allow me to introduce….

Today Gould and Pyle are examining the many foreign objects discovered in vaginas…..

Bazzanella of Innsbruck removed a drinking glass from the vagina by means of a pair of  obstetric forceps. The glass had been placed there 10 years previously by the woman’s husband.

fatty arbuckle

Fatty Arbuckle**

Szigethy reports the case of a woman of seventy-five who, some thirty years before, introduced to her vagina a ball of string previously dipped in wax. The ball was effectual in relieving a prolapsed uterus, and was worn with so little discomfort that she entirely forgot it until it was forced out of place by a violent effort.

ball of string

Ball of String found here

Breisky is accredited with the report of a case of a woman suffering with dysmenorrhea, in whose vagina was found a cotton reel which had been introduced seven years before. The woman made a good recovery.


image found here

There is a record of a woman of twenty-eight who was suddenly surprised by someone entering her chamber at the moment she was introducing a cedar pencil to her vagina. With the purpose of covering up her act and dissembling the woman sat down, and the pencil was pushed deep inside her and lost….

Pencil Sharpener

**read about Fatty Arbuckle’s trial here

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  1. I recently stayed in the same St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco where Fatty got in trouble.

    • Really? What’s it like?

      • Its still one of the best hotels in San Fran….very plush.

  2. A drinking glass? Sweet jaysus and joseph, how the hell could you not know you’re carrying that around inside of your floo floo for ten years?

    The mind boggles.

    • I’ve heard of a hoo hoo but not a floo floo. Is that a Scottishism Jimmy?

      • Too be honest, it’s a term I picked up in Belfast some years back. Not that I ever made it a habit of picking up floo-floo’s willy nilly by design.

  3. are we talking a sherry glass or a pint glass ? 😯

    • I was thinking “Grande or Venti?”

      • Were you now?


  4. Thank goodness dildos were finally invented. 🙂

    Sunny Sunday #4 – Sunny Bunnies

  5. my legs are crossed so tight right now I don’t think they’ll open up!

  6. I got completely lost in that FA article – another book I need …

    Foreigners in the hoo hoo – I know what that’s like…
    I never really rated the Italians.

  7. That last picture..hehehe

  8. Okay …

    All em socks thatve gone missin from th laundry …

    Its time to FESS UP, ladys!

    • I is Innocent!

      • It was the sock fairy, silly!

  9. I’m impressed with the 75 year old woman and her 30 year relationship with a ball of string… lasted longer than my marriage!

  10. You could write some dirty love letters with THAT pencil!!!!

    • As long as they don’t stain the paper.

  11. I wonder what the “violent effort” was that poor old dear of 75 experienced?

  12. Fatty Arbuckle, that is definitely a blast from the past.

    This post was an excellent way to tie in the Fatty Arbuckle expirience.

  13. “I can’t seem to find my drinking glass. May I check your vagina for it?”

    Since one out of every nine people is left-handed, expect the slap from the woman to come with her right hand after using this pick-up line on her.

  14. I’m all for doing it how you want but it strikes me that there’s one object that really should take priority in the vagina-entering department.

  15. I suddenly feel the need to walk around with my hands firmly wrapped around my cha cha

  16. Re the cotton reel – as a kid I was taught to do that sort of “French Knitting” on a cotton reel. Strange the memories you bring back, Nursie 🙂

    • Me too, Archie.

  17. Bazzannella must have made quite the spectacle of herself on “cheap draught” nights…

  18. Well, I am sufficiently grossed out now to last me for a while. Thanks for helping to fill my quota.

  19. They were known as Bazzanella and Butterfingers. I for one have never lost a Bitter Melon yet.

    New book on Fatty Arbuckle is intriguing, as is the Stahlster himself whose expertise on despair and self-loathing must have been put to the test.

    And now to Orrificeworks for some stationery…

  20. How about men, and their Bums, I am sure there has been a lot of stupid stuff stuffed up there

  21. i guess thats why some people
    refer to the ‘floo floo’ as private parts,
    because it sounds totally overgrown
    with leaves and wild hedges so as to
    permit no light, no path, nor visitors…

  22. Interesting post, thanks.

    Fatty’s career in film, his trial and eventual acquittal make for fascinating reading. While Fatty beat the wrap, the incident tanked his career. It also led to the creation of “the code” in Hollywood that lasted for a great many years and had considerable influence on film production (e.g. productions of the “Children’s Hour”).

  23. Glad you liked it Zeus

  24. The Fatty trial was notorious. The guy was huge and into some crazy stuff.

    Would I pick up traces of lead from via cunnilingus from pencil woman?

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