corset friday 6.11.2009

Here’s a special treat for underwear aficionados. Ms. Mysterious, whom I have never met in person, sent a photo of herself in a very chic pink striped corset, taken, I believe, by her devoted husband. She also gave me permission to publish it on Corset Friday!

Spinach Pie did an excellent job last weekend, she not only took the photographs for today, she donated the cute little flip skirt I’m wearing

So a big thanks to Ms. Mysterious and Spinach Pie for making this weeks’ corset friday extra special. I love you gals…..

flip 1 flip 2

flip 3 flip 4



Ms. Mysterious

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  1. Hey! I love the Dancing NurseMyra! More dancing please.

    Ms Mysterious, you look gorgeous. Of course your husband is devoted!

  2. Love the boots!!!

    • Me too! Those are serious Emma Peel boots.

  3. I like the dancing one’s too and we were laughing like mad at the time. 🙂

    • Yes we were – you nearly gave me hiccups!

  4. Very special indeed. Both of you are beautiful.

    Flash 55 – Holiday Preparations

  5. Nice boots.

  6. What flashy boots you got there NM! (Not to mention that hot outfit!)

    Oooh, maybe I need to take a ride on the corset train! Very nice Ms. M.!

  7. Wow nurse, I’m forwarding that lot to my brother.

    • … and then forward your brother to me

  8. and a spicy good morning, nursemyra. excellent wake up. love the mesh stockings!

  9. Wow and Wow!! Both set of pictures and beautiful!!

    • My brain has stopped working. What I was trying to say was that both sets of pictures are beautiful.

  10. me loves me some fuck-me boots and maybe you and ms. mysterious should have a double corset friday.

    • Unfortunately I’ve never met Ms Mysterious in person – she lives thousands of miles over the sea.

      But next June Daisyfae and I are planning another double corset friday when we meet up in Greece!

  11. Hot stuff! Love the boots, too.

    ps. My Aussie friends arrived last night and are staying with me right now…what is it with you guys and your vegemite?

    • I quite like Vegemite but I can live without it. Peanut butter is my preference. What part of Australia are your friends from?

      • I have to ask, what is Vegemite and does it make a good sandwich like the song says?

      • Hi Scotty, welcome to the gimcrack. If you like dark brown things on your bread you’ll like Vegemite. Otherwise stick with honey

  12. fantastic! Action shots! And i’ll pile on with the boots comments – grrrr…. those just need to be licked! Ms. M is gorgeous as well! Nice photo set!

  13. Ms. Mysterious leaves little mystery with that fantasic frock.

    Love the Ruby Slippers, myra.

  14. I love it when guests come round

    You both look gorgeous

  15. You both look smokin hot! I’m loving the satin skirt and boots!

  16. YOU love them gals? Imagine how we feel.

  17. I cant even begin to describe how horny i am right now!!!!!!

  18. Dancing nurse in ruby red boots and a new corset friend… I should go to bed now because there’s no way the day gets any better from here.

  19. cool yet burning hot photos … wtg gals 🙂

  20. I’m delighted that you’ve got yourself a photographer. Yay for shooting poses!

  21. Wow, is it hot in here?

  22. Pink and red, red and pink,
    Adoring fans, we clap and wink.

  23. Myra, the wonder widget is awake with new (sort of) features. Glad to see the corset still here.

  24. Lovely nurse and thank you Ms. Mysterious!

  25. Delicious to the taste.

  26. awesome boots!
    and mysterious looks mysteriously sexy!

  27. nice…..i wonder who ms mysterious is? i had no idea we could do that and you’d post it. great idea!

    • Why don’t you post a photo of yourself in a corset on your own blog next friday Lynn? Let me know if you do and I’ll link back to it

      • See if Rip will put one on too.

  28. Nice boots.

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