a vermilion hue

Another fascinating anecdote from Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine by Gould and  Pyle

compound fracture

“Gray mentions a curious case in a man afflicted with hypospadias who, suffering with delusions, was confined in the insane asylum at Utica. When he determined to get married, fully appreciating his physical defect, he resolved to imitate nature, and being of a very ingenious turn of mind, he busied himself with the construction of an artificial penis.

with dildo

While so engaged he had seized every opportunity to study the conformation of this organ, and finally prepared a body formed of cotton, six inches in length, and shaped like a penis, minus a prepuce. He sheathed it in pig’s gut and gave it a slight vermilion hue.

phallus forms

To the touch it felt elastic, and its shape was maintained by a piece of gutta-percha tubing, around which the cotton was firmly wound. It was fastened to the waist-band by means of straps, a central and an upper one being so arranged that the penis could be thrown into an erect position and so maintained. He had constructed a flesh-colored covering which completely concealed the straps.

london science museum

from the London Science Museum

With this artificial member he was enabled to deceive his wife for fifteen months, and was only discovered when she undressed him while he was in a state of intoxication. To further the deception he had told his wife immediately after their marriage that it was quite indecent for a husband to undress in the presence of his wife, and therefore she had always retired first and turned out the light.


image found here

Partly from fear that his virile power would be questioned and partly from ignorance, the duration of actual coitus would approach an hour. When the discovery was made, his wife hid the instrument with which he had perpetrated a most successful fraud upon her, and the patient subsequently attempted coitus by contact with unsuccessful results, although both parties had incomplete orgasms.

Shortly afterward evidences of mental derangement appeared and the man became the subject of exalted delusions. His wife, at the time of report, had filed application for divorce.”


image from 50 Nudes

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  1. Wasn’t it hard enough for her then? Some women are never satisfied.

    • …. and he packed that cotton real tight too!

  2. Maybe she was Jewish, wrapped in pig gut his penis was obviously not kosher.

    Jumping rope sure is healthy.

  3. Maybe he should have painted it black, I’ve heard its hard to go back.

  4. Did he perchance have a red sports-carriage?

    The King

    • Now that would clash….

  5. and the lesson for the missus is “if it ain’t broke, don’t yank it off and put it in the closet….”

    • Some women never get it

  6. The Irony is she got the fake penis as part of the divorce settlement.

  7. The lengths some men will go to to keep their wives happy.

  8. The worlds first strap on, and it had special features. What I don’t understand is if you’re making it yourself, and get to play God; why would you make it six inches? I mean isn’t that just average? Please tell me that’s average!

  9. As I understand it, six inches is monstrous. The image of jump rope lady is so delightful… I feel like her breasts are filled with helium and are about to carry her away and we just happened to catch her at the moment of lift-off.

    Floyd Away

    • Yes boys – six inches is monstrous.

      I do hope jump rope lady’s bosoms are helium filled, otherwise I fear the exercise might be a bit painful.

  10. Yes i must agree with Mr Bananas….if it was getting her off, then i don’t see what she’s complaining about!

  11. nurse, nurse, nurse, nurse.
    more of you!

  12. An hour of actual coitus? Is that 60 straight minutes of penetration? I’m think she would need a break somewhere in there.

    • I’m thinking you’d be right RF

  13. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase – “Give me a stiff one.”

  14. A Vermillion hue? Isn’t she the same hue as her sister? :-O

  15. That device from the London museum … who invented that??

    • I don’t know Beach Bum 😦

  16. Man woman, you learn me good!

    • In your defense, Myra, I don’t think you look anything like a hermaphrodite.

  17. what is a “partial” orgasm?

    • One you have at a party 😉

  18. I’m partial to a standing orgasm although I can stand a prone one.

    Sue Pine

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