the domovoy diet


Slavic Maiden

The Slavs believe in their own special household ghost called a Domovoy.


A Domovoy is seen neither as good or bad and can be mischievous or benevolent, depending upon its mood and the time of the year. The creature is described as short, all covered with hair, even on the palms of his hands and soles of his feet. If he draggd his hand across your face while you slept, a bristly and cold touch foretold of impending woes ahead. A warm and fuzzy touch meant good fortune would befall.


These spirits are thought to be ancestors of your paternal line. The Domovoy does not like to be seen so he is invisible. Reportedly, when you do sight a Domovoy, it takes on the form of an ancestor or the past owner of your home. Sometimes, when the male of the household is away, a Domovoy can be seen in his form plowing the fields at night.

peter finch sheriff

(Peter Finch’s Domovoy prepares to plough the fields)

Domovoys are to be treated with great respect. He is considered (and considers himself) the master of the house. When a family moves from one house to another, they invite their Domovoy to go with them. Your neighbors Domovoy is seen as malevolent but your household’s Domovoy protects you from him. It is believed that your neighbor’s Domovoy will try to steal your oats and livestock and yours will try to steal your neighbor’s (a convenient excuse as to why you had your neighbor’s oats).


(Livestock reputedly stolen by Domovoy)

Calling to your family’s Domovoy to enter into your home is not only a way to reconnect with your ancestors, but will also ensure you keep your house tidier. Just remember to be respectful, leave bread, cookies or porridge by the stove and do not block his path.

sean connery

(Only James Bond dares to break the Domovoy’s rules)

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  1. I knew there was something funny about that fellow from The X-Files.

  2. Plowing my fields sounds too much like cutting my grass or buttering my toast, or …you get the idea. I’m all for keeping the Domovoy happy, but not that happy.

    Why oh why did we not have teenage pony girls where I grew up?

  3. teenage pony girls eh, cooool

  4. I had a household ghost a short while back. It made food disappear and left dirty dishes in the sink.

  5. Hairy palms, and plowing who? Yes, I see.

  6. Our Domovoy is called ‘Scabbers’ and he does sometimes fight with the neighbour’s Domovoy known as Vivien. Food indeed goes missing. He also likes to drag his furry hand across your face when it gets anywhere near past 5.30am.

    I never knew what they were called, thankyou Nursie!


    The King

    • So glad to be of assistance Your Majesty

  7. The creature is described as short, all covered with hair, even on the palms of his hands and soles of his feet.”

    sadly, this sounds hot. hit a dry spell, as it were. i’d be willing to bang a hobbit….

  8. All I can focus on is that the girls are going to break the pony…

    Ah Domovoy,all this time I thought it was my stepson

  9. I knew it! I knew my neighbor was weird, what with his hairy soles and always being over here feeling my oats! I’m going to fix him up with a mapquest to daisyfae’s house and she can entertain him for a while.

    Mac Goodfence

    • well that’s gonna be blogworthy…

      • nah… i don’t ‘hobbit ride and tell’…

  10. there, and I thought the food disappearing at night was due to Jim getting up at 3 a.m. hungry.

    Do these Domovoys dust as well as plow? If so, I must get me one.

  11. I’m sorry, but I just can’t get over that first pic.

    At least the ginormous rack makes up for the mullet…

  12. I tried to explain this to the police…

    Thanksgiving MeMe

  13. I invited my Domovoy in the house but I found out he was a bigger slob than me.

  14. Teenage Pony Girls (The Pony Girls) stars a very young Candida Royale. This film can almost be classified as erotica, instead of hard core porn. It gets 2 kleenexes out of 5 on my porno scale.

    • you don’t say…..?

  15. I am sure I have worked with a Domovoy or two over the years jusging by the physical description!!

  16. Ploughing whilst the man of the house is away, getting his oats …….. tsk

  17. So that’s what was calling my name last night. I woke up screaming, “What?!”, but no one was there.


    • Wait… where was your wife then?

  18. Thankfully the Domovoy is only dragging his hairy hand across your face instead of his hairy ballsack.

    Where are the female ghosts who look like the Teenage Pony Girls? I want my poltergeists sexy and my hauntings erotic, damn it.

  19. i’ve moved too many times for my Domovoy to keep up. i think i’m on my own for tidying up the house, dammit.

    and i may have dated the female equivalent (though not related), by that physical description. mmm…soft and cozy.

  20. Nubile Nymphs who ride hard and fast . . . my god, the best worst movie EVER!

  21. Unless it can scare the heck out of my house guests, I guess I could do without one of these guys.

  22. whenever i leave some skittles out, either santa claus, the easter rabbit or my husband eats them.
    the poor domovoy in our household probably has nothing to eat but household dust. no wonder he’s cranky all the time.

  23. Sounds like they’re cranky from excess sugar intake.

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