corset friday 23.10.2009

ok, here’s another batch from last week’s photo shoot with spinach pie. Same corset different poses…..

october 2october 4

october 3 october 1

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  1. As always, such a good way to start a weekend!!

  2. Very nice. I like that corset a lot. Pics maybe a tad dark?

  3. Bottom left is lovely. Come to think of it left bottom ain’t half bad either.

  4. I always did like eating spinach and pie.

  5. whats the step ladder for?

    • It’s a prop, baby

  6. Very sexy.

    Flash 55 – Home of Our Own

  7. Those boobies look better every time I see them.

  8. I’m thinking of sending Spinach Pie some money for services rendered. I’ve spent more and have gotten less in return.

    • Glad you’re happy. 🙂

  9. i love the one where you’re slowly unzipping (yes, i know you could be zipping up, too, but in my mind…).

    kudos to spinach pie as well for some fine photography

    • Thankyou, gnukid. 🙂

  10. the final shot brings the phrase “wasp waist” to mind…. looks tiny enough that i could encircle it with two hands! gorgeous!

  11. Good Lord another restless night ahead!

    The King

  12. i like fridays.

  13. You’re bangin like the fourth of July as they’d say back in the states!!

  14. It’s been a while, my friend. Found a comment of yours at another blog and thought I’d click over. And of course, it’s a Friday.

    My my my . . .

    Hope you are well.

  15. Nothing like an encore as satisfying as the performance.

  16. see my comment on yours

    that will definitely get me into trouble with the university – not to mention the wife!

    • ….. well you’ll be in the right place to offer up an act of contrition 😉

  17. I’m trying to figure out what your best asset is. Breats, ass or legs..

    Tough call but I’m going legs.

    What would you say?

    • i’d say it’s a toss up between brain and heart… but the rest? a bit of all right…

      • I’ll second that Daisy Fae.

    • It’s definitely not the ass – mine is pretty damn flat when I’m not attempting to stick it out

      • Oh, do you have ‘breats’ already?

  18. Ah, purple and black…has a slight “Hellraiser” quality to it. It definitely raises…something. Beautiful, as always.
    BTW, I installed a Spassfabrik Widget–as a public service, of course.

  19. If I wasn’t a hairy beast I’d wear one of those on Fridays as well!

    • If you change your mind we need to see a photo

  20. Any reason why Friday has become my most favorite day of the week? And I don’t think its because of the weekend.

  21. My personal favorite is the first one, but all the rest are beautiful and tastefully executed too. Brava to the photographer. Looking forward to the rest of the channeling.

    • Thankyou! The first one is my favourite of these four too.

  22. Channeling anyone in particular this week for your poses, or is this 100% pure Nursemyra?

    Beautiful as always.

    • No channelling today. But I’m booked in with spinach pie for another photo shoot tomorrow so there may be some channelling in the future

  23. Boy NM everytime I come over you have some really great looking corset…. wish I could look like that in one.

    • Thanks Terri. This is your first comment isn’t it? Welcome to the gimcrack

      • I don’t think so I think I commented a while back on one of your corsets any way I really love them and am always looking for new ones here in the Fort Worth area.

  24. You’ll defintely turn some heads wearing that out and about…I like it.

  25. Lovely – as ever.

  26. blimey what a reminder it is Friday …. WTG gal your are looking gorgeous xx 🙂

  27. How does one do wolf whistles on the internet? BTW, what’s the Tat say?

    • Hoà bình

      It means “Peace” in Vietnamese

  28. Found you a month or so back, over at McGoo’s place. You make my Fridays. And Mondays, Tuesdays, Ad infinitum.

    • Thanks Rustbucket – do you have a blog?

      • Sorry, no. I’m a bit of a caveman when it comes to electronics. My workplace is kind enough to let me spend a portion of my day on these innertube-thingies.
        But don’t let my neanderthal ways impede you in any way, as I truly do enjoy nursey-things.

  29. ummm… one of your best corset fridays EVAH!

  30. I hope you fulfill my request of posting a bunch of pics wearing.. nothing 🙂

    • but you still won’t answer to this request…

      • It’s called Corset Friday not Naked Friday

  31. I simply can’t contain the fires Nurse.

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