the people you meet on the other side

SpiritEnergies at Xmas party***

Dr Swejen Salter may be dead but she’s still been very busy communicating via computers, televisions and telephones since December 1987. Here she reports on her arrival on the “third side”

“I died at the age of 38 years from the consequences of an accident. Death came suddenly and unexpectedly. I was absolutely unprepared and cannot remember a passing. I woke up on an ottoman in a friendly furnished room. Before I could look around more thoroughly, a tall, handsome man entered the room and made himself known to me as Richard Francis Burton. He welcomed me heartily and showed me the world where he is staying since 1890 according to earthly chronology. I felt happy here and in safety, all were friendly and obliging. Despite of it, I had difficulty with the change-over/adaptation. It is not easy to find one’s way in a new life.”

Salter and Burton are trying, together with The Techniker, in different ways, via telephone, radio, computer and video, to consolidate the communication between the worlds. They call the communication system they have worked out together with the group Zeitstrom in the Beyond, the Burton Bridge.

multipurpose device***

This installation consits of a no longer operative televisor, two UV lamps whose rays cross each other and are directed on this TV, of a field generator according to Hans Otto Koenig and a video recorder.

marie curie

(Do you have any questions for Marie Curie?)

Other scientists to have contacted us through a broken television include Marie Curie and a Dr Konstantin Raudive. Compare this uncanny likeness of Konstantin before death and his appearance from Beyond later

raudive raudive_video

We live here together with other forms of life, with men having lived on other planets before their bodily death, with dwarfs, giants and gnomes, and with bodiless entities, too.

About sixty milliards (billions) of humanoids from all the existing worlds gather here. Friendships and partnerships continue to be cultivated. Sexuality is in no way declined because it belongs to the human being. Precondition is that both partners are in harmony and wish sexuality.

image by Geiger

P.S. Our food is synthetically prepared, which means that we can sort of materialize earthly foodstuffs……

*** these two images found here where you can read more about contacting the Beyond

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  1. ‘Sexuality is in no way declined’……then there’s still hope for me to get laid in the afterlife at least….

    • me too 😉

    • The afterlife is FULL of stiffs.

      • Haha.. very funny AC

  2. On the other side, there aren’t cherubs in the facilities are there… I think that would be quite distracting when I’m trying to poop.

    • they’re there to help matters along for you Alex

  3. I am happy living on this side at the moment and I think about the “other” side sometimes. I feel that if I have laid the ground work well this side then I will get to enjoy the other side.I hope!!

  4. Boy what a bunch of tragic loonies, looks like they’ll have to wait to get laid on the other side, since no-one here would touch em.

    Old ugly people are scary aren’t they?

    I usually just have them put to the sword (not THAT sword)

    The King

  5. I don’t get the Einaudi pic. You’ve got a bunch of putti pulling a girl’s hair. Can anyone explain just how it’s fun having your hair pulled by putti?

    • would you prefer them to pull something else?

  6. I hope I don’t have to share with a snoring dwarf 😦

    • Nobbles is a non-believer, I don’t think he’s going there 😀

  7. Kind of reminds of that song by Madness called “One Step Beyond”

    As for unbridled sexuality…bring it on!

  8. a ‘cherub toilet paper delivery system’? i’ll take ‘really, seriously dead’, please… do people really believe this horseshit?

    • Not only do they believe – they call themselves scientists…..

  9. The “after death” picture of Dr. Konstantin is a fake.

    You can tell because his hair is totally parted on the other side…

    • No…. it CAN’T be fake

  10. So, if my boss asks how sexy websites got on my computer, I can say it’s those guys from the other side? Sweet.

  11. This made me wonder if the Michael Keaton movie White Noise was based on this work. I thought it was totally fictional but maybe not? All pretty cool stuff, except I need to be left alone while dropping the kids at the pool. I’d love being able to eat anything you like, anytime you like!

    Great post Nursemyra!

    • I haven’t seen that film Scott. Is it any good?

      • It was three or four years ago, but I do remember enjoying it. I’d rent it or download it if I were you just to see how it may (or may not) compare to the research in your post!

  12. Technically…death always comes suddenly. I mean one moment you’re alive; the next you’re dead. Sheesh…

  13. Sounds a little like Philip Jose Farmer’s “Riverworld”, a SF series where people throughout history are all reincarnated (with young bodies) and Sir Richard Francis Burton is the main character.

  14. I’m always dazzled how technical things get on The Other Side. You would expect it all to be Om Mani Padme Hum.

  15. Oh dear. The Other Side seems altogether too much like This Side. I was hoping to avoid football.

  16. @Scott Oglesby: ‘White Noise’ is based on Konstantin Raudive’s EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) work. There are still many adherents to his beliefs, as nutty as they were. I have a copy of his 1971 book ‘Breakthrough’ in which he details his work. More than half of it is transcribed ‘spirit’ messages. One thing I can tell you is that if these really are the voices of those on the Other Side, they are a dreary incoherent lot indeed.

    • Maybe you’re not picking up voices of the dead. Maybe you’re picking up voices of politicians.

  17. looking forward to the non declined bit after death …. lol 😉

  18. I was hoping you’d chime in on this one anaglyph 🙂

  19. Is all the toilet paper in the afterlife Angel Soft brand?

  20. How come that field generator looks like a hot water heater???

    I’m confused. 😦

  21. Do our new HDTV plasma screen TV’s pick up the dead better, or don’t the dead do digital?

    Also, digging the mary janes and socks on toilet girl.

  22. Out on the back porch I have a bunch of stuff piled on top of my water heater and it smells like something is dead out there. I may be far more cutting edge than I realized.

    Hans Otto Tydeeop

  23. Was this the hunky Richard Burton she was referring to?

  24. @renalfailure:

    >>Do our new HDTV plasma screen TV’s pick up the dead better, or don’t the dead do digital?

    I think I feel a Tetherd Cow post coming on…

  25. Why is the water heater dressed like a Dalek in the second picture?

  26. …that technology is totally retro
    reminds me Man or Astroman?
    great band

    by the way, I see the Eric Satie post
    and the other day I watched G Ritchie s movie Revolver
    that have 1 of Satie s
    then I grab the guitar and composed a little song in that style

    cheers gal

  27. How many tin-foil hats do I need to wear?
    People who invent alternate realities from their psychoses are usually entertaining–or homicidal maniacs–which isn’t necessarily mutually exclusive.

  28. *scratching head* wasn’t Richard Francis Burton the english guy who was responsible for bringing the the Kama Sutra to English publication. Yes he was. just googled it.

  29. Blimey – there’s no rest for the wicked is there?

    Adored this – and the Satie post

    • so glad you liked the Satie – it’s one of my favourite posts

  30. Good lord. What a silly contraption. I will say that, NO, I have not been contacted from beyond by the dead via TV.

  31. Somebody is feeling the Halloween Spirit…

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