a robust fustigation

According to London: The Wicked City by Fergus Linnane, there were brothels in 19th century England designed specifically for the gratification of women. Mary Wilson hosted an “Eleusinian Institution” divided into two sections, one for married women and their lovers, the other for women seeking sex.

ann margaret

Ann-Margaret (especially for UB)

Before making their choice, the women viewed the men through a window. When they saw one they fancied they would ring for a chambermaid and point him out. The woman could then “enjoy him in the dark, or have a light and keep on her mask. she can stay an hour or a night, and have one or two dozen men as she pleases, without being known to any of them….”


Mrs Wilson also specialised in flagellation. This interesting woman, who translated and published European erotic novels, wrote extensively about men’s addiction to flagellation, and classified the different types drawn to it:

those who like to receive a fustigation from the hands of a robust woman who wields the rod with vigour and effect


those who desire to administer birch discipline on the white and plump buttocks of a female


and those who derive excitement from being spectators of the sport

ironside's lone hand

Which one are you?

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  1. Goodness, what a question!

    I like to watch, though I sometimes have to whip a servant now and then…

    The King

    • Which one are you dearest NM?

      • You may remember that Stephen’s surname was Birch 🙂

  2. i’ve noticed that the more powerful a man needs to be in his ‘day job’, the more likely he is to desire to be subservient in bed… not universal, of course.

    me? either, or, both. simply depends on the phase of the moon and whatever random neural firings happen to be driving my brain at the moment…

  3. Surely the most joyous post ever! So brand spanking gorgeously awesome! Mitzi’s inner Burger will always render her Type 1, the receiver, with occasional drifts to type 3 of spectator, and when called upon, type 2 the fustigator. Come on Grimcracklers, tell Nurse M!

  4. I associate fustigation with having to look things up in the dictionary. Spanking brings to mind the time I crossed the road when I wasn’t supposed to. My self-esteem is so artificially inflated that I never honestly believe that I have been a bad, bad boy. I should probably be posting something at the “Ladies’ Home Journal” blog instead.

    Hans Atchorsides

  5. All three!!! hurray, and where do i apply for a job at one of these brothels, someone should really bring them back. I do believe you’d be a fine host for this sort of thing Nursie.

  6. Oh why wasn’t that very 70s pulp book written by Dr Alex Comfort? The fustigator certainly has the hair for it.

    Spent several hours on the weekend perusing this amazing collection of scanned pulp fiction book covers – totally addictive stuff.


    • Oh, and I can’t make up my mind about the question. In the spirit of thorough investigation I’d have to try all three options. Naturally there would have to be repeat tests for each treatment to make it statistically valid.

      • Naturally

  7. I can’t stand pain so I think I would watch.Hey Nurse Myra have you watched Irina Palm starring Marianne Faithfull? If you haven’t you must!

    • Yes I have – great movie

  8. Probably more on the receiving end, but it isn’t really my thing. I am however, geeky enough that I love finding blog posts that make me look up interesting words!

  9. There is a touch here, almost, of the erastes/eromenos question isn’t there? But ungendered of course, which makes it much more fun.

  10. MEE-YOWW! Where did you find THAT?! Thanks for remembering. Isn’t she something? But, who are those jerks in the background?

  11. i prefer the term voyeur!

  12. I believe I could stand to watch a few plump buttocked leather clad lesbians spanking each other for my viewing pleasure.

    • I think that would aid your road to recovery Jimmy. Want me to have a word with Siobhan?

  13. Originally I was going to say ‘none of the above,’ but then “the white and plump buttocks of a female” wormed its way into my brain. So I guess I would have to say that I wouldn’t necessarily mind seeing all that. I know I’m going to check out London: The Wicked City!

  14. I can’t believe I found this on youtube! I’m into video comments today for some reason. For those who would like specific instruction on spanking. Is this really a woman she’s spanking?

    • She seems to have an overly plump pudenda between her legs!

      • That is the most informative thing I’ve seen in a while… excluding the wealth of information the good nurse brings us of course.

      • i always need to keep my thesaurus nearby when accessing your blog NM.

    • God, I love the Internet.

  15. That Ann-Margaret was something.

  16. I would like to apply for the position of Administrator of Spankings. Do I have to supply a resume and references or are there auditions?

    • I’ll create a position just for you RF

  17. I like anything that has to do with spanking, but I like to submit more than anything

  18. Whoa…for a minute I read fustigation as fistigation and got worried.

  19. Just the thought of a plump behind…….. no, won’t go there….Lol

    • oh go on Chippy… go there….

  20. We don’t have to choose just one do we, I don’t want to limit myself.

  21. two dozen men?
    i don’t think so.
    not even in fantasy.
    but give me the stick,
    better me than them.

  22. I would not be shocked if some smaller scale version of this exists in places for affluent women. I saw something about Russia and many of the rich and empowered women there having clubs where they would “import” exotic men from Africa to “entertain” them as such men are rare in that part of the world. This was on a documentary I saw a few years back. Petting zoo is putting it lightly. These women were savages.

  23. Well I never, it’s just goes to show that horny women have always existed.

  24. I love your site. really, I have be a lurker but not a weirdo lurker. You have a way to keep a reader reading and inspire…a lot. 😉 Thank you.

    I am heart broken for your loss.

  25. Thanks Will, but don’t be a lurker. Half the fun is in the commenting 🙂

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