opposite the New Statesman offices in Great Queen Street.”
– ‘The Compendium of Nosh’ by Jack McLean (John Murray 2006).

reindeer pate

And he liked to write letters to The Times

“A little light might be shed upon the high handed methods of the Passports Department at the Foreign Office. On the form I provided for the purpose I described my face as “intelligent”. Instead of finding this characterization entered, I have received a passport on which some official utterly unknown to me, has taken it upon himself to call my face “oval”


(read what your face shape means here)

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  1. Reindeer Pate, its like eating the dreams of small children everywhere…

    • Just call it caribou then: same animal, different emotional reaction.

      • But the tears make the meat nice and salty…

  2. There’s a restaurant in Greenwich Village that only serves peanut butter sandwiches. Here’s the menu. There use to be a restaurant on the Lower East Side that only served grilled cheese sandwiches, but it closed.

    • Want!

    • At the Minnesota state fair some brilliant entrepreneur was selling deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. First you cut the crusts off, then you dip them in funnelcake batter, then you throw them in a vat of boiling oil for a bit.

      Personally, I prefer mine plain.

      • I’d like to try just one…

  3. there were studies that linked perceived beauty to facial symmetry as well. so does that mean that beautiful people don’t get batty when they age?

    • I’ll be keeping my eye on you to test that theory out daisyfae

  4. So are you stealing from the Mad Hatters or are they stealing from you?

    • Synchronicity

  5. Please tell me it wasn’t Rudolphs tongue, he already got ostracized enough as it was….

  6. Rudolph in a can.

  7. I just went for the first time to London’s Natural history museum, and although it was pretty good, New York is a lot better. I missed that display though. My two favorite tourist spots (other than soho) were the National Gallery and the Portrait Gallery.

    They eat a ton of pate over here, but I don’t think any of it contains reindeer tongue.

    I think my face is nice and symmetrical. I’ll have to hold a ruler to it or something.

  8. I had a letter published in the Times BTW – it was about the two tier system for the post – rather boring actually ……..

  9. that mask is creeping me out.

  10. me too yorksnbeans … I may have nightmares

  11. My face is too tired to maintain a shape at the moment. I’ll get back to you when I’m less holographic.

  12. Hitler looks funny. What am I saying, I am pissed at Hitler, he ruined that moustache for the rest of us men!

    • Also ruined the symbolic nature of the swastika. It’s ancient and cross cultural connotations were of good fortune, the sun etc. Bit hard to see it like that now.

      • hey spinach pie, have you worked out how to email me a pic of you in a t shirt yet?

  13. I’m not too sure what to make of this guy, except that he may be one of the strangest folks you have ever written about on your blog. The ski mask picture is especially creepy.

    • Really? You must have missed a couple of dozen weirder posts. I don’t think he was strange at all, quite an adventurer with an entrepreneurial approach to food and a great sense of humour when writing letters. His last sentence really cracks me up

  14. we’re keen on reindeer pate in this neck of the woods!

    • I bet you are 🙂

  15. Rudolph the red nosed reindeer had his tongue put in a can. And if you ever saw it you would even say it…

    Can’t think of a word to rhyme with can that make sense. My lyric writing skills really suck!!!

  16. My face is very asymmetrical, so now I know for sure I’m losing my mind.

    What a relief!

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