corset friday 20.11.2009

All photos were taken by my friend (formerly known as) spinachpie. Now she’s started her own photoblog under the name of Syncopated Eyeball. Check it out here

healingmagichands has joined in today too!

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  1. Oh, those wonderful boots!

  2. Nice pictures!!

  3. Noice, wouldn’t want to be in a hurry with those buckles though!

    The King

    • Looks like this is about unwrapping the package…Slowly!

  4. Gene Simmons rang , he wants his boots back!

  5. Love this! Check out those boots!!

  6. buckles and boots! somebody’s gonna want an ass kicking!

    • I do! I do!

  7. Amazing boots, amazing legs….Amazing!

  8. Great boots – I’d kill for your legs.

    Still wincing from the cock-piercing post

  9. Yeah, it’s the boots that get the attention in this one.

  10. Cool corset. Nice boots.

    Flash 55 – Favors

  11. Those boots are hilarious! Ever worn them out?

    • Never!

      • You will be to next month’s Hellfire if I have anything to do with it!

  12. well hello…it must be corset friday. nice surprise. i want to say somehting about those boots but i’m distracted by your slip showing….nice touch! i have a fondness for the silkies.

  13. If you’re looking to own my devotion, you’ve got it! The good nurse knows what gets my heart a-racing.

  14. Great selection, as always! I am inspired to join you today, although technically it isn’t really a “corset” per se.

  15. Thanks for posting.

  16. Oh my….sooo many fantasies, sooo little time. Delicious hen… de-licious indeed.

  17. Those boots are mega-hot! πŸ™‚

  18. Loving the boots hun πŸ˜‰ x

  19. You could walk over my chest with those boots.

  20. You can leave those shoes on, and put them over my shoulders while you’re at it.

  21. Ooooo… stompy boots. Love them!

  22. Your hair is getting longer!

    • not any more – I had it chopped last night!

  23. Hey, your Boots Match! Cool!

  24. See, now I knew there was a reason I missed the internet.

    • we missed you too alex… what happened? meet a girl?


      • I was on a spiritual and metaphysical journey of self discovery, it was… oddly disappointing?

  25. Drunk, will hold off on saying anything else except: very nice.

  26. That’s it, we are going out dancing and you must don one of your Corset Friday numbers. No buts, only boots!

    • Ah mitzi – I rarely leave the house after dark….

  27. Damn it all Nursie. You have no idea what you do to me in those boots…..or what I’d let yo. WOOF!


    • Grrrr to you Tom Laird πŸ˜‰

  28. Now don’t get too thin Nursey …….

    • the rest of me is not too thin daddyp, but I recently had to delete a lot of photos where my ribs looked positively skeletal. I’ve still got plenty of meat elsewhere. My sister is pretty ribby too – I think it’s genetic

      • …. and now I’ve got to think of you AND your sister …… [note to self – check blood pressure]

      • even better – I’ve got two sisters!

      • What are you trying to do to me?!!!? …….

  29. Fridays are far more interesting on you blog then mine.


  30. Great stompy boots. Is that corset bullet-proof?

    • alas, no 😦

  31. oh dear…i do believe i’ve become entranced…stuck for the last i-don’t-know-how-long staring at your pictures. did i miss anything else going on in the world?

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