corset friday 9.10.2009

channelling anita ekberg channelling ae

For a bit of variety I’m posting a photograph of Anita Ekberg today too. Like me, she knows and appreciates the hydraulics of a good corset 🙂

Anita Ekberg

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  1. Hydraulic! Ha ha!

  2. thanks for taking the pics my little pie xx

    • My pleasure.

    • My pleasure thankyou.

  3. Anita Ekberg looks a bit ‘peely wally’ 😉

    She pales in comparison to you ! 😆

  4. These are lovely pictures.

  5. As good as always Nurse!

  6. is that velvet on you? yummy…

  7. Good lift…

  8. Where does the air go in that thing? Nevermind, it’ll ruin the romance.

    Best photos yet Nursemyra! You look amazing!

  9. Very pretty in pink – lovely

  10. after being up twice last night with Kid B, who has his first cold, this is better than coffee, very uplifting to say the least and gorgeous as usual.

  11. but where’s your waterfall and pool of water to frolic in? yum! lovely.

  12. I think I need a corset to keep the old girls elevated.

  13. Hold me back!

  14. Now you know what to put on when the difibrulator goes bung – the pink number with the stunning decollotage, whoooo!

  15. Smokin hot as usual. How many more hits do you get on Fridays compared to the other days of the week? 😀

    • Contrary to supposition – it’s about the same number of hits, though I do get an extra ten or so comments

      • I love B and C cups.. The D’s intimidate me. 😀

      • Hey, I’m barely a “C”. The photos are deceptive, I’m a lot smaller all over than I look in any of these pics.

      • Well. Whatever you’re doing, it’s working. 🙂


  16. Are you getting more voluptuous, or is it just my imagination?? 🙂

    • It’s the beauty of the corset baby. And my fabulous new photographer.

  17. Can we have Mah jong on friday nights?

    The King

    • American or Chinese?

      • Chinese! And yes we can King Willy, though if I’m stripped to a corset then so is your wife and you’ll be wearing a cravat and nothing else.

        Dominic of course will be entirely nude

      • No jock straps then..?

        The King

  18. darling you looking eminently swedish today, x

  19. Hydraulics is right – yikes!


    You look awesomeness in pink!!!!!

    Boobs look amazing!

  21. Oh dear god! How do nurses keep themselves looking so good???

    Thomas 🙂

  22. HHooooooowwwwlll!!!

    Any pics of Elke Somer?

  23. Blimey NM … hydraulics at their best .. superb photos 🙂

  24. Great gobble-D boobs batman!
    Attack of the hardboobs.

    Makes Robin want his own batwings……

  25. […] I first started blogging, I found the delicious Nursemyra and her Friday Corsetry.  Not thinking (well, I am a guy, right?), I made an offhand comment about how maybe I should […]

  26. REAOR! I think I need to start a Jockstrap Friday segemnt on my blog?

  27. Ahh…that’s what I need to see at the end of a frustrating week. Now everything’s gonna be okay.

  28. so pretty in pink!

    looking forward to Jockstrap Friday.

  29. Awesome as always.

  30. OH SHIT!

  31. I would like to leave a one word comment that I once had to explain to a twenty two year old co-worker, if I may.


  32. I am working on my Anti-Gravity Formula right now!

  33. I don’t suppose you’d be interested in heading out on the Sydney harbor with me for a little motorboating, would ya?

  34. Lovely nurse. Just lovely. Good enough to eat as they say.

  35. Keep posing like that and I’ll put you on the cover of a book! I’m out looking for inspiration and while the pink is lovely not quite my kind of inspiration.

  36. Wow! Does your hospital need a doctor?

  37. To repeat what has already been said.

    Wow! Just “Wow!”

    to hell with Ekberg.

  38. Babes i can’t seem to comment on your latest post????!!

  39. I have to stop now.


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