a vermilion hue

Another fascinating anecdote from Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine by Gould and  Pyle

compound fracture

“Gray mentions a curious case in a man afflicted with hypospadias who, suffering with delusions, was confined in the insane asylum at Utica. When he determined to get married, fully appreciating his physical defect, he resolved to imitate nature, and being of a very ingenious turn of mind, he busied himself with the construction of an artificial penis.

with dildo

While so engaged he had seized every opportunity to study the conformation of this organ, and finally prepared a body formed of cotton, six inches in length, and shaped like a penis, minus a prepuce. He sheathed it in pig’s gut and gave it a slight vermilion hue.

phallus forms

To the touch it felt elastic, and its shape was maintained by a piece of gutta-percha tubing, around which the cotton was firmly wound. It was fastened to the waist-band by means of straps, a central and an upper one being so arranged that the penis could be thrown into an erect position and so maintained. He had constructed a flesh-colored covering which completely concealed the straps.

london science museum

from the London Science Museum

With this artificial member he was enabled to deceive his wife for fifteen months, and was only discovered when she undressed him while he was in a state of intoxication. To further the deception he had told his wife immediately after their marriage that it was quite indecent for a husband to undress in the presence of his wife, and therefore she had always retired first and turned out the light.


image found here

Partly from fear that his virile power would be questioned and partly from ignorance, the duration of actual coitus would approach an hour. When the discovery was made, his wife hid the instrument with which he had perpetrated a most successful fraud upon her, and the patient subsequently attempted coitus by contact with unsuccessful results, although both parties had incomplete orgasms.

Shortly afterward evidences of mental derangement appeared and the man became the subject of exalted delusions. His wife, at the time of report, had filed application for divorce.”


image from 50 Nudes

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the people you meet on the other side

SpiritEnergies at Xmas party***

Dr Swejen Salter may be dead but she’s still been very busy communicating via computers, televisions and telephones since December 1987. Here she reports on her arrival on the “third side”

“I died at the age of 38 years from the consequences of an accident. Death came suddenly and unexpectedly. I was absolutely unprepared and cannot remember a passing. I woke up on an ottoman in a friendly furnished room. Before I could look around more thoroughly, a tall, handsome man entered the room and made himself known to me as Richard Francis Burton. He welcomed me heartily and showed me the world where he is staying since 1890 according to earthly chronology. I felt happy here and in safety, all were friendly and obliging. Despite of it, I had difficulty with the change-over/adaptation. It is not easy to find one’s way in a new life.”

Salter and Burton are trying, together with The Techniker, in different ways, via telephone, radio, computer and video, to consolidate the communication between the worlds. They call the communication system they have worked out together with the group Zeitstrom in the Beyond, the Burton Bridge.

multipurpose device***

This installation consits of a no longer operative televisor, two UV lamps whose rays cross each other and are directed on this TV, of a field generator according to Hans Otto Koenig and a video recorder.

marie curie

(Do you have any questions for Marie Curie?)

Other scientists to have contacted us through a broken television include Marie Curie and a Dr Konstantin Raudive. Compare this uncanny likeness of Konstantin before death and his appearance from Beyond later

raudive raudive_video

We live here together with other forms of life, with men having lived on other planets before their bodily death, with dwarfs, giants and gnomes, and with bodiless entities, too.

About sixty milliards (billions) of humanoids from all the existing worlds gather here. Friendships and partnerships continue to be cultivated. Sexuality is in no way declined because it belongs to the human being. Precondition is that both partners are in harmony and wish sexuality.

image by Geiger

P.S. Our food is synthetically prepared, which means that we can sort of materialize earthly foodstuffs……

*** these two images found here where you can read more about contacting the Beyond

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be inspired at 10:23

Eric Satie is one of my favourite composers, his beautiful melodies have often brought tears to my eyes. A renowned eccentric, after his death they found in his wardrobe 84 identical handkerchieves, 12 identical velvet costumes and dozens of umbrellas. Here he explains his working habits in “The Musician’s Day”

An artist must organise his life. Here is the exact timetable of my daily activities.

Get up: 7:18 am; be inspired 10:23 to 11:47 am.

charlotte rampling by teller

image of Charlotte Rampling found here

Take lunch: 12:11 pm; leave table at 12:14 pm.

Healthy horse-riding out in the grounds: 1:19 to 2:53 pm

horse riding

More inspiration: 3:12 to 4:07 pm.


Various activities (fencing, reflection, immobility, visits, contemplation, swimming etc.): 4:21 to 6:47 pm.

errol fencing

Dinner is served at 7:16 and ends at 7:20 pm

Then come symphonic readings out loud 8:09 to 9:49 pm.

I go to bed regularly at 10:37 pm. Once a week on Tuesdays I wake with a start at 3:19 am

I can only eat white foods: eggs, sugar, scraped bones, fat from dead animals, veal, salt, coconuts, chicken cooked in white water, rice, turnips, things like pasta, white cheese, cotton salad and certain fish.


I boil my wine and drink it cold mixed with fuchsia juice. I have a good appetite, but never talk while eating, for fear of strangling myself.

I breathe carefully a little at a time.

oxygen inhaler

My sleep is deep but I keep one eye open. My bed is round with a hole cut out to let my head through. Once every hour a servant takes my temperature.

taking temperature

I have long subscribed to a fashion magazine. I wear a white bonnet, white stockings and a white waistcoat.

radio hat

My doctor has always told me to smoke. Part of his advice runs “Smoke away, my dear chap. If you don’t someone else will.”


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he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother

ok boys, pour yourselves a stiff drink because you’ll be crossing your legs and wincing after reading this extract from Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine by Gould and Pyle

At the Hopital de la Charite in Paris, Velpeau startled an audience of 500 students and many physicians by saying that he expected to find a rudimentary fetus in a scrotal tumor placed in his hands for operation. His diagnosis proved correct, and brought him resounding praise, and all wondered as to his reasons for expecting a fetal tumor. It appears that he had read with care a report by Fatti of an operation on the scrotum of a boy which had increased in size as the child grew, and was found to contain the ribs, the vertebral column, the lower extremities as far as the knees, and the two orbits of a fetusand also an account of a similar operation performed by Wendt of Breslau on a Silesian boy. The left testicle in this case was so swollen that it hung almost to the knee, and the fetal remains removed weighed seven ounces.


Elsewhere in Anomalies and Curiosities the authors write about the Chaldeo-Babylonians who considered defects in babies as omens for the future.


When a woman gives birth to a baby who is missing the right ear, the days of the King or Master will be prolonged.

If a baby has two ears on the right side and none on the left, the country will flourish.

If a baby has no nostrils, the country will be in affliction.

nose restoration

If a baby has no penis, the armies of the King will be strong and female demons shall not have power over them.


If a baby has three feet, there will be great prosperity in the land.


image found here

If a baby has a beard there will be abundant rain.


golden shower image found here

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I slept through corset friday!

I was unusually tired at work yesterday and on the 45 minute drive home my eyes kept wanting to close so I lay down at 6:00 pm thinking I’d have a little rest……. woke up at 7:00 am this morning – still in my work clothes!

If I’d known I was going to sleep through dinner I would have had TWO slices of the Gimcrack’s special chocolate and orange torte. Dammit, they only make that cake once a month.

The good news is my little friend SpinachPie took some photos for me a couple of weeks ago after I complained of the boredom of taking my own in the same position every week. I’m not wearing a corset but it’s the next best thing – a tight red slip….. sorry it’s a day late, I must be working too hard. Lord knows it’s not because of my wild social life….

red 1 red 4 red 2

red 5 red 3 red 6

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lean over and spread ’em

guilty hands

When it’s time to move your bowels, what crosses your mind? How about “Gee, I wish I had a buttock spreader installed in this toilet”.

“The invention aims to facilitate defaecation for the user in a simple, comfortable manner and preventing soiling in the area around the anus when defaecating. Means which are actuated by the weight of the user are provided for spreading the buttocks of the user during the defaecation process”

buttock spreader

Or perhaps you’d prefer a Flatulence Collector like this one patented by Leakey Colin

“The device comprising a gas-tight collecting tube 10 for insertion into the rectum of the subject and retaining means comprising a pair of O rings locatable in the subject’s inter-sphincter groove, for retaining the device in the subject providing a gas-tight seal. The end of the tube inserted into the subject is apertured and covered with a gauze filter to prevent the ingress of solid matter.’

flatulence collector

Here’s another addition to your toilet that could come in handy if you doubt the need of a buttock spreader but the skid mark on your underwear says otherwise.

The hygenique

The Hygenique(r) Personal Hygiene Mirror offers individuals an independent and dignified means of examining their own anal area.

But the pick of the bunch must surely be the Toilet Forehead Support. If you’re worried about your ability to kneel while chundering up those two dozen beers followed by a couple of whiskey chasers then surely this is the perfect appliance for you.

toilet forehead support

If this has piqued your interest in toilets then you should also check out the Museum of Toilets in New Delhi here

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