corset friday 13.11.2009

harem 1 harem 2

harem 3 harem 4

I was in two minds about using the 4th photo as instead of revealing a glimpse of pubic hair, it looks more like I’ve been sitting in the wet spot… ah, well.. no such wardrobe malfunctions for my inspirations today…..

jayne_mansfield stretch uschi obermaier

Jayne Mansfield & Uschi Obermaier

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  1. There is nothing wrong with the 4th photo!! Yummy as always Nursie!!

  2. You’ve got the edge over both your inspirations.

  3. oh goodness me. yes, i’m back, if in body but not in spirit. i’m quite drunk currently but i’m quite sure that you’ll look as fabulous as when i’m not exactly completely drunk…gosh, look how particular i am with my language…i hate dot dot dotds

  4. nothing to do with the photos but i just had a look at the thing we lost in the fire thing there is NOTHING EVER wrong with cameron diaz’s face so don’t malign her because i am in love with her so there. have NOT seen the film

  5. The fourth photo is fine.

    However, with the other photo, was in more in line with what The Black Crowes used for a cover shot on their c.d. “Amorica”?

  6. Love #3! Hair and outfit so well coordinated. Not to mention your perfect boobs!

  7. such a sexy harem wench! love the harem pants… you’re on fire!

  8. now, dance the ‘dance of veils’ for me! then feed me grapes.

    you look amazing.

  9. Glad to see you didn’t go for the “camel toe” in picture 4. Standards are important.

  10. You are pretty in hot pink! Love the picture of Mansfield!

  11. Damn you’re in great shape, Nursie! That tummy-botty combination what female sprinters have.

  12. It seems you have a tidy lady-garden.

  13. Ahh yes. Delightful coverings of a delightful body.

  14. I do love that hair…

  15. Do we know what your tattoo is?

    Flash 55 – Blue Gill

    • It says “Peace” in Vietnamese

      • Thanks.

  16. sexy:)

  17. Nice wet spot.

  18. Okay… come on, hands up. How many fellas clicked straight onto the 4th photie?

    Just me huh?

    …..lying bastids.

    • I did – honesty is the best policy I always say.

      • a good story to stick to abbynormous

  19. Its all so red and moist…sweet!

  20. I like the second one best 🙂

    • Well, they’re all thanks to you and your gift with a camera. Hope you’re starting your own blog soon….

      • Working on it – coming to a computer near you soon!

  21. Number 4 is just fine. Wet might be better, but I’m not complaining.
    Love the matching tresses–and everything else–in number 3.

  22. Is that a stripper pole in your house, or have I been drinking too much this afternoon?

    • Haha… No, these photos were taken at spinachpie’s house. It’s not a stripper pole, we were improvising with props

      • Nurse Myra, I told you they would think you were pole dancing!

  23. Love them all,NM!

    And that hair is kick-ass…

  24. That is a kick ass super hero outfit, comeby later and we can do some vigilante stuff on the streets, I need a partner

  25. I vote for pole dancing.

  26. perfection

  27. As I always say…better red than dead. Very sexy!

  28. i love the little shoulder ink
    as much as i love corset fridays!

  29. I really like number 3. Good work, spinach pie!

  30. by gods girl, more of a wet pond than a wet spot, whatcha been doin? x

  31. Suffering so much from ‘body envy’ girl … you are looking so fabulous 😉

  32. Great pics NM!!!!!

  33. OK these are very hot and I’m downloading them to carry me through “rough times.”

  34. You’ve had how many kids? …… amazing ……

  35. What’s wrong with sitting on wet spots? It happens to me all the time.

    I know people say it’s a sign of a space cadet but I choose to see it as a sign of a profound, smart personality of well-traveled introvert who’s mind often floats.

    Great lookin’ photos btw. I’d like to write lots of comments but all will make me look like a creepy internet stalker / pervert


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