bourbonic pleasure


Sophie Dawes started out in life as the daughter of a smuggler and fisherman. Along the way she was mistress to a royal prince, wife to a wealthy Baron and a suspected murderess.

She became the mistress of the duc de Bourbon, afterwards Prince of Condé.

To prevent scandal and to qualify her to be received at court, the Prince had her married to Adrien Victor de Feuchères. He also provided her dowry and made her husband a baron.


Condé was induced in 1829 to sign a will bequeathing about ten million francs to her, and the rest of his estate – more than sixty-six millions – to the duc d’Aumale, fourth son of Louis Philippe.

When he was found hanging dead from his window curtain rod, the baroness was suspected and an inquiry was held. There were rumours that the new King of the French, Louis-Philippe, had collaborated with Sophie in the crime. Later, rumours circulated amongst the nobility that Condé had died pleasuring himself, engaged in what would later be known as autoerotic asphyxiation.

sophie dawes

There’s a wax model of Sophie Dawes at the Brading Wax Museum on the Isle of Wight. It also features this Victorian maid who seems to be exhibiting birch stripes across her bottom…..
victorian maid

….. as well as the best dressed kitten I’ve seen in a long time

stuffed kitty

All images of the Brading Museum came from marthasadie’s flickr site

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  1. A terrible embarrassing way to die and I never understood autoerotic asphyxiation as I really enjoy breathing. The wax maid looks a bit too young, wouldn’t you say?

    • Too young to be a Victorian maid or too young for a birching?

      • For a millisecond I thought she was me. The hair. I’m small but not that thin and my buttocks aren’t stinging. Oh yeah, and I’m nearly fifty. 🙂

      • I’ll make them sting on Sunday if it helps the photography 😉

      • No no no! Far too distracting! Some other time perhaps and maybe daisyfae could take the photos. 😉

  2. Testing testing

  3. Oh yay!!!! I’ve been having problems posting comments on your last few posts, nurse dear. Your blog no likey me 😦

    • … and sadly, your blog no likey me either 😦

      For some strange reason it takes 5 or 6 minutes to load when I try to visit

      • Hmmmm…..i wonder why….stupid blogspot!

        p/s : You’re much liked by the blogger :p

  4. Sophie sounds great – and that dress – surely one for you to channel next corset Friday?

    • I’m afraid the sleeves might make my arse look too big 😉

  5. He may be the best dressed kitty but he doesn’t seem to happy… maybe thats just the stuffed and mounted part.

    ‘Murderess’… that doesn’t sound politically correct to me 😉

    • there’s not much about the Gimcrack that IS politically correct Alex

  6. I’m jealous of the cat’s parasol. Also somewhat jealous of Sophie Dawes frock.

  7. poor little maid and her stripey, throbbing buttcheeks…

    A friend of mine autoerotically asphyxiated himself to death back in the early nineties. It was during a three year period where some 30 friends and acquaintances of mine died. Most of them were sad and painful losses, but that one really hit me hard and weird.

    well, now that I’ve pissed all over everyone’s Cheerios, I think I’ll step off…

    • 30? wow – that’s a lot of losses. Sorry about your friend, John

  8. I just caught myself being attracted to wax. Maybe there is hope for me to fit in after all. I think I will go dust my candle.

    Bern Abothends

  9. Wax Sophie has quite a terrifying ‘thousand yard stare’…. may be because she’s wax. either way, i wouldn’t fuck with her…

  10. “To prevent scandal and to qualify her to be received at court,…”

    wait, all you have to do to avoid scandal is marry into royalty? who knew? it’s not like we do that nowadays


  11. I’ve never understood autoerotic-asphyxiation.

    Then again I’ve never understood the whole mint-chocolate combination either, so maybe it’s just me.

    • I never understood the whole Chips-Dip combo.

      • What’s not to get?

        1) Take a Chip
        2) Dip it
        3) Eat
        4) Repeat process 10-987 times (depending on how many vodka martinis you’ve had beforehand)

    • How do you stand on the orange-chocolate combo bschooled?

      • I don’t understand that either.

        Well, maybe it’s understandable (for those who don’t get their 3-5 servings of fruit a day), but that doesn’t mean it’s right.

        Don’t even get me started on nougat and cream fillings…

  12. Is it just me, or does Wax Sophie look like a dude in drag? Just to add yet another layer of kink to the story…

    • Oh great… now I have to be deeply double concerned about my wax attraction!!

      Manfred Consternate

  13. Dying in the throes of pleasure? If you have to die one day, why not that way?

    • May be a nice way to go but there is the embarrassment factor to deal with. who would you want to find you?

  14. Autoerotic asphyxiation is truly the silent killer of the gods,,, first Conde, then Michael Hutchence, then David Carradine. Who knows how many others senselessly died. Why can’t they just find a 300lb Mexican woman to beat them with a wooden spoon? Like a normal person would do.

    • Please stop talking about my special lady.

      Manny Cucharo

      • Sorry, won’t happen again!

  15. Condaleeza Rice is dead?????

  16. Things to get this week:

    1) Milk
    2) Cereal
    3) Naked Victorian Maid wearing one stocking

    Also… that well-dressed feline must be the Prince of Cats. You will bow to him! And then scratch him under his chin.

  17. Could be worse, she could of married the Marquis deSade

  18. I wish i was that good at anything so i could get 66 million.

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