quills or pig bristles tonight my dear?

Natives of Borneo and the Philippines will go to great lengths to attract lovers. After creating a channel through their penis glans, they decorate it with ingenious contrivances made from ivory or metal and often ending in brushes or tiny bristles.

The apparatus could be a round wheel with projecting points (like a spur held in place by a pin), stars, rings, fine twisted wire, pig bristles, bamboo shavings, seeds, horn, coral, agate, hornbill ivory, beads, broken glass and, in one case, an object that looked like a snake head. Quills, as well, were used as nonfunctional retainers. The early explanations from the Codex say the women insisted upon the piercings to discourage the men from sodomy.


image found here

On Borneo and Sulawesi, a splint is used to hold the penis for the actual piercing procedure. It varies in length from several inches to a foot, approximately a one-and-a-half inches thick with a hole in both sides. The slats are placed on either side of the penis and then tightly secured, flattening out the penis. After sufficient time has passed for the lack of blood and cold water to decrease sensation, the penis is pierced – sometimes, a pigeon’s feather anointed with oil would be inserted and taken out each day. The piercing takes about one month to heal.

penis adornment

“The lady had various ways of indicating the size of the ampallang desired. She might hide in her husbands plate of rice a betel leaf rolled about a cigarette, or with the fingers of her right hand placed between her teeth she will indicates the measure of the one she aspires. The Dayak women have a right to insist upon the ampallang and if the man does not consent they may seek separation. They say that the embrace without this contrivance is plain rice; with it is rice with salt.”

borneo women

In Japan, this site claims that having the foreskin constantly “decapped” or retracted, is part of the national character of the Japanese.

“Every Japanese entering maturity asks himself in the beginning why his glans is not completely free like that of other adults, and in this way arrives at an unfortunate suspicion of the naturalness of his own member”. He therefore shoves the foreskin back. “This operation is practiced by every one, but it is kept secret”. It is no custom “but an almost universal and quite secret usage”, which is “dictated by that shame of kawakamuri”.

penis head

The perpetually free glans of the Japanese is called “an artificial phenomenon”. The denudation is attained in the following manner: the foreskin is shoved back behind the corona glandis and often retained in that position by means of a string, so that finally, in many cases, it “cannot be extended forward any more to cover the glans”. The conduct of Japanese is interesting when the penis is to be exposed. At the bath or medical examinations a Japanese would never present himself otherwise than decapped. If, as sometimes happens, the prepuce slips forward again, he quickly draws it back in order not to offend against good form. ***

The Sumatran Islander goes farther: he implants in his penis a number of small stones or silver and gold platelets. The skin of the masculine organ is stretched with the fingers in such a way that it is drawn strongly to either side and back toward the root of the penis. Then with a sharp knife a cut about two centimeters long is made, and into this cut is set a small white stone, usually of one centimeter, but sometimes double this size, prismatic in form and with rounded edges. Then the skin is let go, which, due to its elasticity, returns to its former position and covers the stone. The man whose penis I saw had had these stones set in about twenty five years ago, in order, as he said, to please the women, who were “crazy” about such a man. There had originally been ten such stones, but only four were now left; the others, as he put it, had been lost in the course of time, that is, had been cast out by the tissue.


In Celebes the stimulative effect of the Kambiong is further supported by the eyelids and eye-lashes of a buck that are tied around the margin of the glans. The Araucanians of South America seem to make use of similar devices; they apply to the same part little bristles of horse hair, the so-called geskels.”

eyelashes of a buck

Motilinia reports about the people of Teoucan, Teotetlan and Cozcatlan “that the young men of marriageable age perforated their penis and drew under the skin a rope as thick as one’s finger and from ten to twenty ells long, and if any one fainted during this operation it was said of him that he had already sinned and had had intercourse with women. We hear exactly the same thing from Yucatan where sometimes penitents place themselves in a row, each one perforates his penis, and a string, as long as possible, is drawn through the members of all the penitents together.

homer swami by keith boadwee

image by Keith Boadwee

*** I wonder if headbang8 can ask Master Right if this is true?

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  1. Doh!! If I had a foreskin, I would certainly keep it decapped…I guess I’m a stickler for decorum.

  2. Very decorous answer 😉

  3. I personally think that my own member would shrink back like a frightened turtle if I were faced with any of these procedures. Thank God my foreskin was removed as a child or I’d still be lugging that thing around. I just don’t have the stomach for pain.

    I wonder if it was that great humiliation that caused Homer to eventually write the Iliad and the Odyssey?

  4. I don’t mind pain and my various tattoos and piercings in my ears will testify to that but this is just wrong. I can not see myself, under whatever circumstances decorating my man tackle with any type of cutting, placing in beads etc and piercing it. I don’t mind doing something extra for the wife’s enjoyment but that is where I draw the line!! Big Jim and the round twins stay as they were the day that they were created.

    • I hope they’ve grown some since then 🙂

      • I hope so as well. Not complaints from the wife so far. 🙂

  5. Love Bone Bling eh! I think I’ll just buy him a little hat instead.

    • The Hebrew word for condom, “cova’on”, means ‘little hat’.

      • Occasionally, just very occasionally, I’m a very clever person without knowing it.

        So, if the “cova’on” is not on, it’s not on.

      • how appropriate Mitzi

      • Why they got to go and emphasize the “little” part.

  6. re:Scott Oglesby Said:”Thank God my foreskin was removed as a child”
    I disagree. I think removal is an adult or teenage decision (of the owner of the foreskin). A baby (who has no say in the matter) feels the pain in the days afterwards of healing, besides the moment, and during the time it takes to heal, the pain will perminately change their nervous system.
    Just because you don’t remember the pain, doesn’t mean you did not feel it at the time.
    The feeling of pain is not a good welcome to the world.

    • You’d think that until you meet someone that the forskin ended up infect and had to have it removed later. Which ended up being very painful for him

      • Again babies don’t feel pain… right

      • Oh my son balled…but he doesn’t remember. That’s why do it then.

  7. Oh, nursie! Kawakamuri is quite a complex social, cultural, and psychological issue for Japanese men.

    The meaning of the word has nothing to do with shame, necessarily. It simply means covered dick.

    And it’s not a ritual of shame per se, just general squeamishness about the ickiness of the human body…or indeed, anything natural and uncontrolled. A Japanese trait, I think.

    In a bath house, one wears the foreskin back to show that you’ve cleaned it. Nobody wants you in a communal bath if you have a knob full of dickcheese.

    Young Japanese men often get circumcised under pressure from their girlfriends. Like many of their western counterparts, the girls sometimes don’t like what they find under the hood. And given the Japanese fetish for cleanliness (or at least symbolic cleanliness), the boys succumb.

    My impression is that Japanese men have greeater problems with phimosis than other nationalities, though I have never seen statistics.

    Plug http://www.yoshizawa.com/ into google translate and follow the links, my dear nurse. It’s a plastic surgeon’s homepage–circumcision is regarded as cosmetic surgery. You’ll find a charming phrase–“a man’s penis is a man’s face”. That is, a bare knob is “good face”, in the Asian sense of the word.

    * * * * *

    Samurai wore their skins back, because subjecting this most delicate area of the anatomy to discomfort showed how butch they were.

    Rick Kennedy’s book “Home Sweet Tokyo” tells a revealing tale on this subject.

    There’s a story of how the Yamanote people, the posh ones on the hills to the west of Tokyo, challenged the lowly Shitomachi people (from the downtown area to the east) to a contest. They wanted to see who had the best tattoo. After all, the bigger and grander the tattoo, the more pain one had to endure to get it, and the more manly one was.

    The Yamanotejin selected their best–a gentleman with a magnificent dragon across his back. As he took off his yukata to reveal it, all agreed that it would be tough to beat.

    The Shitomachi contestant removed his robe to show…well, nothing. Where was his tattoo?

    Slowly, he retracted his foreskin to show that a picture of a mosquito had been tatooed on his glans. To subject this most sensitive region to such pain…well, he won the prize.

    * * * * *

    My sample of one doesn’t mind his ol’ fella being covered, BTW. Though he’d be mortified if he knew I had announced this to the world!

    • Thank you, thank you, I knew I could rely on you headbang8!

  8. I can think of a number of people I know who would be keen to try the ritual of the penitent penises enacted at Yucatan. I wonder what exactly they are seeking pennance for, that deserves being strung along with other members of the club?

  9. I have a foreskin, and it’s great. I highly recommend them. If you haven’t got one, get one asap. Go on, spoil yourself.

    As for piercing my knob, i don’t care how cute those Borneo gals are, they’ll have to suffice with being attracted by something a bit less penile. Like my mobile phone, for example. Look, girls, magic talking slidey box…

    • having just returned from reading your blog, I think you’d win them over with your gift of the gab

  10. I prefer my penis in situ, thank you kindly. This kinda stuff makes me teeth hurt.

  11. My Word!
    Implanting pebbles is certainly no way for a gentleman to treat Sir John Thomas.

    Were I still scavenging on the savannah and forced to endure the lash of thorny brambles whipping against my weiner whilst running after an impaled gazelle for 2 days, or scurrying up an acacia tree to club a tasty macaque, I would definitely want a lid on my willy.
    Goes without saying really.

    That being said, back in the 1950s my parents “took a little off the top” because they were circumspect about honoring Yahweh’s inexplicably bizarre mandate!

    My caregivers also assumed that I would be collecting my dinner at the local grocer and therefore put asunder the angstrom of wanger that Yahweh had blessed me with, beneath the tiny guillotine.

    btw; You have no idea how hard it was to find a sober Lutheran moyle during a Canadian blizzard?

    Don’t those poor buggers read Cosmo?
    The prehensibility of our omnivorous bipedal ancestors did not evolve to throw rocks at snarling Hyenas at a kill. HELLO!

  12. Excellent post! You’re on a roll NM. I’ve never witnessed an ampallang piercing in the flesh, but a Prince Albert, yes.

  13. Having let mine fall victom to the 300 toothed monster that eats weaners, I’ll skip those proceedures.

  14. After reading about all these…um….interesting….practices, I can only come to the conclusion that sentience has been wasted on homo sapiens.

    I’m with gullybogan.

    Really, with regular personal hygiene, leaving the bits and pieces as they naturally occurred is not a problem.

    • So my sons have told me

  15. My god! The depths to which men are prepared to go for women!
    If I was faced with such painful choices I would revert to my misogyny of college days.

  16. I’m certainly glad I’m not from Borneo.

  17. I like to scroll down and take a quick look at the pictures you post and I got to the last one and nearly died from the laughter.

    Thursday Thirteen – My Drive to Work

  18. So basically, what was old is new again.

    Thursday Thirteen – My Drive to Work

  19. Once again, I find myself sitting with my legs crossed very tightly!

    • You and me both. And my waggler hasn’t seen active duty since 1974.

  20. I had a friend get a Prince Albert and loved to show anyone…of course, he laughed and told me it was odd sitting to pee after 22 years of standing.

  21. Just wondering the percentage of males reading this and crossing their legs and wincing? 😉

  22. I vote for wincing!

  23. i adore sushi, and i eat my steaks rare — to the poing of ‘mooing’. you can guess how i like my other meat…

  24. But the pebbles inserted that way would be in the proper position to hit the G-spot. Not that I’m advocating any of my male friends placing pebbles into their penises.

  25. What’s wrong with sodomy?

  26. Uhh, why not just circumcision like we do here in the US of A?

  27. No cringing here… I’ve decided to go for a bone and a snake head. I’m thinking wishbone and pit viper.

    Ed Ons

  28. I’ve always wanted to ask why you seem so obsessed by the male penis.
    ‘Dick’ history is interesting in and of itself but I guess I want to know the origins of your penchant curiosity.
    And let me say that no one taps the junk quite like you, NM
    Just curious.

    • Do I seem obsessed? I blog a lot about sex, but I also do lots of medical and historical stuff…. I just think of it all as gimcrackery…. I’m a voracious reader and I like to share the things that surprise or interest me…

    • No, no, no, silly! She’s obsessed with blogging and lingerie.

      • Nursemyra gives the subject no more attention than it rightfully deserves.

        I think about dick at least as often as i think about food. And much more often than I, say, answer emails, say a sentence to a fellow human being, or walk upright.

      • thank you SE and headbang xx

  29. Sweet mother of fecking christ…….

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