a dark and stormy night

golliwog perfume of romance

On 10 July 1923, London experienced its worst storm for many years.

For over two hours the sky was illuminated by continuous flashes that gave buildings an eerie appearance, and at least once what seemed to be a gigantic fireball broke into a million fragments of dazzling fiery sparks.

wedding night

At the height of this thunderous activity, Prince Ali Kamel Fahmy Bey who was staying at the Savoy Hotel, was shot dead by Marguerite, his French wife of six months. She claimed she was trying to protect herself from his violent sexual advances.


“He had spoken of his responsibility to extend the Fahmy dynasty, but his sexual modus operandi, done behind her back, so to speak, was neither purposely nor incidentally towards that end. Being petite of rump, she was physically pained as well as mentally disturbed by his unconventional approach.

1950s spanking

She shot him three times during a heated argument about, among other things, an operation which she wished to have in a Paris hospital and her husband preferred her to have in London.

“Her ailment had been caused by her husband, and made worse still, by the continuance of the pastime that had caused it.

Sir Edward Marshall-Hall, the barrister who defended the  Princess, cast aspersions upon the murdered husband’s character and implied an improper relationship existed between the Prince and his male secretary. Many believed Marguerite was acquitted because the jury found the idea of a beautiful white woman being constantly watched by black servants too abhorrent


The testimony that turned the tide and made Marguerite Fahmy a free woman was her recital of how her husband had her shadowed “by ugly black men,” who in obedience to his orders invaded even the privacy of her boudoir and the room where she slept.

That melted the heart of this stern English jury. They could not think of finding her guilty after hearing how she had been followed while she waked and slept, while she dressed and undressed, followed through all the most intimate moments of a woman’s life by the eyes of these spies.

One presumes the acquitted Princess was able to then have her surgical procedure at the hospital of her choice. She was welcomed back to Paris as a heroine, appearing in the social pages for a few years before dropping into obscurity. Marshall-Hall was criticised for his racist remarks but remained a popular figure in legal circles. The dead Prince became another name on the list of those who were cursed by the opening of Tutankhamen’s tomb…..


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  1. The 4th picture show that there is nothing wrong with a little spanking and the princess had a very good lawyer. I now have some strange pictures in my mind, of what exactly the prince was “doing” to his wife.

  2. Ah so I guess that the battered wife defense wasn’t used for the first time in the Lobster Boy trial after all. This was just a different kind of battering.

    The photo of the little girl playing with the gun was troubling. Here’s another troubling gun advert.. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=799494719#/photo.php?pid=39422179&id=193109872

    • the link won’t work for me 😦

    • Sorry, this is the right link….

      • “God, guns, guts and real good haircuts”


      • Wow!! I wonder what happens at that barber shop if you complain about your hair cut? Can you imagine the headline in the local newspaper? “Barber rights another wrong!”

  3. Love the last picture (and the conversation.)

    Wordless Wednesday – Pirates’ Strumpet

    it’s possible google reader dropped my feed again


  4. you ALWAYS gotta knock politely before using the rear entrance…

    • Knock…Knock

      • who’s there?

  5. I found the massage client’s choice to leave her heels on quite arresting. Some other appealing art in this charming petit post – “comme meme” – as it should be.

  6. I’ve always thought that divorce was a better option than murder. Silly gel, Marguerite.

    • Sorry, Marguerite, I forgot it’s only 1923. And of course daisyfae is right.

      • daisyfae is always right 🙂

  7. Photo 2 captures the 1910 version of the thong.

  8. “unconventional approach”


  9. Iver johnson too but I treat princesses better than that.

  10. I’d shoot too before you made me go to Paris for an operation too. They like mimes and think Jerry Lewis is funny there, you know.

  11. I cannae get over the size of them big knickers! Whoever invented the thong deserves a medal.

  12. glad to see that cellulite did actually exist back in the day 😉

    • hey 70s did you know that your link above doesn’t actually lead back to your blog?

      • were does it go too??

      • It goes to blogger.com


  13. Gotta love it when they leave their heels on.

    I also come with an “accidental discharge impossible” guarantee.

  14. [sniffle] i just love happy stories like this. makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  15. Uhh . . . being shot could be fun

  16. Prince Ali obviously did not take the right tack in eliciting mutual enthusiasm for his “unconventional approach.” Ladies, is there a best way to engender enthusiasm in this arena?

    Ned Thuregions

  17. A lovely story Nurse about a wronged woman putting things right. Charming pictures too. Coincidentally I stumbled across another picture with a similar theme and used it to illustrate my posting of the day.
    Strange people Norwegians, must be that midnight sun…


  18. HA! This is sensational zany madcap stuff 😉
    I remember those platform shoes back in high school in the 70s and sh*t did happen…I got stuffed in my locker several times.

    I started humming show tunes from Annie Get Your Gun when I saw the Iver Johnson bit…they prolly still give those to Southern Belles in the Deep South when they start ovulating…

    come to think of it, tiny pistols are also an excellent way to let delicate young ladies know what to expect and that there really is nothing to worry about when that Billy so&so from the next plantation throws her down in the hay loft.

    • Hi Donn, welcome to the gimcrack. I think you’re a friend of Lulu’s…..?

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