the smell of a 35 year old man

beaver muff box

Gould and Pyle are reporting on smells today

Preismann in 1877 makes the statement that for 6 hours after coitus there is a peculiar odour noticeable in the breath, owing to a peculiar secretion of the buccal glands. He says that this odour is most perceptible in men of about 35, and can be discerned at a distance of  6 feet. He also adds that this fact would be of great medicolegal value in the early arrest of those charged with rape. The same article states that after coitus naturally foul breath becomes sweet.

Fey Rey by Keith Boadwee

Fey Rey by Keith Boadwee found here

Pare states that persons of red hair and freckled complexion have a noxious exhalation; the odor of prussic acid is said to come from dark individuals, while blondes exhale a secretion resembling musk.


Sharon Tate

Fevre says the odor of the sweat of lunatics resembles that of yellow deer or mice, and Knight remarks that the absence of this symptom would enable him to tell whether insanity was feigned or not.


image found here

Hammond refers to three cases under his notice in which specific odors were the results of affections of the nervous system. One of these cases was a young woman of hysterical tendencies who exhaled the odor of violets. This odor was given off the left half of the chest only and could be obtained concentrated by collecting the perspiration on a handkerchief, heating it with four ounces of spirit, and distilling the remaining mixture. The administration of the salicylate of soda modified in degree this violaceous odor. Hammond also speaks of a young lady subject to chorea whose insensible perspiration had an odor of pineapples; in this connection he mentions a most unfortunate young woman who, when suffering from intense sick headache, exhaled an odor resembling that of Limburger cheese.


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  1. I still have no idea what to think about that first pick, but I imagine good old Fey would still be screaming her lungs out about it.

    • *first pic*

      Damn spelliong

  2. Alex, did you click the link and look at the rest of his artwork? It’s very humourous

    • Yeah had a gander through it, his ‘supertramp’ piece was very… subtle?

  3. That will obviously explain that rather familiar smell of tuna breath after the inevitable aspects of various sexual activities during a pleasurable bout of nightly coitus.

    Thank’s for clearing that up!

    • Jimmy! So delighted to see that you’re back xx

  4. Oh dear, a night on the absinthe and then Fey Rey… Dear Powers-That-Be, please don’t let me dream about Fey Rey (not to mention Ernie!!)

    • A night on the absinthe? Is the Reverend in town again?

      • no, we discovered an absinthe cocktail bar in the Cross. We’ll take you there for b52s!

      • oh my god – that cocktail site gives you the ambulance and fire brigade numbers in case of mishap

  5. read somewhere (probably here) that the most attractive scent on a man to a woman is the scent of another woman! forget the cheese and violets, if a mna smells like he’s just gotten laid? he’s irresistable!

  6. Diagnostic smells used to be used a lot more than they do now, and I think medicine has lost something by it.

    I am trying to figure out why my two clients who like to distance-cycle have occasionally come in smelling of spoiled chicken salad.

  7. Eau de Laid- cologne for the man who is man enough to man up again and again. Now with a hint of perspiration pineapple.

    Lon Vin

    • That last sentence is too funny 😉

  8. Oh well, to hell with the Myer Briggs test this sounds like much more fun :). Imagine doctors and psychologists having to study for the smell test? Now there would be a packed classroom !

  9. What is the odor of mice? We need to know so we know who the crazies are.

    • Drop by the Gimcrack and take a deep whiff…..

  10. Thanks, but I didn’t need to see that close-up of another guys junk this early in the afternoon. 😦

    • I think the artwork in question (some guy’s junk) is a neat backhand to all the silly offerings shovelled onto the doorsteps of female bloggers by men who take their flashing peccadillo online. And a sharp, neat backhand to the balls it is too!

      • haha… we understand each other Mitzi 😉

  11. I want the certificate from Alice Cooper.

  12. I had the same question as renalfailure

    “sweat of lunatics resembles that of yellow deer or mice”

    Seems to me only a lunatic himself would go around sniffing mice.

  13. Wow, can I been in a study, where I have sex all day then people smell me?

  14. I cannot believe that the exhalations of redheads would be noxious, whatever the scientific proof offered by the whitecoats in this article. Redheads are awesome gifts to planet earth from faraway stars in an alternative dimension and they must be honoured. Now if I only I can get close enough to someday to a tasty redhead to verify my hunch. Also, thanks Nurse Myra, I am now officially a fan of Keith Broadwee, hooray for Art!

  15. nursemyra!! what the hell is that second image. we laughed our arses off…i gotta meet you one day jsut to see what you’re really like! your blog is amazing.

    • Now you have to click the link and look at the rest of his artwork Lynn

      • I am surprised he got away with the Obama pic 🙂

  16. I wear cotton candy scented body spray-just thought I’d toss that out there.

    • Do you draw a disproportional amount of attention from Carnies? Not that that would be bad; I’m not judging- I just wanted to ring-toss that question out there.

      Chuck Midway

  17. The gorilla photo may have scared me for life!

  18. LOLZ!!!! I just looked at his work. Genius!!!!

  19. LOLZ!!! I just saw his work. Genius!!!

  20. The only redhead that I’ve dated smelled very pleasant everywhere! It may have been the result of her obsessive Altoids munching. Perhaps she was also using an Altoids frontal suppository? And I have a feeling that the gorilla penis is going to stay with me for a long, long time, unfortunately. Everyday I visit your blog; I come away a little less naïve!

  21. that gorilla is of what nightmares are made of …. particularly on a first date!!

  22. 35 is just around the corner for me. I better take steps to keep “fresh.”

  23. Oh I do love your blogs and not just on Fridays!

    • Thanks Bruce – I really enjoyed your book!

  24. You’ve inspired me for my next set of sculptures…

    Now I just need to find a model.

  25. […] reported on smell before at the gimcrack here and here and here. But there’s still more to be found at the Social Issues Research […]

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