he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother

ok boys, pour yourselves a stiff drink because you’ll be crossing your legs and wincing after reading this extract from Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine by Gould and Pyle

At the Hopital de la Charite in Paris, Velpeau startled an audience of 500 students and many physicians by saying that he expected to find a rudimentary fetus in a scrotal tumor placed in his hands for operation. His diagnosis proved correct, and brought him resounding praise, and all wondered as to his reasons for expecting a fetal tumor. It appears that he had read with care a report by Fatti of an operation on the scrotum of a boy which had increased in size as the child grew, and was found to contain the ribs, the vertebral column, the lower extremities as far as the knees, and the two orbits of a fetusand also an account of a similar operation performed by Wendt of Breslau on a Silesian boy. The left testicle in this case was so swollen that it hung almost to the knee, and the fetal remains removed weighed seven ounces.


Elsewhere in Anomalies and Curiosities the authors write about the Chaldeo-Babylonians who considered defects in babies as omens for the future.


When a woman gives birth to a baby who is missing the right ear, the days of the King or Master will be prolonged.

If a baby has two ears on the right side and none on the left, the country will flourish.

If a baby has no nostrils, the country will be in affliction.

nose restoration

If a baby has no penis, the armies of the King will be strong and female demons shall not have power over them.


If a baby has three feet, there will be great prosperity in the land.


image found here

If a baby has a beard there will be abundant rain.


golden shower image found here

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  1. Almost to the knee! …… sounds a bit like getting old to me – tee hee

  2. Don’t they get in the way when you walk daddyp?

  3. Thank God, when I first read your warning at the top of the post I was afraid that you were going to be discussing the Candiru fish; a tiny creature that crawls up your urethra if you dare to swim the Amazon. I hate even thinking about that. Oops. The whole nut sack hanging to your knees wouldn’t be too nice either though.

    Some of the omen interpretations seem a little bassackwards to me though. I’d think that a baby was missing an ear would mean that there is a sneaky army on its way.

    If a male baby has no penis, I’d take it that the female demons do in fact already have power over them.

    And if a baby was born with a beard, I’d think the mother had sex with a primate.

    But maybe I’m crazy. Very interesting stuff again!!

  4. And when I read your warning I was hoping to see some cognitive behavioural therapy…

  5. Someone just has to come out and say it. Ew!

    The road is long with many a winding turn indeed.

  6. i suppose the male tendency to name genetalia (ie: “Big Jim and The Twins”) makes a bit more sense if there could be a fetal sibling chillin’ in the scrotal sack…

    • just chillin’ in the scrotal sack…. hahahaha

  7. To the knee… good lord.

  8. Ok, seriously, I was wincing after this one and I can’t even relate!

  9. female demons. i am proud to come from a long line of them. i am my ancestors, at least in spirit.

  10. Dude had a Quato in his scrotum? That is so sci-fi.

    • It should be in a Cronenberg film

  11. So not only did that guy have balls, his balls had a spine. That sounds like a Tag Larkin bit. Tag Larkin is so ballsy that his balls have balls. And a spine.

    Female demons have much power over me, especially if they’re wearing boots.

    • In Australia you’d be what we call a “walk up start”

      • Need a definition on that one.

      • In your case it means that any woman in boots has a good chance of getting you into her bed…..

      • That is the truest thing I’ve heard this year.

  12. just giggling to myself at the virtual wincing around the globe lol 😉

  13. That is a kick-ass photo of Frank Lantini.

    Bud Bumpunter

    • Did you click the link beneath it? There are some amazing images on that site

      • Thank you for the link. Interesting site you have here. In regards to the Gould and Pyle excerpt, I’ve always found cases of fetus in fetu most unsettling…

        ~ J. Tithonus Pednaud

      • Delighted you dropped by JTP – I’m a big fan of your site!

  14. I’m glad my balls are of the metaphorical kind.

  15. With the medical info I find here, I will be a Doctor in no time

  16. if a baby has a beard, it’s DAMIEN from the Omen!

  17. I’m sorry you find so much humor in physical disfigurements, especially penile ones.

    • It’s a long time since I first read that post at tetherdcow.com

      Definitely one of his best 🙂

  18. I’d never heard of vanishing twins showing up in scrotal sacks. Does this happen in women too? Is this where the (nightmare) stories of vaginas with teeth got their start?

    So much for intelligent design, eh?

    • First I’d heard of scrotal twins too. Andy Garcia had one on his shoulder….

      • Garcia allegedly had a parasitic twin removed from his shoulder. It’s a different condition than the one above.

        Regarding vagina dentata, several cultures feature myths of toothy girly bits. Must be some common root, so who knows…

  19. So, what’s bad for the baby is good for the nation. Figures.

  20. Doing a check down there now.

    Nope. No fetal tumors.

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