t shirt friday 30.10.2009

Last Friday of the month I swap the corsets for a t shirt. Here’s my Franz Ferdinand contribution for October. Anyone else playing along?

franz 1 franz 2 franz 3

franz 4 franz 5 franz 6

nursey troll doll given to me by yorksnbeans

alljoedirt has a t shirt up, so have healingmagichands and renalfailure

70s is in as well as is sledpress

and a late entry from Malach

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  1. Goooood morning…red is definitely your color. luscious thighs there, nm.

    • No entry from you this month gnukid?

      • not this time… running late to work this morning. but, hey…there’s 9 hours left in my friday. who knows what i can dig up?

  2. Awesome band and photos

  3. I love the black cat stockings. Boo-tiful.

    Flash 55 – Morbid Norberth

  4. put your boots on

    • trixiebelden! you’ve been MIA for quite a while

  5. if you were to wear that to a concert? there’d be a riot! very fun! very hot!

    • Or to quote the band “take me Out!!”

  6. The stockings rock, though i believe Alex and the boys lost the plot a bit after the first record, do like his girlfriends band The Fiery Furnaces.

  7. Oooh love the thighs!!!

    I am soo jealous!! I’ve got the worst thunder-thighs!

  8. Stripes are my favourite. What a great look!

  9. Great outfit! Hi there Mini-me!!

  10. The question is when you wear a shirt like that “do you want to”

    Isn’t that the name of their hit?

  11. Nice pics Nurse..


    What magazine is that on your desk? The one with HATE and the Obama pic?

    I despise that racist SOB. 🙂

    • So who exactly is a racist? You, perhaps?

      • If I sat in a church for 20 years that voted Louis Farrakhan as their Man of the Year then YES, I would be a racist.


    • It’s New York’s September issue. A friend bought it back from a recent trip to NYC

      (I think Jack’s remark was tongue in cheek HMH)

      • Ok so I guess you weren’t being tongue in cheek. I don’t understand the outpouring of vitriol concerning Obama. What are people so afraid of? He can’t fuck America up any worse than Bush did and he may even be able to do something about the appalling health system

      • Oh boy.. Here we go.. lol

        The health system is the best in the world aside from a minor glitch or two..

        As for Obama.. He is a racist, anti American, scumbag who wants total control of everything. That’s not the way it works here in the US. We want small Gov. not big Gov. And most normal people who voted for him are starting to realize that. That is why even though the Democrats control the WH, Congress and the Senate, they still can’t pass any of his radical bills because now even moderate Democrats realize he’s a monster..

        Anyway… Smoking hot pics as usual.. 😀

  12. TGIF! Very cool outfit! You’ll be all the rage at any Halloween party you attend wearing that! I loved seeing a little bit of your work space as well. I think you’re turning my into a voyeur.

  13. I’m playing today, Nursemyra.

    Love your outfit. My t-shirt will never be able to compete with your thighs, though.

  14. Red and black is always a favourite. Like the nursy troll doll too.

  15. I’m in… but I cheated a little.


  16. Oh my… I do believe that you are more than aware of the fact that you have an effect on men in general.

    If you have it, flaunt it. You definitely have it.

  17. Love it, NM!

  18. And I love the troll doll as well!

  19. I am in .. I cofess to a bit of cheating too … sorry 😦

    You of course dear NM are looking fantastic as usual .. love the montage 🙂

  20. Love the troll!

    I am, belatedly, up.

  21. […] 30, 2009 by sledpress I find Nursemyra’s custom of T-Shirt Friday entirely charming and  I hate to think I almost missed it, but it has […]

  22. Yap friday it is He!He!He!.Cool gear nice :).

  23. nice but i agree, we wanna see boots!!

  24. Wow, that is hotter than the corset methinks, I cheated and did my t-shirt from earlier this month.

  25. That looks like exactly the same wrapping paper I want to see around the exact same gift under my tree on Christmas morning.

  26. I know timewise you’re ahead of us here in UK – but 30.11.2009 ??? 😯

    • Oops… thanks for pointing that out, I’ve fixed it now 😉

  27. you make even crappy tee-shirts look sexy.
    do you have a thermometer? because my temperature
    is going wayyyy up after seeing your pictures.

  28. Obama hates black people. Kanye said so.

    • Oh if Kanye said it……. 😉

  29. Franz Ferdinand makes everyone look better.

  30. The furry leggings would feel splendid around my torso.

  31. I hope “a late entry from Malach” doesn’t mean what I fear it might…

    • Haha… no need to fear that Atlas

  32. Not planning on visiting Sarajevo any time soon I hope.

  33. And may I offer a suggestion for a future T-Shirt Friday…

    • Does the model come with the t shirt?

  34. Franz Ferdinand?

    (Deep Sigh) Nursie…you disappoint me.

    Yours sadly


  35. sorry I missed this Friday, very busy here in the Castle after the berserker hoards have passed….

  36. Oh i just love it!!! The colour is fantastic on you!!! And those leggings…berry berry nice…i loike!

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