corset friday 16/10/2009

My new photographer Miss Spinach Pie worked overtime to whip up a big batch of Corset Friday shots. I’ll save some of them for next week but here’s one of nursemyra channelling  Tempest Storm

october sunday 007

tempest storm

image found here

The photo was taken last weekend, I looked for an old time star in a similar corset/pose later. If readers have ideas for future “channelling shots”, leave your suggestions in the comments box so Spinach Pie and I can get inspired too……

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  1. I’m channeling… in my pants… wait what? Totally inappropriate.

    Barbarella maybe, or Raquel Welch from The Fantastic Voyage

  2. How about a Drew Barrymore pose?

    • Ooohh Nessa! What are you doing over at Petticoat Pond?


      • I have wide and varied interests (but don’t tell anyone *grin*.)

  3. How cool to have a photographer – you’re able to get a whole different perspective (and see your arms!).

    Very pretty.

  4. I’m just boggling at the size of your corset wardrobe – do you have a whole house for them?

    How about Betty Boop

    • I had enough for two years worth of friday corset shots but I’m on repeats now. They don’t take up much room, most of them fit into three medium size boxes from Howard’s Storage. How pedestrian is that?

      • wow. I don’t own two years of anything!

  5. That curtain looks suspiciously like the “woman in the Blue Dress” Nurse Myra!!!! Miss Spinach Pie hasn’t been using a vid without your permission has she?

    • Second reference to woman in blue dress – who is she and what does she have to do with my curtains? I’ve not been ‘using’ any vid. And just for the record, much as I love Nurse Myra, I am no one’s minion to be needing permission. So there! 🙂

  6. quite lovely.

  7. these are fun! such a teeny-tiny waist you have! how about Dita von Teese. something like this would be fun, i think… she is one tasty morsel, isn’t she?

  8. Here’s another pose to add to your growing list:

    It’s Mae West

  9. i’m liking this “channeling” thing. excellent. lovely as always. i especially enjoy the fishnet.

  10. Aw yea!!!!!!

  11. Channel all you want, I’m not switching channels! In my next life I want to come back as your photographer…

  12. Nursie, I like your channeling idea. I know she’s a blonde and you aren’t, but you couldn’t go wrong trying to channel Marilyn. . . .

    She didn’t always pose over subway grates. Probably there are some good examples in Bus Stop too.

    As ever, you rock.

  13. This is the best so far Nursemyra!! You look amazing, sexy as hell!

  14. tempest shows
    more head and toes
    but from boost
    to nets
    i have no

    ee comings

    • Mark, you always crack me up. when are you going to start your own blog?

      • You are very kind but at your standard it looks like way too much work. I would need a large grant and staff. (Could someone instert a quip about a guy named Grant with a large staff here please?)

        Tag Ontastuf

  15. That’s one of my favorites so far. I love the colors and design.

  16. Doll, you are gorgeous. Time to see some head I think.

    …I meant your’s by the way, but you knew that reet?

    • Have you not seen my face yet jimmy? Just type Centennial Park into my search engine and there’s a couple of photos there. Or you could always email me and ask for my password to morenursemyra (friends and family)

      • Just viewed your wee face as directed doll, I was far fae disappointed with the result.

  17. Please come… … and maye you can make it to the Oslo blogfest as well!

    • I don’t think that’s going to fit in with the Lesbos Idyll that daisyfae and I are aiming for next year. As well as my planned French Connection with QueenWilly and The King….

  18. I say you can’t go wrong with Betty Page, but that might be too easy. Now channeling someone from the Renal Failure roster like Ninja Vicki or Avonia… now there would be a challenge.

  19. I say PJ Harvey could work for Malach

    • PJ does it for me too Malach

  20. Oh, and Maybe I will start wearing corset on Friday

  21. something to keep me busy as I wait to get paid.

  22. I didn’t really say this.

  23. How about a few photos without the corset.
    Without anything 😉

  24. love this idea you have of replicating classic poses … I must have a root and see what I can come up with. You are looking stunning as ever NM 🙂

    • A root? you know what that means in Australia don’t you 70s?


  25. You have quite the figure to pull off this vintage lingerie:) so sexy!

  26. Here’s a technical suggestion (I’m a technical boy): panties on last (= off first and after that it’s a bit confused).

  27. I’d love to photograph you!

  28. Hey come on, I was bottle fed as a baby, that garb covers the bits I long for the most….LOL

  29. myra, I’m a day late…but it’s worth it. Awesome, er, channel.

    BTW, I have some nurses in my newest post. Any look familiar?

  30. I have like three weeks worth of underwear. So…


  31. love the fishnets, you look great!

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