Dicksuckle Day

We Aussies have always liked a good practical joke, and no one knows this better than Dick Smith. According to wikipedia, Smithy is an entrepreneur, a businessman and an aviator. But there’s much more to our Dick than that.


photo by Trevor Dallen found here

“Remember the day in 1978 when he hoodwinked Australia with a sheet of white plastic and a mountain of foam?

In a clever piece of self-promotion, the then budding 34-year-old electronics entrepreneur pulled off an imaginative April Fools prank: the great Sydney Harbour iceberg hoax.

What’s more, it cost him only $1200, for the hire of a barge, and the purchase of a big sheet of white plastic and lashings of fire-fighting foam.

Several dozen cans of shaving cream – used to complete the Dickenberg One, as it was dubbed – had been provided free by a manufacturer.


Cindy Crawford covered in shaving cream found here

At 3am a fellow inventor and collaborator, Hans Tholstrup, towed the barge out through the Heads, and, secretly under cover of darkness, the iceberg was built.

Two hours later, as Mr Smith boarded the iceberg, 300 of his employees started ringing local radio stations and newspapers.


“‘What’s that thing coming through the heads?’ they asked. ‘It looks like an iceberg.”‘

Mr Smith was approached by several boats demanding chunks of ice, or “Dicksicles” as they were called.


tentacle image found here

Dick Smith also introduced the microdot Pric (a PRinted Integrated Circuit) that when attached to speakers and doused with lemon juice became a radio. In the early 1980s he served as the conductor aboard a London double decker bus which jumped 15 motorcycles. The bus, driven by Hans Tholstrup, was a humorous poke at Evel Knievel who had visited Australia in 1979 and jumped his motorcycle over buses.


image found here

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  1. Does he work with animals? I hear there are plenty of funny ones in Australia.

    • Are you laughing at our platypus?

  2. An interesting guy, but definitely earmarked for a dig in the ribs after a few beers listening to his iceberg stories. My favourite entrepreneur fae Australia is oul Ned Kelly himself. Now that was forward thinking!

    • Just don’t get him confused with Ned Smith


      • Holy christ… I’ve never come across this bajin before. He looks as though he could stand up to Tasmania’s favourite barmpot, Chopper Read. But what was his mammy thinking of when she gave him the initials A.S.S?

    • Have you read Peter Carey’s fictional work “The True History of the Kelly Gang”? I don’t like all his work but I thought this one was excellent. Written as if by Ned and with a compassionate and empathic tone; showing how accidents of fate, poverty, persecution etc can force people into a corner. Good read.

  3. Dicksuckle day sounds like the best holiday I could ever dream of!
    He sounds like my kind of dick. Iโ€™m surprised that I donโ€™t remember hearing about this until now. Thanks Nursemyra!

  4. Oh I love Dick Smith! He’s my idea of cool. I hope everyone clicks on the link.

    • He speaks very highly of you too spinach pie

      • I wish. I just like that he’s philanthropic, clever, funny and seemingly unaffected by the amassing of wealth. I think that’s cool. Infact, I hope everyone looks him up on Wikipedia.

  5. I remember the rash of Dick products that sprouted up on supermarket shelves along the lines of the pack of Dickheads. They were supposed to help maintain Australian-made grocery products in the face of stiff offshore competition. However, I never saw a jar of Dick Butter offered up.

  6. …and his helicopter that he flew around the world can be seen at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum, if your into that kind of thing.

    Clever Dick!

    • Hey Dan, welcome to the gimcrack. Are you a friend of Mitzi’s?

  7. This reminded me of this:

    Tuesday’s Tales #1 – John

  8. Awesome stuff! I have much appreciation for grand scale, unusual practical jokes. And he sounds like quite the bright bulb.

  9. i like Dick…

    • Dick likes you ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I’d like to hold the both of you to that.

  10. who knew…

    And, wow to Cindy Crawford.

  11. Dicksuckle Day, oh Dicksuckle Day
    my favorite by far, in every way
    Thanksgiving comes second
    Christmas is third
    but on Dicksucle Day
    I can’t sleep, I’m a-tingle
    and my level of
    is absurd.

    Shaving Cindy Crawford Day may be moving into second.

    Slim Ulation

  12. It was very naughty of you to smear that nice girl Cindy with shaving foam. I hope you wiped it off gently.

  13. So there was more than one Tricky Dick in the 70’s

  14. Looks like Cindy C did a Titanick numbr on th ol Dickenburg.

  15. Oh the humanity, Joey! All over her!

    I approve.

    • Hey welcome back Casey

  16. Those were the days!

  17. I’m not sure that’s shaving cream on Cindy Crawford. Love the tentacle porn!!!

    • I was wondering when someone would comment on the tentacle porn…..

  18. Very disturbed by the tentacle porn – Have had to bookmark it to make sure it doesn’t get out of hand – – –

  19. Totally off topic yet appropriate for this crowd. I need advice.

    My upstairs neighbors keep having sex at just about the same time I go to bed each night and it keeps me up. As I see it I have three options.

    1. Leave them a note complaining that the bed creaking is keeping me up and asking them to either cut it out or get a different bed.

    2. Leave them a note complaining that I can only hear the creaking but that I’d be okay with it if I could actually hear some vocal excitement.

    3. Have sex even more loudly than they do beginning each night shortly after they’ve finished.


    • Ear plugs.

      • #2

  20. Non-Japanese tentacle porn? Only at the Gimcrack!

    If Tag Larkin had money, he’d probably be like Dick Smith.

    • Tag Larkin is my crush

  21. That tentacle chick in a mind flayer, I though they was extinct!

  22. Nurse Myra I request a friday T shirt of you in shaving cream.

  23. tentacle chick is disturbing and totally put my mind off Dick who sounds great.

  24. haha. no i don’t remember that. i’d love to do that in san francisco harbor, wish i had thought of it first.

  25. I do wonder what the lesbian/tentacle picture is all about.

    The bus jump I’d like to see.

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